I lavori della commissione ministeriale per lo studio e la compilazione di un progetto di legge sulla estradizione

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Ippolito Sciolla, 1886 - Extradition - 332 pages

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Page 289 - ... [Ne sera pas réputé délit politique, ni fait connexe à un semblable délit, l'attentat contre la personne du chef d'un gouvernement étranger ou contre celle des membres de sa famille, lorsque cet attentat constitue le fait, soit de meurtre, soit d'assassinat, soit d'empoisonnement.] (Loi du 22 mars 1856.) ART.
Page 287 - ... properly and legally authenticated so as to entitle them to be received for similar purposes by the tribunals of the foreign country from which the accused party shall have escaped...
Page 254 - Street, within the said district [or before a stipendiary magistrate sitting in the said ] to show cause why he should not be surrendered in pursuance of The Extradition Act, 1870, and otherwise to be dealt with in accordance with law, for which this shall be your warrant.
Page 233 - A fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered to a foreign state unless provision is made by the law of that state, or by arrangement, that the fugitive criminal shall not, until he has been restored or had an opportunity of returning to Her Majesty's dominions, be detained or tried in that foreign state for any offence committed prior to his surrender other than the extradition crime proved by the facts on which the surrender is grounded.
Page 258 - ... and you the said keeper to receive the said into your custody, and him there safely to keep until he is thence delivered pursuant to the provisions of the said Extradition Act, for which this shall be your warrant.
Page 261 - Every person who is accused or convicted of having counselled, procured, commanded, aided, or abetted the commission of any extradition crime, or of being accessory before or after the fact to any extradition crime, shall be deemed for the purposes of the principal Act and this Act to...
Page 238 - In the case of a fugitive criminal accused of an extradition crime, if the foreign warrant authorising the arrest of such criminal is duly authenticated, and such evidence is produced as (subject to the provisions of this Act) would, according to the law of England, justify the committal for trial of the prisoner if the crime of which he is accused had been committed in England, the police magistrate shall commit him to prison, but otherwise shall order him to be discharged.
Page 258 - To the keeper of and to Whereas late of accused [or convicted] of the commission of the crime of within the jurisdiction of , was delivered into the custody of you the keeper of by warrant dated pursuant to
Page 279 - That it shall be lawful for the Secretary of State, under his hand and seal of office, to order the person so committed to be delivered to such person or persons as shall be authorized, in the name and on behalf of such foreign government, to be tried for the crime of which such person shall be so accused, and such person shall be delivered up accordingly...
Page 283 - ... offenses, and for a reasonable time thereafter, and may employ such portion of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia thereof, as may be necessary for the safe-keeping and protection of the accused.

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