Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the Investment Bankers' Association of America

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Page 133 - ... the commission shall with due regard among other things to a reasonable average return upon the value of the property actually used in the public service and to the necessity of making reservation out of income for surplus and contingencies...
Page 123 - That the federal control of railroads and transportation systems herein and heretofore provided for shall continue for and during the period of the war and for a reasonable time thereafter, which shall not exceed one year and nine months next following the date of the proclamation by the President of the exchange of ratifications of the treaty of peace...
Page 122 - We there said that a just and reasonable rate is rather a question of business judgment than one of legal formula, and must often be tentative; since the exact result cannot be foretold, and that the real test of the justice and reasonableness of an individual rate is that it should be as low as possible and yet sufficient to induce the investment of capital in the business, and its continuance therein.
Page 136 - No corporation constructing and operating a railroad under the provisions of this article, or of chapter two hundred and fifty-two of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-four, shall charge any passenger more than five cents for one continuous ride from any point on its road, or on any road, line or branch operated by it, or under its control, to any other point thereof, or any connecting branch thereof, within the limits of any incorporated city or village.
Page 106 - Among the most significant of the changes which have occurred is the change of our financial position from that of a debtor nation to that of a creditor nation.
Page 133 - A public service corporation must have a revenue sufficient, not only to operate and maintain the property, but also to give a reasonable return to those whose invested money remains in the enterprise. This is necessary in order that investors may feel that they can put their money into public service projects and keep their investments therein with fair assurance of its earning power under proper management.
Page 23 - The next on the program is the report of the Committee on Cement-Concrete Pavements, ER Conant, Chairman.
Page 122 - The increased cost of operation for the present year over even the abnormal costs for last year makes the financial outlook for this company anything but cheerful. In this extremity the Commission is inclined to give the company great latitude in the establishment of rates, in the hope that it may hit upon some schedule which will bring about the necessary relief to prevent the loss altogether of this service to the public.
Page 245 - In order to promote the general welfare and usefulness of banks and banking institutions, and to secure uniformity of action, together with the practical benefits to be derived from personal acquaintance and from the discussion of subjects of importance to the banking...
Page 119 - It is essential that these utilities should be maintained at their maximum efficiency and that everything reasonably possible should be done with that end in view.

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