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shall be delivered to any person authorized
by writing under the hand of the Secretary

of State to receive it.
(8.) “Where the Secretary of State certifies as

aforesaid, after an application for a patent
has been left at the Patent Office, but
before the publication of the specification
or specifications, the application, specifica-
tion or specifications, with the drawings
(if any) shall be forthwith placed in a
packet sealed by authority of the Comp-
troller, and such packet shall be subject to
the foregoing provisions respecting a packet
sealed by authority of the Secretary of

(9.) No proceeding by petition or otherwise

shall lie for revocation of a patent granted
for an invention in relation to which
the Secretary of State has certified as afore-

(10.) “ No copy of any specification or other docu-

ment or drawing, by this section required
to be placed in a sealed packet, shall in
any manner whatever be published or
open to the inspection of the public, but
save as in this section otherwise directed.
the provisions of this part of this Act shall
apply in respect of any such invention and

patent as aforesaid.
(11.) “

* The Secretary of State may, at any time

writing under his hand, waive the
benefit of this section with respect to any
particular invention, and the specifications,
documents and drawings shall be thence-
forth kept and dealt with in the ordinary

(12.) “The communication of any invention for

any improvement in instruments or muni-
tions of war to the Secretary of State, or


Secretary of
State may waive
the benefit of the

Communication of the invention to the Secretary of State is no publication.

to any person or persons authorized by him to investigate the same, or the merits thereof, shall not, nor shall anything done for the purposes of the investigation, be deemed use or publication of such invention so as to prejudice the grant or validity of any patent for the same.

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S. 23 (1.) “ THERE shall be kept at the Patent

Office a book called the Register of
Patents, wherein shall be entered the

and addresses of grantees of patents, notifications of assignments and of transmissions of patents, of licences under patents, and of amendments, extensions, and revocations of patents, and such other matters affecting the validity or proprietorship of patents as may from

time to time be prescribed. (2.).“ The Register of Patents shall be primâ

facie evidence of any matters by this Act
directed or authorized to be inserted

(3.) “ Copies of deeds, licences, and


other documents affecting the proprietorship in any letters patent, or in any licence thereunder, must be supplied to the Comptroller in the prescribed manner for

filing in the Patent Office.”
S. 85. “ There shall not be entered in any Register

kept under this Act, or be receivable by
the Comptroller, any notice of any trust
expressed, implied, or constructive."
“ Where a person becomes entitled by
assignment, transmission, or other opera-
tion of law to a patent, the Comptroller
shall on request, and on proof of title to
his satisfaction, cause the name of such

Copies of deeds and licences affecting proprietorship to be sent to Comptroller.


S. 87.


spect of

person to be entered as proprietor of the patent in the Register of Patents. The person for the time being entered in the Register of Patents as proprietor of a patent, shall, subject to any rights appearing from such Register to be vested in any other person, have power absolutely to assign, grant licences as to, or otherwise deal with the same, and give effectual receipts for any consideration for such assignment, licence, or dealing. Provided that any equities in respect of such patent may be enforced in like manner as in re


other personal property. S. 88. “Every Register kept under this Act shall

at all convenient times be open to the inspection of the public, subject to such regulations as may be prescribed; and certified copies, sealed with the seal of the Patent Office, of any entry in any

such Register shall be given to any person requiring the

same on payment of the prescribed fee.' S. 100. “ Copies of all specifications, drawings,

and amendments left at the Patent Office after the commencement of this Act, printed for, and sealed with the seal of the Patent Office, shall be transmitted to the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, and to the Enrolments Office of the Chancery Division in Ireland, and to the Rolls Office in the Isle of Man, within twenty-one days after the same shall respectively have been accepted or allowed at the Patent Office; and certified copies of, or extracts from, any such documents

, shall be given to any person requiring the same on payment of the prescribed fee ; and any such copy or extract shall be admitted in evidence in all Courts in

Sealed copies to be received in evidence.

Rectification of
Registers by

Scotland and Ireland and in the Isle of
Mau, without further proof or production

of the originals."
S. 89. “ Printed or written copies or extracts,

purporting to be certified by the Comptroller, and sealed with the seal of the Patent Office, of or from patents, specifications, disclaimers, and other documents in the Patent Office, and of or from Registers and other books kept there, shall be admitted in evidence in all Courts in Her Majesty's dominions, and in all proceedings, without further proof or production of the

originals.” S. 90 (1.) “ The Court may, on the application of any

person aggrieved by the omission without sufficient cause of the name of any person from any Register kept under this Act, or by any entry made without sufficient cause in any such Register, make such order for making, expunging or varying the entry, as the Court thinks fit; or the Court may refuse the application; and in either case may make such order with respect to costs of the proceedings as the

Court thinks fit. (2.) “ The Court



any proceeding under this section decide any question that it may be necessary or expedient to decide for the rectification of a Register, and may direct an issue to be tried for the decision of any question of fact, and may award

damages to the party aggrieved.
(3.) “ Any order of the Court rectifying a

Register shall direct that due notice of the
rectification be given to the Comptroller.
“ The Comptroller may, on request in
writing accompanied by the prescribed

S. 91.

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