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into account both class and quantity of tonnage, it being understood and agreed that if in any month such proportion of competitive traffic delivered to the Company shall be less than that based on the average for the three-year period, the Director General will, within 60 days after the close of any such month, deliver such additional amount of competitive traffic as shall make up the required amount. SECTION 8. If differences arise as to any matter arising under this contract, either party may refer the question to the Interstate Commerce Commission, and its decision shall be final and binding.

SECTION 9. The Company, so far as practicable, shall have the right to use the purchasing agencies of the Director General in the purchase of materials and supplies at the prices which the Director General shall pay therefor, and to have its repairs done in the shops of its connecting lines to the same extent and upon the same terms as were enjoyed before Federal control; where roads have heretofore not had the repairs done at the shops of the connecting line, but at private shops which have since been closed, they may have their repairs done at the shops of the connecting line upon fair


SECTION 10. There shall be no discriminaton against the Company in the matter of publishing tariffs and routing. In all publication of rates, tariffs, and routing, covering the territory in which the Company's road is situated, the Company shall be treated in the same manner as the trunk lines, except that nothing in this section shall be construed to require the establishment of joint rates where joint rates were not in effect at the commencement of Federal control.

SECTION 11. It is expressly agreed that if in the opinion of the Director General a necessity shall arise making it necessary or desirable for any purpose connected with the war, for the Director General to take into his own hands the possession, control, and operation of said railroad and the properties herein described, he shall have the right to do so. In such event this contract shall be terminated and a new contract made providing for the payment of compensation as provided by the Federal Control Act; and if in the meantime it becomes necessary in his opinion to issue any orders or directions to said Company affecting the movement of troops or war supplies, said Company shall obey such orders or directions.

SECTION 12. In view of the foregoing covenants and agreements, and subject thereto, the order of relinquishment issued on the day of June, 1918, is hereby rescinded and set aside as of the date when the same was issued; and the said railroad and the properties herein described are hereby brought fully within the terms and under the control of the said Federal Control Act, the same in all respects as if the said order of relinquishment had not been issued.

SECTION 13. The Director General will formulate definite rules and regulations governing exchange transportation, which rules and regulations shall be made applicable to the Company without discrimination.


In witness whereof, these presents have, on the day and year first above written, been duly signed, sealed, and delivered by William G. McAdoo, Director General of Railroads, and duly signed, sealed, and delivered by the----


by its President, and its corporate seal affixed hereto, attested by its Secretary, such execution and delivery on the part of said Company having been duly authorized and directed by vote of its Board of Directors at a meeting duly called and properly held on the----day of


1918, which action of said Board of Directors was duly authorized by vote of the stockholders of the said Company, at a meeting duly called and properly held at


certificates of which meetings, duly attested by the Secretary of said Company, have been lodged with the Director General.

[blocks in formation]


This agreement, made this 26th day of June, 1918, between William G. McAdoo, Director General of Railroads, hereinafter called the Director General, acting on behalf of the United States and the President, under the powers conferred on him by proclamations of the President dated December 26, 1917, and March 29, 1918, and the American Railway Express Company, hereinafter referred to as the Express Company,


That for and in consideration of the mutual covenants, separate services, and payments hereinafter recited to be by the parties kept, performed, and made, the parties do hereby agree as follows:


That in the interest of greater efficiency in express service and effecting economies in operating expenses of both the railroads under Federal control and the Express Company the Director General hereby employs the Express Company as the sole agent of the Government under the supervision of the Director General of Railroads to conduct the express transportation business upon all lines of railroad under Federal control and upon such other systems of transportation or parts thereof as in the judgment of the Director General it may be necessary or desirable to include.


This contract shall take effect on July 1, 1918, and shall continue during the full period of Federal control as that period is limited by section 14 of "An Act to Provide for the Operation of Transportation Systems while under Federal Control, for the Just Compensation of Their Owners, and for Other Purposes," approved March 21, 1918.


The express transportation business to be carried on under this contract is understood to mean such transportation business as is

commonly carried on by express companies at the present time, or as may be carried on by them during the continuance of this contract, and for the purpose of this contract it is agreed that the express business contemplated by this contract shall include all matter carried on passenger, express, or mail trains of the railroards, except baggage of passengers and theatrical scenery and belongings when checked on regular transportation, United States and railroad mail, including parcel-post matter, corpses when accompanied by some one in charge, news trunks and property necessary to carry on the usual news business, goods and material for the use of the railroads, and supplies for railroad eating houses and dining cars. The Director General as well as the Express Company shall have the right to carry on such trains freight from the Orient imported by Coast ports, newspapers, milk, and cream and returned empties: Provided, however, That nothing in this agreement shall prevent the Director General from transporting horses, carriages, or cattle or other classes of freight upon passenger trains when necessary in emergencies to avoid delay to freight shipments; and provided further, that no explosives, inflammable articles, or acids shall be considered express traffic except such as it may be lawful to transport on passenger trains when properly packed, marked, and certified to as required by the regulations of the Interstate Commerce Commission or other public authority for the transportation of explosives, by the rules of the American Railway Association, and such regulations for the transportation of inflammable articles and acids as may be fixed by the Director General. The maximum weight to be carried in any of the cars carrying express business shall not exceed a limit which in the judgment of the Director General is necessary for safety. Articles which can only be loaded and unloaded through end doors of express or baggage cars causing delays to passenger trains in switching for this purpose shall not be accepted by the Express Company unless a special car is furnished and charged for at the carload rate, and the Express Company shall not accept shipments which can not be so handled as to avoid unusual delays to the trains of the Government.

Said express transportation business shall be conducted under such rates, charges, classifications, regulations, and practices as are now or may hereafter be lawfully established. The Director General shall take all steps lawfully necessary to make any change in such rates, charges, classifications, regulations, and practices. The Express Company shall propose no reduction in rates or charges without the prior approval of such reduction by the Director General. The Express Company shall solicit no express shipments disapproved by the Director General.


The Director General shall furnish adequate and suitable space in cars properly equipped, heated, lighted, and lettered American Railway Express Company of the kind customarily furnished by railroad companies for the use of express companies on such passenger, mail and express trains as may be designated from time to time by the Director General over each of the lines of railroad covered by this contract for the transportation and proper handling en route of all express matter tendered by the Express Company at any station at which said trains make regular stops and shall carry such express matter and the safes, packing trunks, supplies, and equipment of the Express Company, together with the messengers, helpers, and guards of the Express Company necessary for the handling and protection of such express matter to destination or the proper transfer points on said railroads. The Director General shall, so far as it can conveniently be done without interfering with his business, permit the Express Company to use a portion of station buildings on the lines covered by this agreement without charge therefor for the reception, loading and unloading, safe-keeping, and delivery of express matter carried under this agreement. Where special services or facilities have been furnished upon payments by the express companies in addition to the percentage of gross earnings both parties hereto shall have the benefit of such arrangements until otherwise determined by the Director General or by the Express Company after notice and hearing. The movement of express shall be under the control of the Director General at all times and transported over such lines of railroad and on such trains as he may direct in the interest of economy in car service by utilizing available space and with proper regard for the necessity of prompt movement.


Said Express Company shall use its teams, property, offices, and other facilities, and its agents and employees in operating an express transportation business on all the lines of railroad under Federal control, and upon such other systems of transportation, or parts thereof, as in the judgment of the Director General it may be necessary or desirable to include; and in the conduct of said business will exert itself in all proper ways to make said business satisfactory to the public and to the Director General. All contracts between the Express Company and railroads and systems of transportation not under Federal control shall be subject to the approval of the Director General.

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