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Vol. 8 Preliminaries of the Revolution, by George Elliott Howard, Ph.D., Prof. Hist. Univ. of Nebraska. "9 The American Revolution, by Claude Halstead Van Tyne.Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Hist. Univ. of Michigan. "10 The Confederation and the Constitution, by Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin, A.M., Director Bureau Hist. Research Carnegie Institution.

Group III.

Development Of The Nation

Vol. 11 The Federalist System, by John Spencer Bassett, Ph.D., Prof. Hist. Trinity Coll. (N. C).

"12 The Jeffersonian System, by Edward Channing, Ph.D., Prof. Hist. Harvard Univ.

"13 Rise of American Nationality, by Kendric Charles Babcock, Ph.D., Pres. Univ. of Arizona.

"14 Rise of the New West, by Frederick Jackson Turner, Ph.D., Prof. Am. Hist. Univ. of Wisconsin.

"15 Jacksonian Democracy, by William MacDonald, LL.D., Prof. Hist. Brown Univ.

Group IV.

Trial Of Nationality

Vol. 16 Slavery and Abolition, by Albert Bushnell Hart, LL.D., Prof. Hist. Harvard Univ.

Vol. 17 Westward Extension, by George Pierce Garrison, Ph.D., Prof. Hist. Univ. of Texas.

"18 Parties and Slavery, by Theodore Clarke Smith, Ph.D., Prof. Am. Hist. Williams College.

"19 Causes of the Civil War, by Admiral French Ensor Chadwick, U.S.N.

"2o The Appeal to Arms, by James Kendall Hosmer, LL.D., recent Librarian Minneapolis Pub. Lib.

"21 Outcome of the Civil War, by James Kendall Hosmer,LL.D., recent Lib. Minneapolis Pub. Lib.

Group V. National Expansion Vol. 22 Reconstruction, Political and Economic,by William Archibald Dunning, Ph.D., Prof. Hist, and Political Philosophy Columbia Univ.

"23 National Development, by Edwin Erie Sparks, Ph.D., Prof. Hist. Univ. of Chicago.

"24 National Problems, by Worthington Chauncey Ford, Chief of Division of MSS. Lib. of Cong.

"25 America the World Power, by John H. Latane, Ph.D., Prof. Hist. Washington and Lee Univ.

"26 Ideals of American Government, by Albert Bushnell Hart, LL.D., Prof. Hist. Harvard Univ.

"27 Index to the Series, by David Maydole Matteson, A.M., Harvard College Library.


Tub Massachusetts Historical Socibtt

Charles Francis Adams, LL.D., President
Samuel A. Green, M.D., Vice-President
James Ford Rhodes, LL.D., 3d Vice-President
Edward Channing, Ph.D., Prof. History Harvard

Worthington C. Ford, Chief of Division of MSS.

Library of Congress

The Wisconsin Historical Society

Reuben G. Thwaites, LL.D., Secretary and Superintendent

Frederick J. Turner, Ph.D., Prof. of American History Wisconsin University

James D. Butler, LL.D., formerly Prof. Wisconsin University

William W. Wight, President

Henry E. Legler, Curator

The Virginia Historical Society

William Gordon McCabe, Litt.D., President

Lyon G. Tyler, LL.D., Pres. of William and Mary

Judge David C. Richardson
J. A. C. Chandler, Professor Richmond College
Edward Wilson James

The Texas Historical Socibtt

Judge John Henninger Reagan, President
George P. Garrison, Ph.D., Prof. of History Uni-
versity of Texas
Judge C. W. Raines
Judge Zachary T. Fullmore

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