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p. m. The advance purchase of tickets and securing of sleeping-car accommodations is being urged. The ticket selling and information facilities at the city and depot offices are filled to capacity. A second information booth has been installed in the depot. There will be 28 ticket windows at the depot open day and night as against 12 windows in operation last season. Orders have been placed for a large amount of extra sleeping and parlor car and coach equipment. The Union Transfer Co. has doubled its force with view of handling holiday baggage without delay. The red cap force at the station has been increased 100 per cent and extra station police will be provided. Special passenger representatives will be assigned to depot work throughout the holidays to facilitate the movement of traffic and straighten out questions regarding tickets, etc., and any confusions that arise. The passenger representatives assigned to the governmental departments have circularized the various buildings and are getting all advance information possible relative to those who will go on vacations and those who will leave here during the holidays permanently, with view to selling them tickets and arranging for accommodations in advance. All schools in and around Washington have been looked after and arrangements made to take care of the scholars going on vacations. The terminal officials, as well as Pullman officials, have been fully posted and are alive to the situation.


1. Employees' status January 1, 1918; common use of facilities; routes and rates, etc.

2. Accounting methods to continue as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

3. Demurrage charges.

4. Classification of railroads in Eastern, Southern, and Western Regions.

5. Creation of Railroad Wage Commission.

6. Restrictions in expenditures of moneys; issuance of free passes.

Supplement No. 1: Newspaper advertising payments.
Supplement No. 2. Newspaper advertising payments.

7. Demurrage charges (cancel G. O. No. 3).

Demurrage charges.

Supplement No. 1.

8. Hours of service safety appliances, and inspection laws; employees' status. 9. Restrictions in filling offices paying $3,000 and up and $10,000 and up.

10. Inventory of material and supplies.

11. Universal interline waybilling and standard forms.

12. Rules regarding charges to capital accounts.

Supplement No. 1. Rules regarding work involving charges to capital account not in excess of $25.000 (amendment to par. 5, General Order No. 12).

13. Railway Board of Adjustment No. 1.

14. Daylight-saving law.

15. Requirements relating to construction, maintenance, and operation of new industry tracks.

Supplement No. 1. Industry tracks; contracts; discontinuance of use of track.

16. Railroad presidents designated as companies' principal executive authorities.

17. Rules governing recording of and accounting for all transactions arising during Federal control.

18. Lawsuits against carriers while under Federal control.

18-A. Supplement.

19. Announcement of possession and control of four steamship companies.

20. Discontinuance of certain checking of operating bills.

21. Simplified bases for apportioning interroad freight revenues.

22. Appointment of general manager New York Canal Section.

23. Weekly cash reports.

Supplement No. 1. Instructions governing rendering of weekly cash report, Form T-5.

24. Insurance instructions.

25. Extension of freight credits.
25-A. Extension of freight credits.
26. Suits against carriers.

27. Wages of railroad employees. (G. O. No. 27, for 1918, consists of 31 docu


Supplement No. 1. Salary and wage adjustment.

Supplement No. 2. Hours, wages, pay of Pullman Co. operating depart-
ment (except conductors, porters, maids).

Supplement No. 3. Railroads added to and made part of Article I of
General Orders No. 27.

Supplement No. 4. Wages, hours, and other conditions of employment of employees in mechanical departments specified herein.

Interpretation No. 1 to Supplement No. 4 to General Order No. 27 and Addendum No. 2 thereto. Employees in any department to be given correct classification if present pay-roll classification does not conform to ruling of Supplement No. 4 to General Order No. 27. Interpretation No. 2 to Supplement No. 4 to General Order No. 27. Question and decision regarding mechanics and helpers engaged in construction, maintenance, and repair of electric, electric-pneumatic, electric-mechanical, and mechanical interlocking and signaling systems; also machinists, electricians, blacksmiths, pipe fitters, etc.

Amendment No. 1 to Supplement No. 4 to General Order No. 27. Removal of certain inequities concerning compensation for helpers— shop crafts.

Addendum No. 1 to Supplement No. 4 to General Order No. 27.

Rates of pay and rules for coach cleaners.

Addendum No. 2 to Supplement No. 4 to General Order No. 27.

Rates of compensation for certain classes of employees. Supplement No. 5. Employees of operating department of Pullman Co.;

wages, hours, and other conditions of employment.

Supplement No. 6. Duties and authority of Board of Railroad Wages

and Working Conditions extended.

Supplement No. 6–A. Application for interpretation of wage order. Supplement No. 7. Rates of pay and rules for overtime and working conditions for all clerical forces in all departments and for certain employees in stations, storage or terminal warehouses, docks, storehouses, shops, and yards are hereby ordered (superseding G. 0. No. 27, and in lieu thereof, as to employees herein named). Interpretation No. 1 to Supplement No. 7 to General Order No. 27.

Overtime monthly, weekly, or daily paid employees. Interpretation No. 2 to Supplement No. 7 to General Order No. 27. Employees paid on a tonnage or piece-work basis, earning in excess of 43 cents per hour; rates of pay.

Supplement No. 8. Rates of pay and rules for overtime and working

conditions for employees in maintenance of way department (except mechanics and helpers where provided for in Sup. No. 4, G. O. No. 27, and clerical forces).

Interpretation No. 1 to Supplement No. 8. Overtime monthly, weekly,

or daily paid employees.

Interpretation No. 2 to Supplement No. 8. House and bridge carpenters-rates of pay.

Supplement No. 9. Additional duties of railroad wages and working conditions.


Supplement No. 10. Rates of pay, rules for overtime, and working conditions for telegraphers, telephone operators (except switchboard operators), agent telegraphers, agent telephoners, towerman, leverman, tower and train directors, block operators, and staffmen are hereby ordered (superseding G. O. No. 27 and in lieu thereof). Supplement No. 11. Rates of pay, rules for overtime, and working

conditions for certain employees.

Supplement No. 12. Rates of pay, rules for overtime, and duties of

passenger brakemen or flagmen.

Supplement No. 13. Rates of pay, rules for overtime, and working conditions for telegraphers, telephone operators (except switchboard operators), agents, agent telegraphers, agent telephoners, towermen, levermen, tower and train directors, block operators, and staffmen hereby ordered (superseding G. O. No. 27 its Sups. Nos. 10 and 11 and in lieu thereof).

Interpretation No. 1. Approval of recommendation of Railroad Board of Adjustment No. 1, in matter of construction of General Order No. 27, relating to bases of pay for yard engineers, yard firemen, yard conductors or foremen, and yard brakemen or helpers.

Interpretation No. 2. Pay bases to be observed in application of rates of pay under General Order No. 27-All persons employed in any capacity, and receiving less than $250.00 per month in salary, will receive increases named in General Order No. 27 unless specifically excluded therein.

Interpretation No. 3 to General Order No. 27 and to Supplement
No. 4, Addenda Nos. 1 and 2, Interpretation No. 1 and Amendment
No. 1 thereto. Method of applying increases to pieceworkers.
Interpretation No. 4. Back pay claim.

Interpretation No. 5. Increase of salary claim.

Interpretation No. 6. Station agent on a certain railroad claims the service he renders is not special service and that he is entitled to an increase under General Order No. 27-decision. Interpretation No. 7. Assistant passenger ticket agent's claim for increase granted.

28. Increased passenger and freight rates.

Supplement. Increased passenger and freight rates.

29. Railway Board of Adjustment No. 2.

30. Settlement of interroad bills and accounts.

31. Rules and regulations governing accounting for use of equipment or facilities.

32. June 29, 1918, apportionment of passenger revenues.

33. Appointment of G. A. Tomlinson as Federal manager New York and New Jersey Canals.

34. Sale of refused and unclaimed perishable and nonperishable freight.

34-A. Carload and less than carload perishable freight to be sold at auction if unclaimed after 60 days.

35. Appointment of M. J. Sanders Federal manager Mississippi and Warrior Waterways.

36. Premiums on Fidelity bonds to be charged to operating expenses.

37. Duties of Federal treasurers.

37-A. Revision of General Order No. 37.

38. Shipping designation for Government shipments.

39. Sale of liquors and intoxicants in dining cars, restaurants, and railroad stations under Federal control shall be discontinued immediately. 40. Complaints of lack of consideration and courtesy to public.

41. Regulations governing disposition of interroad freight claims for loss and damage.

42. Elections, Federal and State-Political activity for railroad officials and employees prohibited.

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Supplement No. 1. Modifications of rules regarding political activity of officials and employees.

43. Garnishment or attachment or like process.

44. Chief accounting officer in general charge of one or more accounting organizations of director general shall be designated "Federal auditor"duties.

45. Daylight saving law-clocks to be turned back.

46. Safety of employees and travelers upon railroads.

47. Repairs to equipment.

48. Further modification of ruling regarding political activity of officials and employees of railroads (in lieu of and as a substitute for G. O. No. 42 and Sup. No. 1 thereto).

49. Standard forms of monthly ticket and excess baggage reports.

50. Lawsuits, specified-to be brought against William G. McAdoo, Director General of Railroads.

51. Seniority rights for employees who have entered military service of Army and Navy.

52. Carriers by water-rules and regulations governing transactions of―accounting.

53. Agreement between regional directors and certain organizations, providing for basis of compensation and regulations of employment.

54. Tribunal named for adjustment of certain disputes between American Railway Express Co. and its employees-Division of Labor of the United States Railroad Administration to deal with controversies.

55. Collection of transportation charges and disposition of overcharges, undercharges, and agency relief claims.

56. Increase of express operating revenues.

57. Rules governing the inspection, selection and coopering, or rejection of cars for bulk grain loading, the recording of loss of grain from car by leakage (if any) during transit, and the disposition of claims for loss and damage of grain.

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