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A. D. 1868.

who shall, immediately thereafter, administer the said oath to the Lieutenant Governor in the Senate Chamber.

SECTION 4. That for the purpose of administering these oaths of Oath of office. office, the President of this Convention shall be continued in the prerogatives of his office until that duty shall have been performed. And at all subsequent inaugurations of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, the oath of office shall be administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or, in his absence, by one of the Associate Justices; and the General Assembly shall, at its first session, provide by law for its organization in future.

Done in Convention, at the City of Charleston, this sixteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight.



President Constitutional Convention.

C. J. STOLBRAND, Secretary.



Whereas the financial condition of the State renders it necessary that the General Assembly, at its first session, should adopt the measures requisite to apply its available resources to the discharge of its valid obligations; and whereas, it is essential to that end that an investigation of the condition of the financial resources of the State should be made without delay, in order that the results thereof may be submitted to the General Assembly at such first session: We, the People of South Carolina, in Convention assembled, do General As- ordain, That five Commissioners be appointed, in the manner heresembly to appoint Commis inafter provided, whose duty it shall be to investigate the financial condition of the State, and the situation and value of all property, assets, securities and other resources applicable to the discharge of its valid obligations, and to report thereon, with their recommendations, to the General Assembly, upon its being convened, or as soon thereafter as practicable.



SECTION 2. Such Commission shall have authority to inspect all Powers of Com- public records, accords, accounts and vouchers; to call for reports under oath, in such form as they shall prescribe, from all public officers having knowledge of facts or possession of matters pertinent to such investigations; to summon witnesses, to administer oaths,

and to examine all persons who, in their judgment, may have knowledge of any such matters.

A. D. 1868.


SECTION 3. It shall be the duty of any person or officer, under a Penalty of Bank penalty of five hundred dollars, to be recovered in any Court of record in the name of said Commissioners, upon notification or summons, to make such report and to attend at any time and place at which he may be required to appear for such examination, and to produce any document or writing, the production of which shall be required by such notification or summons. Witnesses attending for such examination may be allowed the customary rates, to be paid as a part of the contingent expenses of the Commission. Any person guilty of knowingly and willfully, making any false statement making under oath or affirmation in respect thereto shall be guilty of willful and corrupt perjury, and liable to the pains and penalties therefor prescribed by law.

Witness' fees.






pay of Commis


SECTION 4. Said Commissioners shall be elected by the delegates Election of this Convention, by a plurality of votes, and shall receive the same per diem allowance as members of the General Assembly, and actual expenses incurred in travelling in the performance of said duties; and the Committee shall commence their work on or before the 20th March, 1868. And one of these Commissioners shall be elected from each Congressional District, and two from the State at large.

priated Commis

SECTION 5. The sum of five thousand dollars is hereby appro- $5,000 appropriated for the pay of said Commissioners, and the contingent ex- stoners and expenses of said Commission, which sum shall be placed by the Trea- penses. surer of the State, in the currency of the United States, or the Bills Receivable of this State, guaranteed under the authority of this Convention, to the credit of the Commission, and shall be drawn upon the warrant of the Chairman of this Commission, countersigned by the President of this Convention, and shall be drawn for no other account whatsoever.

Authority of General Assem.

SECTION 6. The General Assembly shall have authority to extend the powers of said Commission or to modify the same; and when, by to regulate in their judgment, the objects of this Ordinance are fully attained, powers of Comto terminate said Commission, making provision by law for the payment of any deficiency of the appropriation hereby made to meet the lawful expenses of said Commission.

Done in Convention at the City of Charleston, this sixteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight.


President of the Constitutional Convention.


C. J. STOLBRAND, Secretary.




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