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Scale of plat.

One station to

each line.

Fees of Secrctary of State.

1784. IV. 592, §

158, 159. Miller's

114, 118, 119.

"14th. Your chain must be often inspected, and preserved entire. "15th. In plotting, great attention and nicety is required to ensure accuracy. Your work must always close neatly. It must never be forced, but carefully revised and corrected. Sometimes, indeed, where great attention is not paid in the first instance, it will be necessary to return to the field, where errors most frequently originate.

"16th. Sobriety and steadiness must be observed, as well in respect to your men as to yourself, else there can be no reliance upon your work.

"17th. In all surveys made by you, by order of Court, the plat you return must be laid down by a scale of ten chains to an inch, and to designate, by dotted lines, each separate tract, if more than one grant.

"18th. No plat will be entered in the office for record without at least one station on every line."

Fees for Surveying and Granting Lands.

SEC. 23. For services in surveying and granting vacant lands, the following fees shall be allowed:

14: 1791, V, 155, Secretary of State. For every search, fourteen cents; for copying Comp-lation, plat and certificate, one dollar and seven cents; for receiving, recording a plat, and sending the same to the Governor, to be passed into a grant, two dollars and fourteen cents; for a certificate, in all other cases, thirty-two cents; for making out a grant of lands, and recording and fixing the seal of the State, two dollars and fourteen cents; for a deputation and instructions to a deputy surveyor, one dollar and seven cents.

Deputy veyors.


1 Bau, 392; 1 Hill, 399.

of Locations.

Deputy Surveyors.-For surveying every acre of land, one cent: for making out a fair plat, certifying, signing, and returning the same, two dollars and fourteen cents; for running old lines for any person, or between parties where any dispute arises, or by order of Court, while they are on survey, per day, three dollars.

Commissioners of Locations.-For recording applications, making entries, and granting warrants under hand and seal, seventy-five 1835, XI, 15, 1. cents; for recording plat, and sending to Secretary of State's office, one dollar and seventy-five cents; for each copy plat and certificate, one dollar and twenty-five cents.



CHAPTER VII. Of Qualifications of Electors.

VIII. Of the Manner of Conducting Elections and Re-
turning Votes.

IX. Of the Election of Representatives in Congress, and
Electors of President and Vice President.

X. Of the Election of County Officers.

XI. Of Municipal Elections.

[blocks in formation]


of Eectors.

1870, XIV, 393,

tion, Art. 8, § 2.

SECTION 1. Every male citizen of the United States, of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, not laboring under the disabilities named in the Constitution, without distinction of race or color, § 2; Constituor former condition, who shall have been a resident of the State for one year, and in the County in which he offers to vote for sixty days next preceding any general election, shall be entitled to vote: Provided, That no person, while kept in any alms-house or asylum, or of unsound mind, or confined in any public prison, shall be allowed to vote.

SEC. 2. The polls shall be open at such voting places as shall be designated at six o'clock in the forenoon, and close at six o'clock in the afternoon of the day of election, and shall be kept open during these hours without intermission or adjornment, and the Managers shall administer to each person offering to vote an oath that he is qualified to vote at this election, according to the Constitution of this State, and that he has not voted during this election.

Election, how

to be conducted.

Ib., 26.

for illegal voting

at elections.

Ib., 391, § 10.

Punishment SEC. 3. That every person who shall vote at any general election, and fraud, &c, who is not entitled to vote, and every person who shall, by force, intimidation, deception, fraud, bribery or undue influence, obtain, procure, or control the vote of any elector, to be cast for any candidate or measure, other than as intended or desired by such elector, shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred, nor more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in jail not less than three months, nor more than twelve months, or both, within the discretion of the Court.

[blocks in formation]

4. Commissioners and Managers to 21. Meeting of State Canvassers on or

[blocks in formation]

9. Voting to be by written or printed
ballots, folded so as to conceal con-

10. To be one general ticket.

11. One box for each Election Precinct
to be provided - how made. Per-
son voting must deposit his own

12. Clerk to keep poll list.
13. Poll list and box containing bal-
lots to be delivered to Commis
sioners of Election at close of

14. Commissioners to form County
Boardf Canvassers.

15. Commissioners to meet at County
seat on Tuesday following elec
tion; appoint Secretary. All to


16. Vores to be counted and state-
ment made within ten days.
pepers relating to elections to be
forwarded to state Canvassers.

before the tenth of November.
22. Who constitute State Canvassers.
25. When President of the Senate shall
act as one of the State Canvass

24. State Canvassers to proceed to
make statement of votes given
for each candidate voted for.
25. Certificate delivered to Secretary
of State.


To declare what persons elected, and decide contested cases which are not otherwise provided for in Constitution.

27. Power of Board to adjourn. 28ow election of Governor may be contested.

29. Secretary of State to record result of canvass.

10. To furnish copy of each determi nation to person declared elected and to Governor

31. To print statements in public newspapers.

32. To send certificates to House of
Representatives of United States,
33. Secretary of State to keep record
of County officers.

34. Punishment of officers guilty of
neglect or cor: upt conduct.
35. Commissioners of Elections to re
ceive three dollars per day, and
ten cents per mile for travel;
Managers two dollars; Clerks


held on third

October, every

second year.

SECTION 1. That the general elections in this State shall be held, General election pursuant to the Constitution thereof, on the third Wednesday in Wednesday in October, eighteen hundred and seventy, and forever thereafter on the same day in every second year, and shall be regulated and conducted according to the rules, principles and provisions herein prescribed.

Commissioners and Managers of Election.

1870, XIV, 393,


Three Commis

sioners of Elec

tion to be ap

pointed for each

Three Managers app intel

of Election to be for

each precinct.

Ib, 23.

SEC. 2. That, for the purpose of carrying on such election, it shall be the duty of the Governor, and he is hereby authorized and empowered, at least sixty days prior to any such election, to appoint, County. in and for each County, three Commissioners of Election, whose duty it shall be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered, to appoint three Managers of Election for each election precinct of the County for which they shall, respectively, be appointed. The said Commissioners of Election and said Managers of Election shall take and subscribe, before any officer authorized to administer oaths, the oath of office prescribed by Section 30 of Article II of the Constitution, and the same shall be immediately filed, in each instance, in the office of the Clerk of the County in which said Commissioners and Managers shall be appointed; and, if there be no such Clerk, duly qualified by law, then in the office of the Secretary of State.


Ib., 4.


SEC. 3. That the Managers are hereby authorized to appoint a Clerk to be Clerk to assist them in whatever duties may be required of them, Managers. who shall take the oath of office prescribed by Section 50 of Article II of the Constitution before the Chairman of the Board of Managers.


and Managers to organize by ap

SEC. 4. That the Commissioners aforesaid, and the Managers aforesaid, at their first meetings, respectively, shall proceed to organize themselves as a Board, by appointing oue of their number Chair- pointing Chairman of the Board; and such Chairman, in each instance, shall be empowered to administer the necessary oaths.


1b., 25.

rolls to be kept open from SIX morning till six

o'clock in the

o'clock in the

eve g
Oath to voters.
1b., § 6.

SEC. 5. The polls shall be open at such voting places as shall be designated at six o'clock in the forenoon, and close at six o'clock in the afternoon of the day of election, and shall be kept open during these hours, without intermission or adjournment; and the Managers shall administer to each person offering to vote an oath that he is qualified to vote at this election, according to the Constitution of this State, and that he has not voted during this election. SEC. 6. Representatives in the House of Representatives of the Representatives Congress of the United States shall be chosen at such election, in the several Congressional Districts, by the qualified electors therein. 1b, 7.

in Congress to be chosen.

Peace officers

to be present at

the poils to preIb., 291, 28.

Berve orier.

Bar-rooms and places for sale of quor to closed on days of

SEC. 7. The State Constables, and other peace officers of each County, are required to be present during the whole time that the polls are kept open, and until the election is completed; and they shall prevent all interference with the Managers, and see that there is no interruption of good order. If there should be more than one polling place in any County, the State Constable of such County is empowered and directed to make such assignment of his Deputies, and other peace officers, to such polling places as may, in his judgment, best subserve the purposes of quiet and order.

SEC. 8. All bar-rooms, saloons, and other places for the sale of be liquors by retail, shall be closed at six o'clock of the evening preelection-sale of ceding the day of such election, and remain closed until six o'clock or probib in the morning of the day thereafter, and during the time aforesaid


Ib., § 9.

Voting to be by written or

folded so as to

the sale of all intoxicating liquors is prohibited. Any person duly convicted before a competent Court of a violation of this Section shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the Court.

SEC. 9. The voting shall be by ballot, which shall contain, writprinted ballots, ten or printed, or partly written and partly printed, the names of cenceal ontents, the persons voted for, and the offices to which such persons are intended to be chosen, and shall be so folded as to conceal the contents; and such ballot shall be deposited in a box to be constructed, kept and disposed of as hereinafter provided.

Ib., 11.

To be general ticket.

Ib., 2 12.


One box for

precinct to be provide 1-how made.

must deposit his own ballot.

Ib., 13.

SEC. 10. There shall be one general ticket, on which shall be the names of the persons voted for as Representatives in Congress, and State, Circuit and County officers.

SEC. 11. The Commissioners of Election shall provide one box each le for each election precinct. An opening shall be made in the lid of the box, not larger than shall be sufficient for a single ballot to be Person vot ng inserted therein at one time, through which each ballot received, proper to be placed in such box, shall be inserted by the person voting, and by no other; each box shall be provided with a sufficient lock, and shall be locked before the opening of the poll, and the keys retained by the Commissioners, and shall not be opened during the election. Such boxes shall be labelled as follows: "Congress," "State," "Circuit" and "County Officers."

Clerk to keep

poll list.

Ib., 14.

SEC. 12. Each Clerk of the poll shall keep a poll list, which shall contain one column, headed "Names of Voters;" and the name of each elector voting shall be entered by the Clerk in such column.

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