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Lately published, handsomely printed in royal octavo, price in boards 31s. 6d, volume XXV of


LAND from the Earliest Periód to the Year 1803, from which last-mentioned epoch it is continued downwards to the current time in the Work entitled, "The PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES," published under the Superintendence of T. C. HANSARD.

This Work contains the most accurate account of all Proceedings and Debates in both Houses of Parliament; Addresses; King's Speeches and Messages; important Parliamentary Papers, Petitions, and Reports; Protests; Lists of Persons filling the several high Offices in Church and State; Indexes, &c. &c. and will form, with the PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES, publishing under the same Superintendence, a complete and uniform Parliamentary History of this Country.

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In the Edinburgh Review, No. 49, June 1815, page 208, note, mention is made of this Work in the following words: "The' (New) Parliamentary History.'-We cannot quote this careful and judicious collection without bearing testimony to its singular merits. It deserves, as well as the New Edition of the State Trials, to be numbered among the most useful and best conducted Works of late years. Both are indispensable parts of all collections of English History. To mention two such important Works in a Note on the review of so worthless a publication as that before us, may seem to be a treatment very unsuitable to their importance. The truth is, that it has long been intended to notice them more becomingly; that such an intention is far from being now relinquished; but that experience of the accidents which are apt to delay the execution of literary projects induces us to take the earliest opportunity of apprizing all our readers of their great value."

The present Volume brings the History down to May 1786. The 26th Volume is in the Press.-Communications from Family Papers, or from Persons now living who took a part in the Debates of the period to which the Work is now arriving, will be thankfully received.

Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown; J. M. Richardson; Black, Parry, & Co.; J. Hatchard; J. Ridgway; E. Jeffery; J. Booker; J. Rodwell; Baldwin, Cradock, & Joy; R. H. Evans; Budd & Calkin; J. Booth; and T. C. Hansard,

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