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Penalty for in

any terfering With ap- jury.

SEC. 10. That if any person or persons shall threaten, or in manner interfere with the jury of view herein directed to be pointed, while discharging the duties herein prescribed, he or they, separately or conjointly, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction in any Court of competent jurisdiction, be fined not more than two hundred dollars, or be imprisoned not more than ninety days, or shall suffer both fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the Court; and any moneys accruing from such fines shall be added to the school fund of the School District wherein the guilty party or parties reside.

1b., 582, 41.

Children may

be transferred to


posed of two or
more Districts-

Ib, ¿ 42.

SEC. 11. That when it shall so happen that persons are so situated as to be better accommodated at the school of any adjoining School other Districts; District, or whenever it may be desirable to establish a school composed of parts of two or more School Districts, it shall be the duty s rted. of the respective Boards of Trustees of the School Districts in which such persons reside, or in which such schools may be situated, or of the School Districts, or the parts of which the school is to be composed, to transfer such persons for education to the School District in which such school house is or may be located; but the enumeration of scholars shall be taken in each District as if no such transfer had been made; and such school, when so composed, shall be supported from the school funds of the respective School Districts from which the scholars may have been transferred.

Teachers to re


Ib, 44.

SEC. 12. That it shall be the duty of each school teacher to make out and file with the Clerk of the Board of Trustees, at the expira- or pay, when tion of each school month, a full and complete report of the whole drawn and how. number of scholars admitted to the school during each month, distinguishing between male and female, the average attendance, the branches taught, the number of pupils engaged in each of said branches, and such other statistics as he or she may be required to make by the County School Commissioner; and until such report shall have been certified and filed by the said teacher, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of said Board of Trustees to require the same and forward to the County School Commissioner, before said teacher can draw pay for his or her services. On the filing of the teacher's report, the Clerk of the Board of Trustees shall draw an order, in duplicate, on the County Treasurer for the amount due each teacher, which order shall be countersigned by the County School Commissioner, who shall file the duplicate in his office.

SEC. 13. An annual meeting of each School District shall be held on the last Saturday of June, of each year, at 12 o'clock M., notice of the time and place being given by the Clerk of the Board of Trustees, by posting written or printed notices in three public places of the District at least ten days before the meeting. Special meet

Annual meet


Ib., 53, 249.

Special meetings ings may be called by the Board of Trustees, or by a majority of the legal voters of the District; but notice of such special meeting, stating the purpose for which it is called, shall be posted in at least three public places within the District, ten days previous to the time of such meeting. And no business shall be acted upon at any spe

Who may vote

cial meeting not specified in said notice.

SEC. 14. The following persons shall be entitled to vote at any

at District meet District meeting, viz:


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School money

All persons possessing the qualifications of electors, as defined by the Constitution of this State, and who shall be residents of the District at the time of offering to vote at such meeting.

SEC. 15. The inhabitants qualified to vote at a school meeting, lawfully assembled, shall have power:

1st. To appoint a Chairman to preside over said meeting.
2d. To adjourn from time to time.

3d. To choose a Clerk, who shall possess the qualification of a


4th. To raise by tax, in addition to the amount apportioned by the State to their use, such further sums of money as they may deem proper for the support of public schools, said sum not to be more than three dollars for every child in the District between the ages of six and sixteen, as ascertained by the last enumeration, said sum to be collected by the County Treasurer, and to be held by him subjeet to the order of the Trustees, countersigned by the County School Commissioner, such sums of money to be used as shall be agreed upon at the meeting, either for the pay of teachers' salaries or to purchase or lease sites for school houses; to build, hire or purchase such school houses; to keep them in repair, and furnish the same with necessary fuel and appendages; or to furnish black-boards, outline maps and apparatus for illustrating the principles of science, or to discharge any debts or liabilities lawfully incurred.

5th. To give such direction and make such provisions as may be deemed necessarry, in relation to the prosecution or defense of any suit or proceeding in which the District may be a party.

6th. To authorize the Board of Trustees to build school houses, or rent the same; and to sell any school house site, or other property belonging to the District, when the same shall no longer be needed for the use of the District.

7th. To alter or repeal their proceedings, from time to time, as occasion may require, and to do any other business contemplated in this Chapter.

SEC. 16. The County Treasurer shall pay over all moneys by him Treasurer, sub- received, which shall have been assessed by virtue of the vote of any District meeting, as herein provided for, in the County in

to be held by jeet, &c.

Ib., 29.

which such District is situated, on the order of the Clerk of the Board of Trustees of said District, countersigned by the County School Commissioner, to be used for the purpose directed by the District meeting so held. Said money shall be assessed and collected at the time and in the manner that County taxes are assessed and collected: Provided, That in School Districts where there are less than one hundred children between the ages of six and sixteen, the inhabitants may raise such a sum, per child, as will be sufficient to maintain their schools.

When and how lected.

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Female High

SECTION 1. That the Charleston City Board of School Commis- To be conducted sioners are authorized to conduct a Normal School for the training of with Charleston female teachers for the State at large, in connection with the Female High School heretofore established for the Parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael.

1857, XII. 603, 1; 1971, XIV, 583, § 48.

Kind of pupils admitted.

SEC. 2. The said Board shall receive into the said school, free of any charge for tuition, female pupils from every part of the State, 1857,XI1,604,43. not exceeding fifteen to each Congressional District, for the purpose of being trained as teachers: Provided, That such applicants shall have the qualifications, and shall stand the examination required of other applicants of equal grade.


Charleston School Commis

sioners to make

regulations for,

SEC. 3. The said Board shall have power to conduct the said School, and to make such regulations for its government as they may deem best suited to its beneficial operation, and shall report its e. condition and expenses annually, with their usual report, to the State Superintendent of Education.

Ib., 24.

Assembly may

make Agricultural

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branch of state University.

72; Con., Art. X, 89.

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SECTION 1. The General Assembly shall, as soon as practicable, College provide for the establishment of an Agricultural College, and shall appropriate the land given to this State, for the support of such a 186, XIII, 426, college, by the Act of Congress, passed July second, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, or the money or scrip, as the case may be, arising from the sale of said lands, or any lands which may hereafter be given or appropriated for such purpose, for the support and maintenance of such college, and may make the same a branch of the State University, for instruction in agriculture, the mechanic arts and the natural sciences connected therewith.

State accepts provisions of

donating public


SEC. 2. The State of South Carolina hereby accepts all the proAct of Congress Visions of an Act of the Congress of the United States of America, approved July 2, 1862, and of subsequent Acts, entitled "An Act 1858, XIV, 169, donating public lands to the several States and Territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts," and consents to the conditions specified in said Act, especially all those set forth in the fifth Section thereof, and numbered first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth.

ૐ 1.

Governor au

tain land scrip, &e.

SEC. 3. The Governor of this State is hereby authorized and dithorized to ob- rected to take such steps as may be necessary to obtain the land scrip to which the State of South Carolina is entitled under the provisions of the Act of Congress referred to in the foregoing Section; and such scrip, when obtained, shall be held by the Governor for the use of the State until it is disposed of as hereinafter provided.

Ib, 22.

How and by whom scrip to be disposed of. 1b., 23.

SEC. 4. The Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General are authorized and empowered to receive and sell, and the Attorney General shall assign, at such times and upon such terms as they may deem best for the interests of South Carolina, or as the General Assembly may hereafter by law direct, the whole or any part of the scrip or land warrants issued, or to be issued, to this State by virtue of the Act of Congress referred to in, the second Section of this Chapter.

SEC. 5. The proceeds of the sale or sales aforesaid shall be invested either in bonds of the United States, or in six per cent. bearing bonds of this State; the principal of which bonds shall be forever held sacred for the purposes directed in the Acts of Congress aforesaid, and the interest shall be paid over semi-annually in each year, that is to say, on the first of January and the first of July, as directed by law.

Proceeds to be

invested in State or U.S. bonds. Ib., ¿ 4.

An agent may perform duties

Ib., 170, 25.

SEC. 6. The Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General, may jointly perform and discharge any of the acts, trusts or duties of, &c. authorized, directed or conferred herein, by any agent by them selected and appointed.


SEC. 7. The costs and expenses incurred in carrying into effect How costs, &c., the provisions of this Chapter shall be paid out of the Treasury of the State.

Ib., 6.

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