A catalogue of the libraries of the following ... persons, deceased, viz. ... Thomas Gale ... Roger Gale [&c.]. Which will begin to be sold this day at T. Osborne's and J. Shipton's, and will continue selling to 1st Jan. 1758

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Page 387 - Guerre (La) séraphique ou histoire des périls qu'a courus la barbe des capucins par les violentes attaques des cordeliers; on ya joint une dissertation sur l'inscription du grand portail de l'église des cordeliers de Eeims.
Page 89 - The Answer of the Merchants-Petitioners, and Trustees for the Factory at Legorn, to the Account of Damages, laid to the Charge of the Great Duke of Toscany, by Sir Alexander Rigby, Mr.
Page 147 - A Christian turned Turk, or the Tragical Lives and Deaths of the, two famous Pirates, Ward and Dansiker (1612), which is taken from an account of these two pirates by Andrew Barker (1609).
Page 81 - A Collection of Voyages and Travels, consisting of Authentic Writers in our own Tongue, which have not before been collected in English, or have only been abridged in other Collections. And continued with others of Note, that have published Histories, Voyages, Travels, Journals or Discoveries in other Nations and Languages.
Page 71 - 99. London, 1899-1901. F°. Several reports presented to the House of Commons, by the commissioners for taking and stating the debts due and growing due to Scotland by way of equivalent.
Page 57 - Compleat history of the canon, and writers, of the books of the Old and New Testament. Done into English.
Page 343 - Wanted the title to this book, date about 1694, 12mo., dedication to Sir W. Ashurst, signed HM JO ["England's Glory; or, the Great Improvement of Trade in General, by a Royal Bank...
Page 199 - MEDAILLES sur les principaux Evénements du Règne de Louis le Grand, avec des Explications historiques, par l'Académie des Inscriptions, royal folio, original édition, u<ith thé suppressed l'refnce, every page surrounded u-ith c.
Page 162 - The History of the Convocation of the Prelates and Clergy of the Province of Canterbury, summoned to meet at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul Feb.
Page 347 - MEAISSHAOriA, or the Female Monarchy. Being An Enquiry into the Nature, Order, and Government of Bees, those Admirable Instructive and Useful Insects.

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