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Page 467 - The legislature cannot delegate its power to make a law ; but it can make a law to delegate a power to determine some fact or state of things upon which the law makes, or intends to make, its own action depend.
Page 598 - York, may issue stocks, bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness payable at periods of more than twelve months after the date thereof, when necessary for the acquisition of property, the construction, completion, extension or improvement of its facilities, or for the improvement or maintenance of its service or for the discharge or lawful refunding of its obligations...
Page 358 - Every husband, wife, child, parent, guardian, employer or other person, who shall be injured in person or property, or means of support, by any intoxicated .person, or in consequence of the intoxication, habitual or otherwise, of any person, shall have a right of action in his or her own name, severally or jointly, against any person or persons who shall, by selling or giving intoxicating liquors, have caused the intoxication, in whole or in part, of such person...
Page 320 - ... a man who orders a work to be executed, from which, in the natural course of things, injurious consequences to his neighbor must be expected to arise, unless means are adopted by which such consequences may be prevented, is bound to see to the doing of that which is necessary to prevent the mischief, and cannot relieve himself of his responsibility by employing...
Page 562 - ... if the interest of the assured be or become other than the entire, unconditional, unencumbered and sole ownership of the property.
Page 35 - A husband cannot be examined for or against his wife without her consent ; nor a wife for or against her husband, without his consent ; nor can either, during the marriage or afterward, be, without the consent of the other, examined as to any communication made by one to the other during the marriage...
Page 598 - Improvement or maintenance of its service or for the discharge or lawful refunding of its obligations, provided and not otherwise that there shall have been secured from the proper commission an order authorizing such issue, and the amount thereof and stating that, in the opinion of the commission, the use of the capital to be secured by the issue of such stock, bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness is reasonably required for the said purposes of the corporation.
Page 427 - Upon approaching a person walking in the roadway of a public highway, or a horse or horses, or other draft animals, being ridden, led, or driven thereon, a person operating a motor vehicle shall .give reasonable warning of its approach, and use every reasonable precaution to insure the safety of such person or animal, and in the case of horses or other draft animals, to prevent frightening the same.
Page 342 - The question, therefore, is whether there was any evidence of negligence on the part of the defendants ; and by that we all understand such an amount of evidence as to fairly and reasonably support the finding of the jury. The lord chief justice, in...
Page 262 - Its employees, or, in the case of his death, to his personal representative for the benefit of his widow and children. If. any, if, none, then for his parents, if none, then for his next of kin dependent upon him. for all damages which may result from the negligence of any of Its officers, agents, or employees, or by reason of any defect or insufficiency due to Its negligence in its cars, engines, appliances, machinery, track, roadbed, ways, or works.

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