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To pay the widow of John W. Head, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

To pay the widow of Samuel M. Fite, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

To pay the widow of Garnett McMillan, late member elect from the ninth district of Georgia, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.


John W. Head.

Samuel M. Fite.

Garnett McMil


Estate of Henry

To pay to the Executor of the estate of Henry Wilson, late Vice Pres ident of the United States the sum of ten thousand two hundred and Wilson. twenty-two dollars, to be held and applied by said executor as if a part of the estate of said Wilson, given and bequeathed by his will. To defray the expenses of the Senate in the impeachment of William W. Belknap, fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be


To pay Fillmore Beall for fifteen days' service as clerk to the Senate Committee on Revolutionary Claims, from March tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, to twenty-fourth inclusive, at six dollars per day, ninety dollars.

For furniture and repairs of furniture for Senate United States fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-six, six hundred dollars.

Impeachment of William W. Belk


Fillmore Beall.

Furniture ano repairs, Senate. A. N. McKim

To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the amount due, and audited by the Treasury Department to A. N. McKimmon, for services mon. as a clerk to a court-martial, nine dollars.

Robert Christy


To enable the Clerk of the House to pay Robert Christy and Samuel Shellabarger counsel-fees in the habeas corpus case of Hallet Kilbourn, and Samuel Shelone thousand dollars each; the same to be disbursed under the direction of the Committee on Accounts, and to be added to the miscellaneous item of the contingent fund of the House.

To pay George W. Green contestee in contested election case of Van Wyck versus Green, fourteenth district of New York, Forty-first Congress, three thousand dollars

To enable the Clerk of the House to pay the following named persons the sums severally due them, namely:

To Adolph Erdman, for clerical services rendered the Committee on Expenditures in the War Department, from March sixth to March fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, forty five dollars.

George W. Green.

Adolph Erdman.

Clerk to Com


To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay the clerk of the Committee on Invalid Pensions at the rate of eighteen hundred mittee on Invalid dollars per annum from the date of his appointment till the close of the Forty-fourth Congress, such sum as shall be sufficient to pay said salary after deducting any amount said clerk shall have already received. To V. H. McCormack, special messenger and watchman to the Select Committee on the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company from January twelfth to April fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, inclusive, at three dollars and sixty cents per day, three hundred and two dollars and forty cents.

To E. C. Stevens, for services as folder, rendered during the month of February, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, one hundred dollars and eighty cents.

For amount due J. E. W. Thompson for services under the Doorkeeper during the month of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, one hundred and eleven dollars and sixty cents.

For wages of certain folders and laborers in the folding rooms under the Doorkeeper of the House, seventy-two dollars and thirty-nine cents, for services performed during the present session.

V. H. McCormack.

E. C. Stevens.

J. E. W. Thomp


Folders and laborers in folding


For folding documents including pay of folding and materials, for Folding docuthe year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy six, nine ments. thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars.

Extra clerical

To enable the Clerk of the House to pay for extra clerical services in services in Comthe Committee on War Claims, rendered necessary by the Reports of mittee on Warthe Commissioners of Claims, four hundred and fifty dollars. Also to Claims.

Henry Thomas.

S. I. Warren.

A. R. Searl.

J. B. Summers.

Credit to clerk of

House for payment to John E. Kelly.

Reporting testi


C. Bartlett, C. J.

enable the Clerk of the House to pay to Henry Thomas, for twentyeight days services as messenger to the Committee on War Claims at two dollars per day, fifty-six dollars.

To S. I. Warren, for clerical services as clerk to the Committee on Commerce, for eight days service during the present session, forty dollars. And sixty dollars to pay A. R. Searl for wages as riding page for the month of December, eighteen hundred and seventy-five.

To J. B. Summers, for clerical services rendered the Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Justice, ninety-two dollars.

That the accounting officers of the Treasury be, and they are hereby, directed to allow credit to the Clerk of the House of Representatives for the sum of one hundred and ninety-three dollars and forty-six cents, amount paid John E. Kelley by order of the House.

For the payment of the following named persons for reporting testimony before the several committees of the House of Representatives, at the A. Johns, E. Z first session of the Forty-fourth Congress, to-wit: A. Johns, E. Z. Bailey, Bailey, F. M. Adams, Eugene Davis, F. M. Adams, Eugene Davis, J. M. W. Yerrington, J. H. White, E. C. J. M. W. Yerring- Bartlett, C. J. Hayes, J. W. Tooley, J. W. Anderson, Charles H. Lander, ton, J. H. White, E. D. C. McEwin, F. J. Warburton, H. A. Kirkham, William F. Bonynge, Hayes, J. W. Too- and E. F. Underhill, twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may ley, J. W. Ander- be necessary, on accounts to be rendered by them respectively, certified son, Charles H. to by the official stenographers to the Committees of the House, and apLander, D. C. Mc- proved by the chairmen of the respective committees, and by the ChairEwin, F. J. Warburton, H. A. Kirkham, William F. Bonynge, E. F. Underhill.

Theo. F. David


Botanical Gar

man of the Committee on Accounts.

To authorize the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay Theo. F. Davidson for thirteen days service, during the present session, as clerk of the Committee on Patents, at four dollars per day, fifty-two dollars.


For painting, glazing and repairing the Conservatory, green-houses,. den, painting, etc. and forcing-houses, for extension and repairs of the heating apparatus, for sash and glazing, to complete the double-glazing on the north side of the Conservatory, for filling grounds and raising fence on south side of B street, for the erection of iron fences, and the erection of a porch for the centre building on Maryland avenue and the ceiling of a portion of the rotunda of the conservatory, thirty five hundred dollars.


Completing in- To enable the Librarian of Congress to employ enough clerical force dex of documents, to complete the alphabetical index now in progress to the documents, etc., in Library of debates, and laws of Congress, and for preparing a complete index to the Congress. manuscripts and historical and military letters and papers in the Library of Congress, three thousand four hundred dollars.

Printing, binding, and paper.

Distribution of


For the public printing, for the public binding, and for paper for the public printing, including the cost of printing the debates and proceedings of Congress in the Congressional Record, and for lithographing, mapping, and engraving for both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Claims, and for the necessary materials, one million, one hundred and thirty-three thousand seven hundred and thirty seven dollars, and fifty cents, and out of the sum hereby appropri ated, printing and binding may be done by the Congressional Printer to the amounts following namely:

For printing and binding for the State Department, fifteen thousand appropriation for dollars; For the Treasury Department, one hundred and eighty thoupublic printing, sand dollars; for the War Department, seventy-two thousand dollars; for the Navy Department thirty-nine thousand dollars; for the Interior


Only to be used

Department, one hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars; for the Agricultural Department, nine thousand dollars; for the Department of Justice, six thousand dollars; for the Post Office, one hundred and five thousand dollars; for the Congressional Library fifteen thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the United States, twenty thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, three thousand dollars; for the Court of Claims, ten thousand dollars; and for debates and proceedings of Congress, one hundred thousand dol lars; and of the sums hereby appropriated for the several Departments, Courts, and for the debates and proceedings in Congress, there shall only be used for the several purposes herein provided the sums specified, and the unexpended balances shall not be used for any other as specified. purposes: Provided, That from and after the passage of this act it shall be the duty of the Public Printer to employ no workmen not thoroughly skilled in their respective branches of industry, as shown by a trial of men only to be employed. their skill under his direction; and whenever it becomes necessary for the Public Printer to make purchases of materials not already due Purchases of ma terial, how made. under contracts he shall prepare a schedule of the articles required, showing the description, quantity, and quality of each article and shall invite proposals for furnishing the same either by advertisement or circular, as the Joint Committee on Public Printing may direct, and shall make contracts for the same with the lowest responsible bidder, making a return of the same to the Joint Committee on Public Printing, showing the number of bidders, the amounts of each bid and the awards of the contracts.

Skilled work

Report of purchases to be made.

tion of Public Printer. President to ap




That so much of all laws or parts of laws as provide for the election Repeal of laws or appointment of Public Printer be, and the same are hereby, repealed, providing for elec to take effect from and after the passage of this act; and the President of the United States shall appoint by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, a suitable person who must be a practical printer and versed in the art of book-binding, to take charge of and manage the Government Printing Office from and after the date aforesaid: he shall be called the "Public Printer," and shall be vested with all the powers and subject to all the restrictions pertaining to the officer now known as the Public Printer; he shall give bond in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars for the faithful performance of the duties of his office, said bond to be approved by the Secretary of the Interior. And the Joint Committee on Printing are hereby authorized and directed to enquire into the question of public printing and report at the next ses sion of this Congress with authority to sit during the recess and to lic printing. report such reforms as are necessary to secure faithful and economical work of Congress and the Departments.


Inquiry into pub



That all executive proclamations, & all treaties required by law to Proclamations, be published, shall be published in only one newspaper the same to be etc., to be pubprinted and published in the District of Columbia and to be designated lished in only one by the Secretary of State and in no case of advertisement for contracts Advertisements for the public service shall the same be published in any newspaper for contracts not published and printed in the District of Columbia unless the supplies to be published in Dist. Col., unless. or labor covered by such advertisement are to be furnished or performed in said District of Columbia.

For printing and binding the laws of the eighth session of the legis lative assembly of the Territory of Idaho, two thousand one hundred and twenty-eight dollars, the same to be drawn and expended, and accounted for by the secretary of said Territory.

Printing, etc., laws of Idaho.

William J. Mc

To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay William J. McDonald, Chief Clerk of the Senate, for preparing under a resolution of the Sen- Donald. ate of the twenty-eighth June eighteen hundred and seventy-six, a new edition of the manual, one thousand dollars.


For maintenance of the fire-department of the District of Columbia, Fire-department. twenty five thousand dollars.

Inspector of gas,



Revenues of Dis

for interest on 3.65 bonds.

For the salaries of the inspector and of the assistant inspector of gas and metres, one thousand five hundred dollars: Provided, That an equal sum shall be paid out of the treasury of the District of Columbia. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall reserve of any of the reve trict to be reserved nues of the District of Columbia not required for the actual current expenses of schools, the police, and the fire-department, a sum sufficient to meet the interest accruing on the three-sixty-five bonds of the District during the fiscal year beginning July first, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and apply the same to that purpose; and in case there shall not be a sufficient sum of said revenues in the Treasury of the United States, at such time as said interest may be due, then the Secretary of Deficiency to be the Treasury is authorized and directed, to advance from any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, a sum sufficient to pay said To be reim- interest and the same shall be reimbursed to the Treasury of the United States from time to time as said revenues may be paid into said Treas ury, until the full amount shall have been refunded.



Board of health, sanitary service.





To provide a full record of births, marriages and deaths in the District of Columbia, and for a general sanitary inspection, which shall include the prevention of the exposure for sale of unwholesome food and the daily inspection of streets, alleys, yards, and all places where nuisances may exist injurious to health, and for the removal thereof, and of all nuisances, including night soil, beyond the limits of the District of Columbia, and to prevent domestic animals from running at large, and for the protection of the public parks and grounds, sixteen thousand six hundred and seventy dollars: Provided, That an equal sum shall be paid out of the treasury of the District of Columbia, the combined sum to be expended as follows:

For salaries of five members of the board of health, five hundred dollars each; treasurer, secretary, attorney, register of vital statistics, who shall each be selected from the board, five hundred dollars each, in addition to salary as members of the board: Provided, That any two of the above-named officeis may be filled by the same person at the discretion of the board; medical sanitary inspector, on thousand five hundred dollars; health officer, two thousand dollars; four clerks, four thousand eight hundred dollars; five sanitary inspectors, six thousand dollars; one poundmaster, one thousand dollars; and one messenger, seven hundred and twenty dollars; and for rent, one thousand three hundred and twenty dollars; printing, advertising, stationery, and blanks, one thousand dollars; transportation of offal, seven thousand five hundred dollars; laborers and pound-men, six hundred dollars; disinfectants, five hundred dollars; postage, fuel, and lights, four hundred dollars; miscellaneous sanitary work and contingent expenses, one thousand five hundred dollars: And provided further That in case of the prevalence of an epidemic within the District of Columbia, the Commissioners of the District may expend through the board of health, such sum as they may think proper, not exceeding the sum of ten thousand dollars.


Expenses for FOR LIFE-SAVING AND LIFE-BOAT STATIONS:-For salaries of superlife-saving service. intendents of the life-saving stations at the following points, viz: On the coasts of Long Island and Rhode Island, one thousand five hundred dollars; and on the coast of New Jersey, one thousand five hundred dollars; assistant to the superintendent on the coasts of Long Island and Rhode Island, five hundred dollars; for superintendents on the coast of Massachusetts, on the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire, on the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina, on the coasts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, on the coasts of Lakes Erie and Ontario, on the coasts of Lakes Huron and Superior, and on the coast of Lake Michigan, and for superintendent for the houses of refuge on the coast of Florida, each one thousand dollars, eight thousand dollars; in all, eleven thousand five hundred dollars.

For one hundred and fifty-two keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each, thirty thousand four hundred dollars.

For five keepers of houses of refuge on the coast of Florida, two thousand four hundred dollars.

For pay of crews of experienced surf-men at such stations and for such periods as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem necessary and proper, one hundred and forty-five thousand dollars.

For compensation to volunteers at life-boat stations, eight thousand one hundred and sixty dollars.

For fuel for one hundred and fifty-seven stations and houses of refuge, repairs and outfits for the same; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations; travelling expenses of officers under orders from the Treasury Department; and contingent expenses, including freight, storage, repairs to apparatus, medals, stationery, advertising and miscellaneous expenses that cannot be included under any other head of life-saving stations, life boat stations and houses of refuge on the coasts of the United States, forty thousand dollars. And the person in immediate charge of the life-saving service, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall make a report Report of expendannually to the Secretary of the Treasury, showing the manner in which itures and operaall moneys appropriated for the maintenance of said service shall have tions of life-saving been expended, and setting forth specifically the operations of said service during the year; and said report shall be transmitted to Congress with the papers accompanying the Annual Finance Report.



For the pay of captains, lieutenants, engineers, and pilots, and for Expenses of reve rations for the same, and for pay of petty officers, seamen, cooks, stew- nue-cutter service. ards, boys, coal-passers, and firemen, and for rations for the same, and for fuel for vessels, repairs and outfits for same, ships-chandlery and engineers' stores for same, travelling expenses of officers travelling on duty under orders from the Treasury Department, commutation of quarters, and contingent expenses including wharfage, towage, dockage, freight, advertising, surveys, and miscellaneous expenses which cannot be included under special heads, seven hundred and forty-seven thousand six hundred and forty-seven dollars and nineteen cents, in addition to one hundred and twenty-seven thousand two hundred and forty-three dollars and ninety-one cents, being the unexpended balance of the appropriation for the same purpose for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and and seventy-four, which is hereby continued and rendered available for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy seven: Provided, That hereafter upon the occurring of a vacancy in the grade of third lieutenant in the Revenue Marine Šervice, the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint a cadet, not less than eighteen nor more than twenty five years of age, with rank next below appointed. that of third lieutenant, whose pay shall be three-fourths that of a third lieutenant, and who shall not be appointed to a higher grade until he shall have served a satisfactory probationary term of two years and passed the examination required by the regulations of said service; and upon the promotion of such cadet another may be appointed in his stead; but the whole number of third lieutenants and cadets shall at no time exceed the number of third lieutenants now authorized by law.


Cadets may be

For defraying the expenses of the Supreme Court and circuit and dis- Expenses of trict courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia; courts. aud also for jurors and witnesses and expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, of prosecutions for offenses committed against the United States; for the safe-keeping of prisoners, and for defraying the expenses which may be incurred in the enforcement of the

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