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The task assigned to the Commissioners sor revising the acts and ordinances of Lower Canada being completed by the publication of this volume and its counterpart in the French language, it only remains for them to give some account of the work itself and of the circumstances under which it has been undertaken and performed.

The two following Reports, which were laid before the Legislative Assembly by message from His Excellency the Governor General, on the 7th December, 1843, and in preparing which the undersigned had the assistance of their late colleague Mr. Heney, so fully detail the proceedings of the Commissioners up to the 24th November, 1843, that the undersigned think it right to insert them here, and to refer to them for an account of the progress of the work up to that date.

first Report. To His Excellency the Right Honorable Sır CHARLES THEOPHILUS Met

CALFE, Baronet, G. C. B., &c. &c. &c. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY,

The Commissioners appointed on the 16th of March, 1842, in compliance with the address of the Honorable the Legislative Assembly, bearing date the 28th day of August, 1841, to revise and examine the several statutes and ordinances from time to time passed, enacted and ordained in that part of the Province of Canada formerly called Lower Canada, and now in force and effect, and to consolidate such of the said statutes and ordinances as relate to the same subject or can be advantageously consolidated, and thereupon to make such report as in their judgment should be most for the interest, welfare and good government of the said Province, HAVE THE HONOR TO REPORT:

That in pursuance of the duty assigned to them, and in obedience to the instructions by them received in relation to the same, they have examined all the statutes and ordinances of the late Province of Lower Canada ; and having ascertained which of them are now wholly or partially in force, and having revised the latter so as to ascertain what portion of each is in force and effect, they have classified the same so as to place the several laws relating to the same subjects in the same class, and those relating to the subordinate heads in such class under the heads to which they respectively relate.

The commissioners have prepared and submit with this report two tables, the publication of which, under the superintendence of the commissioners, they respectfully recommend, as tending greatly to promote the attainment of the objects mentioned in the commission,

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