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the service clubs by inviting officers and enlisted men of the army and navy to such entertainments as might be of particular interest to them, thus broadening the usefulness of the Club and this phase of its activities.

Notable among those who were entertained and by whom our members were addressed were the British Ministry of Munitions; the Chinese and Serbian Commissions; Sir Walter Lawrence; Stephane Lauzanne, Editor of Le Matin; Lieut. Bruno Roselli, of the Italian army; Isaac F. Marcosson, and Donald MacMillan, explorer. The appropriation for the year was...

In order to provide these entertainments and conduct these occasions in a proper and efficient manner, the committee expended..



Leaving an unexpended balance of..




At the meeting of the newly constituted Board of Governors on November 22, the following officers were selected:

[blocks in formation]

It is safe to assume that there are some members of the Club whose names do not appear on this list, who are nevertheless in the military or naval service. Members of the Club who may know of any omissions from this list will confer a favor on the Editor by supplying the missing

[blocks in formation]

Cadbury, Earl S.
Calder, John W.

Caldwell, Lieut. William
Card, John H.
Carmer, Frederick V.
Carpenter, Lieut. C. H.
Carpenter, Capt. Geo. S.
Carter, Lieut. Philip W.
Casey, Maj. William J.
Chadwell, Dr. Orville R.
Chandler, Maj. Thomas E.
Chase, Philip M.
Clapp, Charles E.

Cleary, E. Z.

Codman, Ernest A.
Cohen, Franklin M.

Cohen, Lieut. Nathaniel M.
Cole, Brig.-Gen. Chas. H.
Comstock, A. Barr
Conant, Lieut. Richard K.
Connolly, Jos.
Coolidge, Lieut. J. R., 3d.
Collyer, A. C.
Cordier, Capt. Constant
Cormerais, Capt. H. D.
Cornell, W. I.

Cowles, Lieut. Wm. L.,
U. S. N.

Coyle, Philip E.
Craig, Ernest T.
Crawford, Lieut. John D.
Cranshaw, Harold B.
Crawshaw, J. L.

Curtis, Lieut. Herman G.
Curtis, Capt. Wm. G.
Cutting, Capt. Frank F.
Daggett, Capt. R. B.
Davidson, 1st Lt. Earl E.
Davis, Arthur W.
Davis, Howard G.
Davis, John A.
*Davis, Lieut. Philip W.
Delabarre, Everett M.
Delano, Maj. F. H.
Denman, Maj. Walter M.
Dennett, Maj. Carl P.
Dennison, Henry S.
Denton, Lieut. George R. S.
Dewing, Edmund R.
Dillingham, Capt. H. L.
Dodge, Chas. E.
Donaghy, A. R.
Dowling, Maj. J. J.

Downey, Joseph E.

Driscoll, Charles D.

*Dudley, Lieut. Carl A.
Eaton, C. Edwin
Ellis, Lieut. Alexander
Emerson, Lieut. Howard
Farnsworth, Capt. A. J.
Farnsworth, H. T.

[blocks in formation]

Fishel, Louis M.

Jackson, Benj. H.
Jackson, Walter M.
Jacobs, Major Carlton D.
Jameson, Charles F.
Janes, Capt. Arthur P.
Jewett, Thomas G., Jr.

Fish, Asst. Paymaster L. J. Johnson, Stafford F.

Fletcher, Arthur W.
Fletcher, Harold H.

Fletcher, Ralph A.
Foss, Harold G..
Foye, Lloyd A.
Frederick, Allen R.
Frohwitter, Capt. C. L. J.
Frye, Howard Ò.
Fuller, Geo. A.
Fuller, H. F.
Gage, D. Ripley
Gallagher, Chas. F.
Gardiner, Maj. R. H., Jr.
Gardiner, Sgt. Wm. Tudor
Gardner, Lieut. R. S.
Garritt, Robert H.
Gibbs, Capt. George, Jr.
Gillett, W. V. K.
Golden, Lieut. Nathaniel
Goldthwaite, Maj. Joel E.
Gordon, M. Paul
Gow, Maj. Charles R.
Grant, Alexander J.
Gray, Maj. Geo. Ĥ.
Green, Ralph B.
Green, Lieut.-Com. J. F.
Greene, Lieut. Henry C.
Groom, Samuel B.
Grose, Dr. H. B.
Gunnerson, Lieut. Edward
Hale, J. W. L.
Hall, Capt. Drew B.
Hallett, Maj. Ralph H.
Hamilton, Dr. A. J. A.
Hamilton, W. I.
Hamlen, E. W.
Hammond, Capt. Jos. B.
Hanscom, Lieut. Ridgley F.
Hathaway, Joel
Hawthorne, Col. Harry L.
Hay, Henry H.
Heffernan, D. A.
Hewes, Paul A.
High, John Alvin
Hill, Maj. Arthur D.
Homans, Maj. Robert
Horn, Norman E.
Housel, Lieut. W. E.
Huguley, Lieut. Arthur W.
Hunter, Guy F.
Hutchins, Maj. Henry T.

Jones, Malcolm F.
Joy, Maj. Benj.

Kaler, Ensign Harold V.
Kaffenburgh, Walter A.
Kearns, Lieut. Hal T.
Keith, Capt. Harold C.
Kendall, Capt. Alex.
Kelley, Theodore R.
Kennedy, Edward G.
Kent, Lieut. Hervey
Keville, Lieut.-Col. W. J.
Kingman, Lieu. H. B.
Kinney, Robert C.
Knowlton, Lieut. Leslie D.
Lahti, Lieut. Mathew
Lane, H. R.

Lane, Capt. Joseph H.
Lavelle, Capt. Thos. D.
Law, Alexander F.
Lillard, Capt. Walter H.
Lincoln, Sidney H.
Little, G. M.

Logan, Col. Edward L.
Loomis, Lieut. Lynn A.
Lowe, John A.
Lyon, Capt. James A.
Lyons, Walter L.
MacGaregill, S. C.
MacMurray, A. M.
Macomber, Maj. Alex.
Mannix, Arthur J.
Marquand, Lieut. John P.
Markel, Ensign Samuel Q.
Martin, Wesley C.
McConnell, Lieut. John C.
McCormack, John W.
McCulloch, Ens. Laurence
*McDonald, Maj. Fred
McDonnell, Jas. J.
McIntyre, Alfred R.
McKean, Lieut. Norton
McKenna, Wm. N., Jr.
McLeod, W. H.
McMurray, Ensign J. C.
McNally, Hugh P.
Mead, Sumner A.
Medalia, Dr. Leon S.
Meek, George

Melcher, Lieut. George

Merrill, Gardner F.

Merrill, Richard S.

Hutchins, Lieut. Richard K. Hutton, Finley, Jr.

Merrill, Capt. J. L.

Merrill, Maj. Roger Meyer, Capt. G. v. L.

Moore, Capt. Howard
Moore, Capt. Lewis E.
Moore, Ensign Maurice M.
Moreland, Edw. L.

Morrill, Lieut. Charles W.
Morrill, Lieut. Manning W.
Morrison, A. H.
Morrison, Lieut. J. M.
Morse, E. C.
Morse, Robt. D.
Morss, Ed. L.

Mosher, Harrison H.
Moulton, Stanley W.
Myers, Albert M.
Nagle, John, Jr.
Nahas, Samuel

Nash, Lt. Nath'l C., Jr.
Nelson, Lieut. Arthur L.
Newhall, Capt. A. S.
Newhall, Horatio, Jr.
Noble, A. W.

Northcott, Sidney T. H.
Nowell, Howard W.
Nutting, Ensign Robert F.
O'Connor, Joseph C.
O'Dowd, Lieut. Edward F.
Ogden, Maj. Hugh W.
Ogden, Warren G.
O'Neil, Lt. John P., U. S. N.
Ordway, Lieut. Warren
O'Shea, William A.
Palais, Maurice

Parker, Ensign Gordon
Parker, Dr. Willard S.
Patch, Roy K.
Paul, Wallace S.
*Payne, Capt. D. J.
Peckham, Capt. Alex I.
Pengra, Lieut. Chas. O.
Peterson, Arthur D.
Pfromm, David A.
Pierce, Lieut. M. R.
Pierce, Maj. Thomas L.
Pinanski, Capt. A. E.
Pinfield, Carlos E.
Plummer, Wm. I.

Pollock, Com. E. R.

Pond, Lieut. Kenneth P.

Porter, Lieut. J. O.
Porter, Wm. H.
Post, Albert M.
Post, E. A.

Potter, Lieut. Herbert S.
Powers, Capt. Walter

Powers, Roy C.
Pray, Thornton C.
Prentiss, Nathan N.
Proctor, Edw. O.
Proctor, J. A.
Proctor, Redfield
Putnam, Stanley V.
Quinneen, Chas. R.
Raffi, Chas. L.

Raynsford, Lieut. Robert P.
Reade, Brig.-Gen. Philip
Reed, Jacob

Rice, Ensign Albert W.
Rice, Roger C.

Richardson, Lieut. Jos. S.
Richardson, Sgt. Arthur F.
Richmond, Capt. C. R.
Ricker, A. A.

Robbins, John W.
Robinson, P. O.
Root, Lieut. W. Henry
Rose, Edward

Rourke, Capt. Joseph A.
Rugg, Francis Ă.
Ruggles, Dr. E. P.
Russell, Lieut. Richard S.
Safford, Laurance F.
Sawyer, Dr. Alpha R.
Sawyer, Lt. Clayton V.
Sawyer, Gordon B.
Sayles, Lieut. R. T.
Scannell, Maj. D. D.
Scott, Henry R.
Seche, Arthur R.
Shedd, Lieut.-Col. B. B.
Shattuck, Lieut. E. J.
Shlanger, Leo
Shrigley, Wilfred R.
Simmons, R. J.
Simons, Isaac E.
Simpson, Col. John R.
Slattery, Robert B.
Slattery, Wm. Meade
Sleeper, Lieut. Gordon C.
Slocum, Stanton F.
Smith, Maj. Albert S.
Smith, Lieut. Edw. H.
Smith, 1st Lieut. Edwin W.
Souther, Robt. F.
Spalding, Lieut. D. E.
Spark, Dale M.

Sprague, H. W.

Spring, Chester C.

Stacey, Lieut. Winthrop D.

Stearns, A. W.

Stearns, Capt. Charles E.
Stearns, Lieut. Foster W.
Steele, Fletcher

Stebbins, Maj. George B.
Stephens, Sgt. Karl C.
Stevens, Edward L.
Stevens, Horace S.
Stevenson, Sgt. Arthur L.
Stiles, Sgt. Ralston A.
Stinson, Daniel C.
Stover, Col. Willis W.
Strickland, Capt. Sidney T.
Stucklen, Carl L.
Sullivan, John D.

Summersby, Lt. (jg) G. W.
Swan, Capt. Carroll J.
Sweetser, Brig.-Gen. E. L.
Tappan, Ernest S.
Taylor, Robt. M.

Tenney, Lieut. R. C.
Terrien, George D.
Thompson, Fred H.
Thurber, George F.
Tobin, J. W.

Todd, Lieut. LeRoy W.
Trumbull, Samuel B.
Tucker, John E.

Tully, Maj. F. W.
Tuttle, Clifford B.

Vogel, Lieut. Frederick C..
Waitt, Albert H.
Warren, Benj. O.
Warren, Robt. A.

Warshauer, Capt. C. S.

Waterman, Chas. H.

Waterman, Frank S., Jr.

Weiscopf, Maj. E. L.
Wellhouse, Frederick J.
Wells, Capt. Frederick L.
Wheeler, Lieut. D. B.
Wheeler, Lieut. Stephen
Wilcox, Loring F.
Wiswell, Geo. C.
Wolf, William L.
Wood, Lieut. E. E., Jr.
Worcester, Capt. C. I.
Yont, Capt. Alonzo E.
Young, Oliver M.
Zollars, Chas. O.

*Died in Service.


Below is a list of the clubs with which the Boston City Club has reciprocal relations. Members of the Boston City Club may have all the privileges of these clubs by presentation of their membership cards in the Boston City Club, such privileges being extended on a cash basis.




[blocks in formation]


The list of clubs with which the Boston City Club has reciprocal relations is correct as printed in the BULLETIN each month, some changes having been made from the list which appears on the back of the membership card.


Christmas boxes for Club employees have been placed in the entrance hall and in the main dining room. In the past the amount subscribed through these boxes has been far from proportionate to the size and character of the Club. Employees receive no tips and the House Committee feels justified in asking members to evince their appreciation of faithful service by contributing generously.

There are among the older employees not a few who have remained in the Club's service despite the fact that labor conditions have been such that they could, undoubtedly, have bettered themselves by going elsewhere. This is the sort of loyalty that deserves real recognition, and it is earnestly hoped that this recognition will be forthcoming in generous measure.

** Members who do not find it convenient to make use of the boxes may send checks to the House Committee.

W. E. SKILLINGS, Chairman.

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