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Page 279 - Every husband, wife, child, parent, guardian, employer or other person, who shall be injured in person or property, or means of support, by any intoxicated .person, or in consequence of the intoxication, habitual or otherwise, of any person, shall have a right of action in his or her own name, severally or jointly, against any person or persons who shall, by selling or giving intoxicating liquors, have caused the intoxication, in whole or in part, of such person...
Page 314 - ... for the purpose of prosecuting and defending suits by or against them, and of enabling them gradually to settle and close their concerns, to dispose of and convey their property, and to divide their capital stock, but not for the purpose of continuing the business, for which such corporations have been or may be established.
Page 345 - If the decedent leaves neither issue, husband, wife, father, mother, brother, nor sister, the estate must go to the next of kin, in equal degree, excepting that, when there are two or more collateral kindred, in equal degree, but claiming through different ancestors, those who claim through the nearest ancestor must be preferred to those claiming through an ancestor more remote; 6.
Page 313 - ... with the secretary of state, and with the county clerk of the county in which such...
Page 415 - The general rule is that one who has contracted with a competent and fit person exercising an independent employment to do a piece of work, not in itself unlawful or attended with danger to others, according to the contractor's own methods, and without his being subject to control, except as to the results of his work, will not be answerable for the wrongs of such contractor, his subcontractor or his servants, committed in the prosecution of such work. An Independent contractor...
Page 419 - J. This is an action on the case to recover damages for injuries sustained by a passenger from falling into an excavation while In the act of debarking from a street-car.
Page 300 - ... for money had and received by the defendant for the use of the plaintiff...
Page 390 - In an action for wrongful attachment, on the ground that the defendant was about to dispose of his property with Intent to defraud his creditors, It was held that the mortification was a part of the actual damages.
Page 294 - Detroit to pass a by-law or ordinance to prohibit a person from circulating, distributing, or giving away circulars, handbills, or advertising cards of any description, in or upon any of the public streets and alleys of said city, and to punish by fine and imprisonment in the county jail or the Detroit house of correction for violation, and there is no such power implied in these provisions of the charter.
Page 285 - ... they may sustain either in person or property, or means of support, by reason of the person so obtaining a license selling or giving away intoxicating liquors.

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