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From Redwood Falls to Lamberton on the Winona and St. Peter Rail Road, via New Avon and William Lake.

From Albany Station to Leedston.

From Smith Lake, via Alesoni's Crossing, to Normand post office Wright County.

From Moorhead, via Georgetown, Wild Rice River, Shelby and Sand Hill River, to Fisher Landing.

From Moorhead, via Georgetown, Hamer, Shelby, Nashville, and Two Rivers, to Saint Vincent.

From Freeborn in Freeborn County, via the village of Alden and the town of Mansfield, to Lake Mills in Winnebago County, in the State of Iowa.

From Dover Centre, Olmstead County, to Chatfield, Fillmore County. From Hastings in Dakota County, via Bellwood and Douglass, to Cannon Falls in Goodhue County.

From Preston to Greenleafton

From Alma City, via Little Cobb, to Minnesota Lake.

From New Richland to Melville.

From Chaska in Carver County to Excelsior in Hennepin County. From Brown's Valley post office to North Island Settlement on Lake Traverse.

From Brown's Valley post office to Ortonville on Big Stone Lake


From Augusta, Perry County, via Palmer's Mills and Munroe Sow-
ell's Green County, to the State Line Station in Green County.
From Friar's Point, Coahoma County to Crevi, Tallahatchie County.
From Mayerville, via McKinneysville to Holland's.
From Egg's Point to Arcola.

[blocks in formation]

From Chilicothe via Gordonsville to Scottsville.

From Cherryville to Coteway via Boyer's Store.

From Piedmont via Carters Mills and Logans Creek to Van Buren.
From Marquand via Iveys and Colliers to Greenville.

From Knob Lick via Libertyville and Coffman to Saint Mary's.
From Frederickstown to Twelve Mile.

From New London to Mexico.

To make road from Troy Missouri, via Brussells to New Hope Missouri, a post road.

From Trenton, Grundy County, via Grinnell to Myersville in said County.

From Trenton, Grundy County, via Batesville in said county, to the town of Madena in Mercer County.

From Ava, Douglas County, to West Plains, via Vera Cruz, Cold Springs and Richville.

From Lebanon to Gainesville, via Hartville and Ava.

From Locust Mound to Saint Elizabeth, Miller County.

From Milan, Sullivan County, to Trenton, Grundy County, via Medicine Post Office and Bowmansville in Sullivan County, and John, F. M. Brassfields in Grundy County.

From St Louis via Normandy to city of St Ferdinand. (alias Florrissant.)

From Brashears via Adair to Witmathville.

From Fayette via Sebree to Harrisburgh.

From La Mine Post Office, Cooper County, to Ridge Prairie, Saline County.

From Dicks Creek Post Office, in Dallas County to Black Point in
Hickory County.

From California to Jamestown Moniteau County.
From Pisgah to Prairie Home in Cooper County.

From Doniphan in Ripley County to McKinney's Mills. From Jackson in Cape Girardeau County, via Pocahontas, Shawneetown, New Wells, and Altenburgh, to Witlenburgh in Perry County. From Frederickstown in Madison County, via Trace Creek to Brunot, in Wayne County.

From the city of Saint Louis, via Price, to Orrville in Saint Louis County.


From Bozeman via the Crow Agency to Big Horn City.

From Bozeman via Springhill, Cowans, and East Gallatin to Central Park.

From Fort Shaw to South Fork of Sun River.

From Gaffneys via Rochester, Divide Creek and Vipond to Trapper.
From Frenchtown to nine mile mines.

An extension from Unionville to Nelson Gulch.

From Albion to Coon Prairie.

From Cameron to Zurich.

From Juniata to Roseland.

From Wheatland to Red Cloud.


From Ord via Benton to Arcadia.

From Wood River via Northfield to Berg.
From Admah via Alder Grove to Clark.
From Ord to Longwood.

From Edgar via Dilworth to Sutton.

From Pleasant Hill to Girard.

From Afton to Stockville.

From North Platte to Red Willow.

From Wahoo via Davir City to Osceola.

From Galena to Sumner.

From Kearney via Huntsville and Armada to Jewell.

From Albion via Coon Prairie to Oakdale.

From Tokama via Arizona to Little Sioux, Iowa.

From Schwedt to Stanton.

From Salem in Nebraska to Sabetha, Kansas.

From Pleasant Hill, Saline County, to Fairbury, Jefferson County, via Gerard.

From Glen Rock to Humboldt.

From Red Willow to North Platte, via Carrico and La Munyou.

From Unadilla on the Nebraska Railway, via Elmwood, to South Bend on the Burlington and Missouri River Railway.

From Dorchester in Saline County, via West Mills and Milford, to Seward in Seward County.

From Friendville to Tabor.

From Columbus, Nebraska, via Monroe, Keatsatoose, Genoa, Woodville, Waterville, Boone, Albion, Oxford, Reaville, O'Neile City, to Custer City, Dakota.

From the town of Blue Springs in the county of Gage in the State of Nebraska, via Sicily Creek and Horse Shoe Creek, to the town of Hanover in the county of Washington in the State of Kansas.

From the city of Beatrice to a point to be hereafter selected by the Postmaster-General within the limits of the northeast quarter of section six in township six North, range six east, in Gage County.

From Frenchtown, Antelope County, Nebraska, via O'Neil City along the northern bank of the Niobrara River to Custer City, Dakota Territory.

From Sidney, Cheyenne County, to the Indian agencies Red Cloud and Spotted Tail, and military posts adjacent to those agencies, Robinson and Sheridan.

From Kearney Junction, Buffalo County, northwest by the shortest practicable line, to Custer City.




New Jersey;


For extension of mail route 45.116. from Galena through Copper Canon to Jersey mining district.

From Belmont via Tybo to Reveille, Nye County.

From Winnemucca via Paradise Valley in Humboldt County, and Bull Run to Cornucopia, Elks County.

From Winnemucca via Bushies Ranche, Pleasant Valley to Jersey City in Humboldt County.


From Stockton via Sergeantsville and Sand Brook to Flemington.
From Locktown to Croton.

[blocks in formation]

North Carolina;

From Canandaigua to Palmyra.

From Lander via Kiantone to Jamestown.

From Broadalbin to Mayfield.

From North Broadalbin via Northampton to Cranberry Creek.

From Batchelorville via Edinburgh to Northville.

From North Stockholm to Brookdale, Post Office.

From Jefferson via North Harpersfield and North Kortright to Davenport.

From Delhi via West Meredith, Croton and North Franklin to Oneonta.

From Canisteo, via Stephens Creek and Samuel Dennis's to Jasper, Steuben County.

From Otisco to Otisco Valley, Onondaga County.

From Skaneateles to Mandana, Onondaga County,
From Navarino to Cedar Vale, Onondaga County.
From Camillus to Howlet Hill, Onondaga County.
From Syracuse to De Witt, Onondaga County.

From Clay to Baldwinsville, Onondaga County.

From East Scott, via Scott, to Glen Haven, Cortland County.
From Marathon to Freetown Corners, Cortland County.

From Marathon to Texas Valley in Cortland County.

From Harford Mills to Creswell in Cortland County.


From Little Yadkin to Jefferson.

From Vandemore to Goose Creek.

From Oldtown, Virginia to Gap Civil North Carolina.

From Sandy Mush to Crab Tree.

From Bakersville to Spruce Pine.

From Soda Hill to Blowing Rock.

From Micaville via Wm. Hutchins and Jno D Patteus to the three forks of South Tow River, Yancey County North Carolina.

From Grantsboro in Pamlico County, to Aurora in Beaufort County.
From St Lawrence, Chatham County, to Lovis Creek.

From Smithfield, Johnston County, via Bentonville, Dr M. W. Harpers, Peacocks X Roads and Elam Goodwins to Nazro Cruchs in said county.

From Apple Grove, North Carolina to De Busks Mills, Virginia.
From Webster to Charleston via Barkers and Junlaska.

From Clarks Mills to Browers Mills.

From Manteo to Stumpey Point in Dare County, via Croatan

From Rock Cut to Taylorsville, via Smith's store.
From Little Yadkin to Jefferson, via Dobson.

From Blowing Rock to Soda Hill, via Boone.

From Weldon to Aurelian Springs.

From Morgantown, Burke County, via Hawkins Gap Upper Fork and Lower Fork, to Shelby, Cleveland County.

From Troy, Montgomery County, to Ashborough, Randolph County.


From Shreve via Paint Valley to Millersburg.

From Bellefontaine via Lewistown, Bloom Center, Jackson Center and Montra to Anna Station.

From Bellefontaine to Westmansfield.

From Senecaville to Dysons.

For extension of Post Route 21317. from Royalton to Cedar Hill.

From Chester via Adams Mills, Olive Center to Reedsville.

From Mt Blanco via H. R. Lytles to Wilkesville.

From Brunswick to Hinckley, Medina County.

From Locust Ridge to Sunneyville, Brown County.

From Sunbury to Kingston Centre, Delaware County.

From Gann to Greenville, Ohio.

From Ashley to West Liberty, Monroe County.

From New Bremen to Dinsmore.

From Minster to Anna.

From Loramie to Sidney.

From Wyant to Houston.

From Ottawa via Keifersville to Defiance.

From Springfield via Lawrenceville, North Hampton and Dialton to St Paris.

From Concord to Sago, both in Muskingum County.

From Hiett, via Headquarters, to Decatur in Brown County.

Extending the route between Chillicothe, Ross County, and Piketon, Pike County, to Jasper.

From Chardon to Chester X Roads.




From Fairview via Cunningham Creek to Coquille City, Coos County. From Sparta in Union County, Oregon, via Heath mining district, Brown Lee Ferry, Pine Valley, and Eagle Creek, to Salubria in Idaho Territory.

From Wallowa, Oregon, via Upper Wallowa, Im-na-ha, and Lake Waha Settlement, to Lewiston Idaho Territory.

From Grant's Pass in Jackson County down Rogue River, via Galice Creek, to Slate Creek.

From McMinnville, Yam Hill County, via Happy Valley, Gopher Valley, and Willamina to Grand Ronde, Polk County.


From Warren via Jacksons Run and Lander to Kiatone in New York, via Jacksons Run and Lander

From Hillard Mills to Petrolia, via North Hope.

From West Chester to Lenope on Wilmington and Reading Railroad. From Parnassus on the Alleghany Company Railroad to Hamilton Mills in Westmoreland County.

To change mail route No 8614 in Westmoreland County, by establishing a post route from Paulton on the Western Pennsylvania Railroad via North Washington and Oakland X Roads to Delmart also from Leechburg on the West Pennsylvania Railroad via Shearersburg to Markle.


South Carolina;

To change post route 2991 in Westmoreland County, leading from Harrison City to Manor Dale to be extended to include the village Bo quetta.

From Hanover, York County, via McSherrystown, Mount Rock, Bonneauville to Gettysburg.

For extension of mail route 8279 to Broadheadsville, via Mechanicsville.


From Franklin North Carolina to Walhalla South Carolina.

From Edgefield C. H. to Abbeville C. H.

From Greenville C. H. to Williamston.

From Hope Station G and C. Railroad to Goshen Hill.

From Marion, C. H. to Cowayboro, via Ariel, Galavants Ferry and Cool Spring, being a continuation of route 14109.

From Woodruffs, Spartanburg County, via Barley Wood, Mountain Shoals, Tylersville, Huntington, to Clinton in Lawrence County.

[blocks in formation]


From Laurenceburg to Mockason.

From Morristown to Turleys Mills, Grainger County.
From Columbia to Corletts X Roads.

From Jordans Store to Farmington, Marshall County.

From Bells Depot via Alamo, Cairo, Crocketts Mills and Friendship to Chesnut Bluff. From Chesnut Bluff via Floydville, Johnsons Grove and Alamo back to Bells Depot.

From Brodies Landing via Howesville, Bosticks Hill to Poplar Springs, Post Office.

From Chattanooga, along the line of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad to Rockwood.

From Clifton to Scotts Hill in Tennessec.

From Eatons X Roads, via Letsinger, Ball Camp to Beaver Ridge.
From New Market to Blains X Roads.

From Blanch, Lincoln County, Tennessee, via Elkmont Springs to
Elkmont Station Alabama.

From Gainsboro via Mayfield to Cookeville.

From Farmers Valley in Perry County to Flat Woods in Wayne County.

From Powell's Station in Knox County to Robertsville in Anderson County.

For a change in Post route 19120, viz: Leave the present route a little over eleven miles below Greenville at the mouth of James Whittenburgs lane, thence said lane to Whittenburgs school house, there intersecting the old Greenville River Road, thence said old Road by way of Browns and Quisenberrys Mill, thence the river road to Warrensburg the present terminous of said route.

From Woodstock to Bettyville, Shelby County.

From Canton to Athens


From Fort Sill, Indian Territory, via Hills Ferry on Red River, thence to Cambridge, Secret Springs and Buffalo Springs in Clay County Texas and thence to Jacksboro and Fort Richardson in Jack County, Texas, following the Military road and the U. S. Military Telegraph line from Fort Sill to Fort Richardson.

From Decatur in Wise County via Eden Springs, Ten Mile Prairie, Buffalo Springs to Archer in Archer County.

From Denton, Denton County, via Victoria Peak, Cambridge and Henrietta to Wichita Falls.

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