Railway Locomotives and Cars, Volume 65

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Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, 1891 - Railroad engineering

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Page 20 - The policy of this country is a canal under American control. The United States cannot consent to the surrender of this control to any European power, or to any combination of European powers.
Page 189 - ... instead of drawing out bars of iron for the country's use, there was hammered out nothing but contention and lawsuits...
Page 20 - The capital invested by corporations or citizens of other countries in such an enterprise must in a great degree look for protection to one or more of the great powers of the world. No European power can intervene for such protection without adopting measures on this continent which the United States would deem wholly inadmissible.
Page 41 - September 19, 1890, appropriated an additional 900,000 for continuing the improvement, with the provision "that such contracts as may be desirable may be entered into by the Secretary of War for materials and labor for the entire structure and approaches, or any part of the same, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law.
Page 8 - Statistic*, relative to the imports, exports, immigration, and navigation of the United States for the three months ending...
Page 400 - In this memoir I do not pretend to develop an art of mechanical flight; but I demonstrate that, with motors having the same weights as those actually constructed, we possess at present the necessary force for sustaining, with very rapid motion, heavy bodies in the air; for example, inclined planes more than a thousand times denser than the medium in which they move. Further, from the point of view of these experiments and also of the theory underlying them, it appears to be demonstrated that if,...
Page 401 - ... grams per square metre, inclined at different angles, and moving in the direction of its length. It is entirely free to rise under the pressure of the air, as in the first example it was free to fall ; but when it has left its support, the velocity is regulated in such a manner that it will always be subjected to a horizontal motion. The first column of the following table gives the angle (a) with the horizon ; the second the corresponding velocity (V) of...
Page 266 - If I can rise from the coast of France, sail through the air across the Channel, and drop half a ton of nitroglycerine upon an English city, I can revolutionize the world.
Page 145 - The sense of property is inherent in the human breast, and the gradual enlargement and cultivation of that sense, from its feeble force in the savage state, to its full vigor and maturity among polished nations, forms a very instructive portion of the history of civil society.
Page 400 - ... horse-power steam-engine. They are chiefly as follows : — (1) To compare the movements of planes or systems of planes, the weights, surface, form, and variable arrangements, the whole being always in a horizontal position, but disposed in such a manner that it could fall freely. (2) To determine the work necessary to move such planes or systems of planes, when they are inclined, and possess velocities sufficient for them to be sustained by the reaction of the air in all the conditions of free...

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