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On the 28th of January was published, the SUPPLEMENTARY Number to our Trentysecond Volume, containing-HALF-YEARLY RETROSPECTS of LITERATURE, jundry COMMUNICATIONS relative to Book-SOCIETIES, and the NEGOTIATION PAPERS.



No. 153.]

FEBRUARY 1,1807.

[1 of Vol. 23.

* As long as those who write ve ambitious of making Converts, and of giving to their Opinions ! Maximum * Iafluence and Celebrity, the moft extensively circulakd Miscellany will repay with the greatest Eitect the

Curiohty of those who read either for Amusement or Inftrudion." JOHNSON,

ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. with, or rather in fubjeétion to our deartiy SIR,

foe. The natural relult of our credulity AVING lately read a very useful and folly was, that the theep-owners in

en , the subject of fine-wooled Spanith theep, fleece, devoted their whole attention to and being of opinion that its leading tea- its improvement, and left the carcaf, cm tures ought to be generally known take its chance of becoming better or throughout this island, I take the liberty worse. llence, the latter ensued; but, its of requesting the publication of thein I have said, the evil may be remedied. through the medium of your valuable and That intelligent and patriotic breeder, widely circulated Miscellany.

Mr. Tollet, of Staffordshire, (whose naine I lament that, after the successful ex. I have before mentioned, wlad bas now a periments and satisfactory reports of such large flock of Merino, and Anglo-Meriau {pirited and enlightened agriculturisis as deep, and who is indefatigable in his enLord Somerville, Mr. Tollet, and Dr. deavours to promote the adoption of this Parry, any further incitement to the celebrated race,) itates, that, in defiance adoption of a race fo jutily, esteemned of neglect, fome of the sheep, which have mhould be necessary; but it unfortunately been brought to this country from Spain, happens that in this, as in every other have been far from deficient in thote country, ignorance and prejudice are characteristics, which are generally concontinually thwarting the efforts of ra- Gdered as combining excellence of form. tional conviction. He, therefore, who at- It follows, therefore, that judicious selectempts by persuasion founded on just tion from the offspring of these, and of grounds, to dispel the milt, which clouds others, miglat ere long totally remove the the faculties and prevents the exertious absence of lyinmetry, so much coinplained of Britilh breeders, will not have the of. But after all, viewing thein in their censure of candid and well-informed men. present state, and suppoling that their

It is true that the Merino heep is not thape never can be improved, allow me likely to attract the approbation of any to ask whether the rude Arab, like the one by its beauty; still lefs so in the prei enlightened Briton, would, while confent age, when fyminetry of form has been templating the deformity of his camel, To clofely studied, and completely obtain- lose light of its utility. Is it not a futfied; but to this it may be replied, first, cient incentive to the farmers of thote that the defect in carcass dould be prin- districts, where the bicep is reared prins cipally ascribed to British lupineness; cipally for carding-wool, (aud inany of and fecondly, that it can be remedied. these flocks are far from exhibiting models To subitantiate my charge, I need only of beauty) that a lingle cross of the Meremark that this nation has for many rino race will double the value of each years, without even being at the trouble feece; that the aniinal, thus yielding at of an experiment, paid to Spain for her once clouble profit as to wool, will live finest wool almost any price that the chole on the fame pasturage; and that a butchto demand. The article was indispeosable er, if willing to buy a score fat wethers to our fuperfine manufactures; we coue of this cross, would value them according tented ourselves with believing the affer- to his calculation of their weight, &c. tion that the soil, climate, and other local without reference to their beauty; to circumstances, were the causes of wool that one breed would in this respect be being produced in Spain of an inimitable exactly tituated like the other? Is it not quality; and we continued to tranfiit futlicient, I fay, that the carcass 1hould our enormous orders to a country, which be worth no lets, while the fleece by its was annually becoming more in alliance increase, both in quantity and quality, MONTHLY Mag. No. 153.



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