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Not to receiv› pecuniary aid

dition of admission into said school: And provided, further, That said school shall at no time receive any pecuniary aid from the from State. State.

SEC 33. The tuition fees to be paid by the students in the several schools shall be as follows: For entrance into the school of law or


Tuition fees.

Ib.. 203, 23;

medicine, fifty dollars, with the privilege of entering any of the 1, XIII, 315, other schools, upon the payment of fifteen dollars for each school; for entrance into three or more of the other schools, fifteen dollars for each school; for entrance into any two of the other schools (if a student shall enter but two,) twenty dollars; and for entrance into any one of the other schools (if a student shall enter but one,) twenty-five dollars. The tuition fees shall be paid into the Treasury of the University in advance, and shall be set apart and known as the "tuition fund." The compensation for room rent, use of Library, and such damages to the property of the corporation as may be done by each student, shall be regulated by the Board of &c. Trustees.

Compensation for room rent,

race or color. 1869, XIV, 203, 31; Con., Art.

SEC. 34. Neither the said Board of Trustees, nor the Faculty of Distinctions of the University, shall make any distinction in the admission of students or the management of the University, on account of race, x, 10. color or creed. SEC. 35. The Comptroller General is authorized and required, Buildings to be annually, to insure against fire the University buildings at Columbia.


1519, VI, 139, 15.

Treasurer to give duplicate

SEC. 36. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer of the University, in making his returns to the Comptroller General, to make out and returns. deliver to him, at the same time, fair duplicates thereof.

Ib., 14.

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Board of Com


1871, XIV, 609,

X, 87.

SECTION 1. His Excellency the Governor, the Comptroller Gen

eral, and the State Superintendent of Education, are constituted a 21; Con., Art. Board, to be known by the name, style and title of the Board of Commissioners of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind, and are hereby vested with the supervision and control of the affairs and government of the South Carolina Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind, located at Cedar Springs, Spartanburg County. The Governor shall be ex officio Chairman, and Chairman; the State Superintendent of Education, Secretary of the said Board.


Meetings; pay.

Ib., 610, 2.

Duties of Sec


Ib., 3.


Powers of

Ib, 24.


indigent deaf and dumb.

SEC. 2. The said Board of Commissioners shall meet annually, on the first Monday in November, at the office of the Governor, and at such other times and places as the Chairman of the Board shall direct. Said Board shall receive no compensation for their services.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of said Board to visit the South Carolina Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind at least twice during each school session thereof, in order to notice the condition of the institution, the efficiency and faithfulness of the instructors and officers, and the progress of the pupils thereof, and to submit to the said Board written reports of such visits. He shall be allowed actual traveling expenses incurred in making such visits, the same to be subject to the approval of the other members of the Board, and be paid from the funds appropriated for the support of the institution.

SEC. 4. The said Board of Commissioners shall have power to appoint a principal and such teachers and officers of the institution as they shall deem requisite, and to fix their salaries; to establish conditions, forms and regulations for the admission of pupils to the institution, and to prescribe such rules and by-laws as they, in their judgment, shall deem necessary for the management and good gov ernment of the institution.

SEC. 5. The sum of twenty-five hundred dollars is hereby annually for education of appropriated to defray the expenses of educating so many deaf and dumb persons, between such ages as the Commissioners, in their dis1834, 17, cretion, shall indicate, (born of parents, citizens of this State,) as shall apply to receive the benefit of this provision, and as shall be judged by the Commissioners not able to meet, out of their own means, all the expenses of their support and education.

2 1; 1847, XI, 436, 1.

Sum for each not to

$150 annually.

SEC. 6. The sum which shall be allowed for the board, tuition, exceed and all incidental expenses, of one deaf and dumb person, for one 1852, XII, 187, year, (except traveling expenses, clothing and medical attendance,) shall not exceed one hundred and fifty dollars; and, as to the expenses excepted, the Commissioners shall take care to place them upon the most economical scale.


Indigent blind children.

SEC. 7. The said Commissioners shall be authorized, to the extent of one-half the appropriation made by Section 5 of this Chapter, and 1817, X1, 436, § 2. subject to same provisions, to send to such asylum, for education, such blind children as may be deemed appropriate objects.

Power of Commissioners with reference to ap

SEC. 8. The whole or part of the expenses of the several applicants shall be paid, according to the opinion which the Commissioners may form as to the pecuniary condition of the applicants; propriation. and, in case of more applications than would exhaust the annual 1834, V1, 514,9 5. appropriation, the Commissioners shall make selection according to their opinion of the deserts of the various applicants.

To draw ap

1848, XI,524, § 1.

SEC. 9. The Commissioners shall have power to draw the annual appropriation herein mentioned, and to send so many of the deaf propriation. and dumb and the blind as can be supported by the annual appropriation, and as they shall deem proper objects of public bounty, to such asylum.

SEC. 10. The Commissioners shall, annually, report to the Legislature an exact statement of their various proceedings during the past year, showing precisely how they disbursed the money expended, the names of the persons who have received the bounty, the ages and places of residence of such persons, and information as to their progress; which statement shall be accompanied by the Vouchers of all sums expended.

Report of Comisoners.

1834, VI, 514, ¿ 6.



CHAPTER XLIV. Of Highways.

XLV. Of the Repair of Highways and Bridges.
XLVI. Of Water Courses and Cuts.
XLVII. Of Bridges, Turnpikes and Ferries.
XLVIII. Of the State Road.

XLIX. Of Dams and Drains.
L. Of Fences.


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SECTION 1. That all streams which have been rendered, or can to be highway, hereafter be rendered, capable of being navigated by rafts of lum1853, X11,305, ber or timber, by the removal therefrom of accidental obstructions, 21: Con., Art. VI, 1. and all navigable water courses and cuts, are hereby declared navigable streams; and such streams shall be common highways, and forever free, as well to the inhabitants of this State as to the citi zens of the United States, without any tax or impost therefor, unless the same be expressly provided for by the General Assembly; and if any person shall obstruct the same, otherwise than as hereinafter provided, such person shall be deemed guilty of a nuisance, and such obstruction may be abated as other public nuisances are by the laws of this State.

Commissioners to be appointed



SEC. 2. The Boards of County Commissioners have power, and to lay out high- they are hereby authorized, to appoint Special Commissioners to lay out public highways in those cases where they shall be satisfied 2214, 16; Con.. that the road applied for is important: Provided, however, That the 1925, IX, 559.25. said Commissioners shall have no power to open any new road until

1868, XIV,130,

Art. IV, § 19;

10 Rich., 389.

they shall have given three months' previous notice, by advertisements, in the settlement through which the intended road is to be opened.


1868, XIV, 131,

SEC. 3. The decisions made by said Special Commissioners may Opening roads, be appealed from, and reviewed in the same manner, and with like authority, as is allowed by law from the acts of the County Com- 16. missioners. The work so to be laid out by such Special Commissioners, or the same as settled on appeal, shall be recorded, opened and worked as public highways of the towns, cities or Counties in which they are respectively situated, in the same manner as other highways of the town, city or County are required by law to be recorded, opened and worked.

Highway Sur

veyors; their pair r'ads.

duties, &c.; re

1825, IX, 59. 2

XIV, 666, § 1.

SEC. 4. The County Commissioners of the several Counties shall divide their Counties into highway districts, each district to contain not less than ten miles of public highways, nor more than forty 5: 1868. XIV, miles, to be convenient for repairing highways, and may, from time 16: 1871, to time, alter the same; and they shall appoint for each highway Con., Art. IV, 2 district a Surveyor of Highways, to superintend the expenditure of 3 Brev., 83; 4 the highway tax and money appropriated for improvement of highways in his district, and to take charge of, and keep in repair, at all times, the highways in his district.


McC., 5; 2 Bail.,

314:1 kich, 335 Rich, 303; 1 N.

11 Rich., 485; 10

& McC., 5; 2 N. & McC., 526; 1 N. & McC., 387.


1 Spears, 162.

SEC. 5. That it shall be the duty of the County Commissioners width of roads. in their respective Counties to cause all roads heretofore laid out or hereafter to be laid out, leading directly from any part of this State to Charleston, Georgetown, Columbia, Camden, Hamburg or Cheraw, to be made and cleared thirty feet wide, and all other roads shall be cleared twenty feet wide.

Roads to be posted and num

Ib., 22; 1871,

SEC. 6. That each and every Surveyor of Highways shall cause all the roads in their respective districts to be posted and numbered, bered. and at each fork of said roads a pointer to be placed, declaring the xiV, 666, § 1. direction of such roads. And if any person or persons shall cut down, burn or deface any mile post, or stone, or pointer, erected as aforesaid, he, she or they, upon conviction thereof, shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars, to be recovered by indictment or information in any Court of competent jurisdiction.

Penalty for neglect to post and number roads.

1840, XI, 269, 3


SEC. 7. That any Surveyor of Highways neglecting to cause said roads to be posted and numbered, and to have pointers erected as aforesaid, shall be liable to pay the sum of ten dollars for each and every such neglect, to be recovered by indictment in the Court of 15; 1571, XIV, General Sessions of the County wherein the same occurs, to be paid, when collected, to the Board of County Commissioners of such County: Provided, That no Surveyor shall be liable to said penalty who puts up said pointers at such times as he works his road divis


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