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Responsibility of, for loss of goods, &c.

Ib., 22.

SEC. 4. Nothing in this Chapter shall be so construed or understood as to render vendue masters or auctioneers responsible for the loss of goods or other property occasioned by the act of a public enemy, the act of God, or by any other cause which man could not prevent or foresee.

To be regulated by U. S. standard.

U. S. Con., Art.
I, 28.

State Treasurer.

[blocks in formation]

SECTION 1. Weights and measures shall be regulated by the

standard fixed by the Congress of the United States.

SEC. 2. Such weights and measures as have been, or may hereafter To be kept by be, furnished this State by the Government of the United States, J. R. U. S. shall be kept by the State Treasurer, and the said weights and measStat at Large, ures shall be deemed and taken to be the standard weights and IV, 290,25; 1783, measures by which all the weights and measures in this State shall IV, 540, 22 1, 2. be regulated.

Congress, 1836, 5

183, No. 7; 1765,

Clerks of Court to keep.

1850, XII, 300,


SEC. 3. The Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions of each County in this State shall furnish, and is required 1840. XI, 173; to keep in his office, the weights and measures established by law, which shall be the standards of all other weights and measures in said County, and to which any person shall have free access to test Same to be the same; and the Governor of the State is authorized and re. purchased Governor. quired to purchase such standard weights and measures out of the fines and forfeitures incurred in their respective Counties.


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To have owner's name and draught of water

1738, VII, 487,

SECTION 1. That every boat or pettyauger, drawing more than three feet water when loaded, used or to be used in any of the rivers in this State, shall have her draught of water fairly and legibly marked. visibly marked on her stern post, in feet and half feet, and shall ¿4. likewise have the owner's name and place of abode, that is to say, the town or County in which he lives, plainly marked in legible characters, in some open visible part of the said boat or petty


$100 penalty

Ib., § 4.

SEC. 2. Every owner or owners of any such boat or pettyauger drawing more than three feet water, as aforesaid, who shall employ for neglect. or make use of the same in any of the rivers in this State, or in passing through any of the creeks made navigable by authority of law, without having their respective draughts of water, and also the owner or owners' name or names and place of abode plainly marked thereon, as aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay the sum of one hundred dollars current money, for every time such boat or pettyauger shall pass through any of the said creeks or cuts, as aforesaid, to any person or persons that will inform and sue for the same, to be recovered by action in any Court of competent jurisdiction.

Any person who shall steal or let loose any

boat, &c., how 1695,11,105,

to be punished.

SEC. 3. That any person or persons who shall steal, take away, or let loose, any boat, pettyauger or canoe, or steal or take away any grappling, painter, rope, sail or oar from any landing or place whatsoever, where the owners or persons in whose service or employ they were last in, had made fast or laid the same, (except all boats or canoes as are let loose from another boat, canoe or vessel,) shall be liable to such fine or fines as the Court of Sessions shall impose, if the matter of fact be felony or larceny, and make good to the person or persons injured all damages they shall sustain; and, in stealing, case the matter of fact be a trespass only, the person or persons committing such offense shall make good to the person injured all

Penalty for

boats, &c.


Master liable for explosion of


damages that may accrue thereby, and, moreover, forfeit and pay, for every time he or they shall be found guilty thereof, the sum of twenty dollars, one moiety thereof to be paid to the State Treasurer, for the public use, the other moiety to him or them that will sue and prosecute for the same in any Court of competent jurisdiction in this State, besides his charges therein expended.

SEC. 4. That if any person within this State shall suffer injury to steamboat boiler life or limb, by the explosion of any boiler of a steamboat, or by unless unavoida- reason of the unskillfulness, mismanagement or negligence of the 1837, VI, 571, 1. person or persons having the charge or command of the said boat, or her engine, or by reason of any defect in the said engine or boat, or by reason of the deficiency or want of any matter or thing necessary and proper for the management or seaworthiness of the said boat, the Captain, Master, or other person having command or charge of such boat, shall, for every such injury, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both, at the discretion of the Court before which such conviction shall be had: Provided, however, That nothing contained in this and the following Section shall be so construed as to prevent the defendant from showing, on the trial, that the injury arose from unavoidable accident, and without fault on his part; and that said Sections shall not in any manner be construed to restrict the liability of any person to be indicted, tried and punished, under any law now existing.

Owners liable for good conduct of master.

Ib., 2.

SEC. 5. The owners of every steamboat shall be deemed, and are hereby made, responsible for the good conduct of the Masters or Captains employed by them; and if any penalty incurred by the Master, Captain or other person having the command or charge of a steamboat or her engine, cannot be collected of him by due course of law, the same may be recovered of the owners of the boat in whose service and employment he was at the time such offense was committed, jointly and severally, in the same manner as if they were sureties of such Master, Captain or person in command or charge as aforesaid.


Governor to appoint Commis


1868, XIV,110,

§ 1.

Term of office. Vacancy.

Ib., 3.

SEC. 6. That the Governor of the State shall appoint a Board of Commissioners of Pilots, to consist of three seafaring men, one of whom shall be a first-class pilot.

SEC. 7. The members of the Board of Commissioners herein provided for shall hold their office for two years, unless sooner removed by the Governor. When a vacancy occurs a new appointment shall be made for the full term.

SEC. 8. Said Board shall be authorized to grant license for pilots as first, second, third and fourth class, as they may be entitled from their skill and knowledge of the business.

To grant 1


Ib., 2 1.


SEC. 9. It shall be lawful for any person or persons to act as pilots in this State who shall be examined and approved by the Board of Ib., 2.1 Commissioners herein provided for.

SEC. 10. That the City Council of Charleston are vested with full power and authority, from time to time, under their common seal, to make and establish such by laws, rules and ordinances, respecting the harbor and the regulation of seamen, as to them shall appear expedient and necessary; and they may also take such effectual measures for carrying into execution all laws in force respecting the said harbor as to them may seem proper.*

City Council vested with con

trol of Charles183, VII, 98,

ton harbor.



3 Strob., 594;

Spears, 769; 9

Rich., 209.




Confederate States Notes.

1. Debts contracted with reference to
Confederate money to be deter-
mined by Federal money.

2. Value of Federal money: 1. 186—
January and February. 2. March.
3. April. 4. May. 5. June. 6 Ju-
ly and August. 7. September.
8 October. 9. November. 10. De-
cember. 11.1862-January. 12 Fe-
bruary. 13 March. 14. April.
15 May. 16. June 17. July. 18 Au-
gust 19 September. 20 October.
1 November. 22, December. 23.
1863-January 24. February. 25.
March. 26. April. 27. May.
June. 29. July. 30 August. 31. Sep-
tember. 32 October. 33. Novem-
ber. 34. December. 35 1864-Jan-
uary. 36. February. 37 March.
38. April. 39. May. 40 June. 4.
July. 42. August. 43. September.
44. October 45. November. 46. De-
cember. 4. 1865-January. 48. Fe-
bruary. 43. March. 50. April and


3. One day, smallest division of time.

Money of Account.

4. Dollars, dimes, cents and mills. Interest of Money.

5. Legal rate to be seven per cent.


6. Decrees and judgments to draw

7. Usury acts repealed.

Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes.

8. Promissory notes made negotiable
and assignable.

9. Notes made before death, and ne-
gotiated after, binding on estate;

10. Inland bills of exchange to be pro-
tested if not paid; fees for pro-

11. Endorser not to be held unless
protest is made.

12. Protest unnecessary if bill is for
less than $.00.

13. Bill of exchange accepted for debt
to be accounted a payment.
14. Drawer, &c., not to be discharged.
15. Protest good evidence if Notary
be dead or absent,

16. Days of grace on bills payable at

17. Frotested bill to carry interest.
18. Drawers and endorsers may be
sued jointly or separately.
19. Damages allowed upon certain
protested bills.

20. Jury may render verdict for differ-
ence of exchange on foreign bills.
21. Notes, &c., for less than one dollar,
void; penalty for issuing.

*For regulations concerning pilotage of bar and harbor of Charleston, see Horsey's Compilation of City Ordinances, p. 83.

Debts cor

tracted with re

Confederate States Notes.

SECTION 1. That the value of all debts and obligations, whether

ference to Con under seal or not under seal, created or contracted in Confederate

federate money

to be determined States notes, or with reference to Confederate States notes as a basis by




of value, issued by the so-called Confederate States Government, or 1869, XIV,277, in or by any bills, bonds or notes assimilated or made equivalent in value to Confederate States notes by any law or custom of trade during the years 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865, shall be determined by the value of said Confederate States notes in the lawful money of the United States at the time such debts or obligations were created or contracted.

Value of Federal money. Ib., 8 2.

1861-January and February.





July and August.





SEC. 2. That the value of one dollar of lawful money of the United States in said Confederate States notes is declared as follows, namely:

1. During January and February, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and five cents of Confederate States


2. During March, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and six cents of Confederate States notes.

3. During April, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and seven cents of Confederate States notes.

4. During May, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and eight cents of Confederate States notes.

5. During June, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and nine cents of Confederate States notes.

6. During July and August, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and ten cents of Confederate State notes.

7. During September, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and eleven cents of Confederate States notes.

8. On the first day of October, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and twelve cents of Confederate States notes, and from day to day thereafter regularly increased in value until the thirty-first day of October, 1861, when one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and fifteen cents of Confederate States notes.

9. On the first day of November, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and fifteen cents of Confederate States notes, and from day to day thereafter regularly increased in value until the thirtieth of November, 1861, when one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and twenty cents of Confederate States notes.

10. On the first day of December, 1861, one dollar of lawful money was equal to one dollar and twenty cents of Confederate States

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