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Convention of committees from the Maffachusetts towns invited by the inhabitants of Boston to meet at Faneuil Hall, vol. i. p. 243. They meet, but break up in feven days, p. 244.

the, between generals Gates and Burgoyne, vol. ii. p. 574 The convention troops at Cambridge, vol. iii. p. 44. Gates's letter relative to their not having violated the convention, p. 46. They are not admitted to embark for Europe, P. 49-are sent off to Virginia, P. 224.

Convulfions in London and Westminster, fubfequent to the meafures recommended by lord George Gordon to the Proteftant affociation, vol. iii. p. 417. Conway, general, denies the right of parliament to tax the colonies, vol. i. p. 162—moves for the repeal of the ftamp-act, p. 202-condemns the American war in the most decifive terms, vol. ii. p. 225-his motion against continuing the American war carried, vol. iv. p. 230. Coote, Sir Eyre, dies, vol. iv. p. 347. Cornwallis, lord, pursues general Washington through the ferfeys, vol. ii. p. 354haitens to Trenton for the defence of the Jerfeys, p. 399-back to Brunf rwick, having been out-generalled by Washington, p. 403 furprifes general Lincoln, p. 455. His lordship is left in command at Charieftown, vcl. iii. p. 385-marches against general Gates and defeats him, P. 436-his orders relative to the treatment of South Carolina, P. 451-fends out of the ftate a number of the prisoners on parole in Charlefiorn, p. 452

his letter to general Smallwood, p. 467-his letter to ge

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neral Greene, vol. iv. p. 28is joined by general Leflie, p. 32-fends Tarleton to drive general Morgan from his ftation, P. 33-purfues Morgan after Tarleton's defeat, p. 37-croffes the Catarba, and chafes Greene, who has taken upon him the command, p. 39-croffes the Yadkin, renews and continues the chafe to the banks of the Dan, p. 41-erects the royal ftandard at Hillfoorough, p. 47 -retires from Hillsborough, p.49 -attempts to furprise the American light infantry, p. 50attacks and defeats Greene near Guilford court-house, p. 54: His lordship retreats toward Crofs Creek and is pursued by Greene, p. 57-marches to Wilmington, and from thence to Virginia, p. 110-forms a junction with the British troops under Arnold, and expects to crufh the marquis de la Fayette, but is deceived, p. 111-fends colonels Tarleton and Simcoe to fcour the interior country, p. 114--hattens to Williamsburgh, p. 116-evacuates the city, p. 117-croffes James river and retires to Portsmouth, p. 118. His lordship takes poft at York Town, p. 185-is besieged, p. 191-determines upon attempting an escape, p. 194furrenders to the allied troops under gen. Washington, p. 196, Crawford, colonel, and his party, defeated by the Indians, and cruelly treated, vol. iv. p. 312. Crea, Mifs M, murdered by the Indians, vol. ii. p. 543-the murder not to be charged on general Burgoyne, P. 544. Crown Point furprised, vol. ii. p. 14. Cruelties practifed on the American prifoners, and the effects they produced, vol. ii, p. 427.


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Cruz, corporal, arrives from Great
Britain with difpatches from
Mr. Arthur Lee, vol. ii. P.

Culpeper tried on the act of Henry
VIII. vol. i. p. 76.

Danbury, the expedition to, under general Tryon, vol. ii. p. 462. Darkness, an unusual one in the Mallachusetts and elfewhere, vol. iii. p. 367. Deane, Mr. Silas, recalled from France by congrefs, vol. iii. p. 38-addreffes the Americans, p. 217-is addreffed by Common Senfe, p. 218. Debates in parliament on lord North's motion for a joint addrefs of both houfes to the king, in February 1775, vol. i. P. 455-on the addrefs of the two houfes in answer to the king's fpeech in 1775, vol. ii. p. 225-on the addrefs of the commons in anfwer to the fpeech in 1776, p. 437-on the preliminary articles of peace, vol. iv. p. 348.

Delaware colony fettled, vol. i. p. 84. The ftate of Delaware fettles its independent conftitution, vol. ii. p. 368. Demarara and Iffequibo fubmit to the British, vol. iv. p. 78-are taken by the French, p. 242. Dickinson, Mr. John, his letters from a Pennsylvania farmer, vol. i. p. 221. Disturbances between the French and Americans at Charlestown, South Carolina, and at Boston, vol. iii. p. 197. Dominica taken by the marquis de Bouille, vol. iii. p. 237. Donop, count, defeated at Red Bank, vol. iii. p. 2. Dorchefter-heights, preparations for taking poffeflion of them, vol. ii. p. 190. The Americans proceed to that fervice, p.-192.

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Dougall, capt. M of New York, committed to jail for writing papers deemed libels, and refufing to give bail, vol. i. p. 301-difcharged after a long imprisonment, and being the firft fufferer for American liberty, p. 303. Duché, the reverend Mr. chofen chaplain to congrefs, vol. ii. P. 14-declines his chaplainfhip, p. 376-his attempt upon general Washington's patriotifm, p. 581.

Dunmore, lord, quits Williamfburgh and goes on board the Fowey man of war, vol. ii. p. 87arms a number of veffels, and is oppofed by the Virginians, P. 110. He declares martial law, and is joined by blacks and whites, p. 111-his troops defeated at Norfolk, p. 112— the fcheme for raifing him a confiderable force difcovered, P. 114-quits Virginia and arrives off Staten Island, p. 298. Dutch, the, are prefented with a British memorial, vol. ii. p. 449. Dutch veffels taken by the British cruifers, vol. iii. p. 249. A memorial prefented to them, urging the delivering up of the Serapis, p. 300. The Dutch fhips under count Byland topped by captain Fielding, p.402. The British king's order in council refpecting the Dutch, p. 404. They decline furnithing the fuccours claimed by Britain, p. 405-are prefented with a memorial relative to the eventual treaty between America & Holland, vol. iv. p. 5. General reprisals granted by the British council against their fhips and goods, p. 6. The action between the Dutch and British Heets on Dogger Bank, p. 152. Dutch fettlements in the Eaft Indies taken, p. 241.

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Esopus burnt, vol. ii. p. 579. Eaft India, British, intelligence, vol. iv. p. 79, 215, 265, 282, 344

Effingham, the earl of, refigns his regiment, declining to ferve with it against the Americans, vol. i. p. 497. Emperor the, of Germany, favors the rights of confcience, vol. iv. p. 242.

Empress the, of Germany, her death, vol. iv. p. 13. Equestrian ftatue to be erected for general Washington, vol. iv. P. 374.

Eftaing, count de, arrives with the French fleet on the American coast, vol. iii. p. 154-proceeds to Newport, p. 157chafes the British fleet under lord Howe, p. 159-fails for Bofton, p. 163-he and his officers are entertained by the Maffachusetts affembly, p. 198 -publishes a declaration to be fpread among the Canadians, p. 199-fails for the Weft Indies, p. 200-attempts relieving St. Lucie, p. 245-takes St. Vincent, p. 286-Grenada, p. 293-engages admiral Byron, p. 295fails for Georgia and attacks Savannah, p. 325-is repulfed,

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Fairfield burnt by the British, vol. iii. P. 266. Falmouth destroyed by the British, vol. ii. p. 137;

Farce of the Blockade of Bofton interrupted by the burning of fome houfes by the Americans, vol. ii. p. 180. Fayette, the marquis de la, is appointed major general by congrefs, vol. ii. p. 499-fome account of him, p. 500-is wounded, p. 512-croffes the Schuylkill with a body of men, and narrowly escapes with them back to Valley Forge, vol. iii. p. 90-fails for France, p. 211. He returns from France with an account that he was foc to be followed by a French fleet and corps of troops, p. 364— is detached to Virginia with a body of light infantry, vol. iv. p. 60-makes a forced march of 200 miles, and arrives at Richmond juft in time to fecure it against the British, p. 109fends a fpy into the British camp, who deceives lord Cornwallis, p. 111. The marquis forms a junction with general Wayne, p. 115-unexpectedly by his lordship fixes himself between the British army and the American ftores, p. 116—is joined by the allied troops from the northward, p. 187-has permiffion to go to France, p. 207 -announces by letter to congrefs a general peace, p. 359. Ferguson, major, his movements, and defeat at King's Mountain, vol. iii. p. 462. Finances of America, the obfervations of congrefs on them, vol. iii. p. 180-reports concerning the office of finance, vol. iv. p. 371.


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Flag of the United States, vol. ii.

p. 496. Fleets, the hoftile, engage on Lake Champlain, vol. ii. p. 383under admiral Keppel and D'Orvilliers, vol. iii. p. 123 -Byron and d'Estaing, p. 295 -Rodney and Langara, p. 407 -Rodney and de Guichen, p. 411-Hood and de Graffe, vol. iv. p. 132-Johnstone and Suffrein, p. 149-Hyde Parker and Zoutman, p. 153-Graves and de Graffe, p. 182-Hughes and Suffrein, p. 266-Rodney and de Graffe, p. 271, 273Howe and the combined French and Spanish commanders, p. 331-Hughes and Suffrein, p. 344, 345, 348.


the combined, of France and Spain, appear before Plymouth, vol. iii. p. 291-take near fixty British East and West India fhips, vol. iv. p. 3-unexpectedly appear in the chops of the channel, p. 158.

the French and Spanish, join in the West Indies, but make no attempt against Jamaica, vol. iv. p. z. Fort Washington taken, vol. ii. p. 348. Fort Lee taken, p. 352. Fort Stanwix, alias Schuyler, invefted, p. 529-the fiege of it raised, p. 534. Forts Montgomery and Clinton taken, P. 555: Franklin, Doctor, his remarks on the ministerial plan for the union of the colonies, vol. i. p. 126. He fends over to the Maffachusetts a number of original letters, p. 328-they occafion a duel between Mr. Whately and Mr. John Temple,

P. 349.

Frazer, general, attacks and defeats colonel Warner at Hubbardton, vol. ii. p. 483-is

mortally wounded, p. 560-his burial, p. 565. France, her conduct, vol. iii. p. 92, 94, 96. She delivers to the American commiffioners the preliminaries of a treaty between France and America, p. 98figns the treaties, p. 103 -her ambaffador informs the British miniftry of the fame, p. 107. She gives a public audience to the American commiffioners, p. 110-her fqua dron fails from Breft, p. 112. French fleet and troops, rive at Rhode Island, vol. iii, P. 379. king, fuppreffes the inhuman cuftom of putting the question by torture, vol. iv, P. 14.


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troops under count de Rochambeau, their good beha viour, vol. iv. p. 128. They march from the fouthward to Bofton, p. 313-embark on board the marquis de Vaudreuil's fleet, and fail for the Weft Indies, p. 314.

G. Gage, general, is ordered to fend

troops to Bofton, vol. i. p. 238 -lands at Bofton, p. 360-is addreffed by the inhabitants of Salem, p. 374-iffues out a proclamation against the folemn league and covenant of the Bofton committee, p. 378-fortifies the entrance at Bofton Neck, P. 387-feizes the powder at Charlestown, p. 388-anfwers the letter of congrefs, p. 396 -fends troops to Salem, p. 470 -prepares for fending others to Concord, p. 476--they are fent forward, and a firing commences at Lexington, P. 477. He enters into an agreement with the committee of the town of Bof 40%, p. 487-is waited upon by

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à committee from Connecticut, vol. ii. p. 18-his agreement with the inhabitants of Bofton not obferved, p. 25. He offers pardon except to Samuel Adams and John Hancock, p. 28--detains the inhabitants of Bofton, p. 53. Letters between him and general Washington, p. 125. He fails for Great Britain, p. 136. Galvez, Don, the Spanish governor of Louisiana, recognizes the independence of the American ftates, and marches against the British fettlements on the Miffilippi, vol. iii, p. 314-takes Mobille, p. 409-takes Penfacola, vol. iv. p. 129. Gafpee, the fchooner, attacked and burnt near Providence, vol. i. P. 311.

Gates, general, is appointed to command the army in the northern department, vol. ii. p. 276-fuperfeded by the appointment of Schuyler, p. 475 —chofen afresh, and to relieve Schuyler, p. 502-his letters to general Burgoyne, p. 543-engages Burgoyne, P. 548, 559reduces him to the neceffity of agreeing to a convention, P. 572. His delicacy with respect to the royal army, when they depofited their arms, P. 574. He writes to congrefs relative to Burgoyne's troops not having broken the convention, vol. iii. p. 46-his letter to the, carl of Thanet, p. 106-his letter to a South Carolina delegate, refpecting the intended operations, of the British, p. 389. He is appointed to command the fouthern army, p. 391advances toward Camden, p. 430-his general orders at Clermont, p. 434-marches and unexpectedly meets the British army under lord Cornwallis, F.


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437-engages the British, and is defeated, p. 439-proceeds to Hillsborough, p. 445-his broken troops retreat to Salifbury, p. 448-his exertions in favor of the relics of his unfortunate army, p. 458-thefe are reinforced, p. 460. He receives private information of congrefs's having appointed an officer to fuperfede him, p. 469 —removes his head quarters to Charlotte, and furrenders the command of the army into general Greene's hands, p. 472meets with a polite return from Greene, p. 473-is addreffed by the Virginia houfe of delegates, vol. iv. p. 26.

Generals Howe, Clinton and Burgoyne, arrive at Boston, vol. ii. P. 23. George, the Royal, is loft, vol. iv. P. 281. Georgia fettled, vol. i. p. 92-accedes to the general affociation of the twelve colonies, vol. ii. P. 73, 75 attacked by the British troops, vol. iii. p. 211 -Savannah, the capital, taken, and the state fubdued, p. 214. Germaine, lord George, extracts from his letters, vol. iv. p. 100. Gibraltar invefted by the Spani

ards, vol. iii. p. 304-relieved by Rodney, p. 406-by Darby, vol. iv. p. 71. Tremendous torrents of fire difgorged on the fortrefs from the Spanish artillery, and returned by general Elliot, p. 73. The ftupendous works erected against it, deftroyed, p. 214. It is to be attacked in a more formidable way than ever, p. 316-the grand attack, p. 323-the battering hips fet on fire by redhot balls from the fortress, p. 325-the general confufion among thefe fhips increafed by Capt. Curtis's gun-boats, ibid.


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