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LETTER III. P. 67-80.

The attempt of the baron de Rullecourt on the Ifle of Jersey
fruftrated by major Pierfon, p. 68. Lord George Gordon tried
and acquitted, p. 70. Gibraltar relieved by the British fleet
under admiral Darby, p. 71. The Spaniards commence a
heavy fire upon the fortrefs, which is returned, p. 73-
George Rodney and general Vaughan take St. Euftatia, St. Mar-
tin, and Saba, p. 74. The property in Statia confifcated, and
many of the inhabitants reduced to penury and transported to
St. Kitt's, p. 76. Demarara and Iffequibo furrender, p. 78.



General Greene leaves North Carolina and marches toward
Camden, p. 80-is defeated by lord Rawdon at Hobkirk's hil,
p. 83-his letter to Rawdon, p. 86-to governor Reed of Penn-
fylvania, p. 87. Lord Rawdon evacuates Camden, p. 89. The
British pofts are taken by the Americans in quick fucceffion,
idem. Greene marches against the garrifon at Ninety Six, p. 92
-is obliged to abandon the fiege, and is purfued by Rawdon,
p. 96. He purfues his lordship and offers him battle, idem,
Greene's letter concerning Gates, p. 98. The miferies attend-
ing the war in South Carolina, p. 99. Extracts from letters of
lord George Germaine, p. 100. The affair of colonel Hayne,
who is executed by the joint order of lord Rawdon and colonel
Balfour, p. 102. The operations in Virginia under generals
Phillips and Arnold, p. 107. The marquis de la Fayette makes
a rapid march from Baltimore to Richmond, p. 109.
Cornwallis joins the British in Virginia, p. 111-is difconcerted
in his attempts to crufh the maiquis, p. 112. The marquis
joined by the Pennfylvania line under general Wayne, p. 115,
His lordship commences a retrograde movement, p. 116.
Wayne attacks his lordfhip, and extricates himfelf by means of
it, p. 117. General Washington's army in want of provifion,
p. 119. Count de Barras arrives at Beflon to take the com-
mand of the French fquadron at Newport, p. 120. Washington
meets Rochambeau at Weathersfield, idem. Washington's letters
intercepted and conveyed to New York, p. 122. The French
troops join the Americans under Washington, p. 123. The
plan of operations changed, and the allied troops march for
Philadelphia, p. 126. The behaviour of the French troops
while at Newport, and on their march to join general Wahing-
ton, p. 128. Don Galvez completes the conqueft of West
Florida, p. 129. Sir Samuel Hood and count de Graffe engage,
p. 132. Tobago taken by the French, p. 133. A fubfcription
for a loan opened by congrefs for the fupport of the South Caro-


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P. 80-147.

LETTER VI. P. 163-212.

Acts of congrefs, p. 163. General Greene demands from

the British commanders, the reafons for the execution of Hayne,

Balfour's anfwer, and Greene's reply, p. 165. Greene engages

lieut. colonel Stewart at the Eutaw Springs, p. 168. Stewart

abandons the Eutaw, p. 170. Governor Rutledge retaliates

for Balfour's conduct, p. 172. A fpirit of mutiny among

Greene's troops, p. 173-his letter to general Gould, p. 174.

He marches toward Dorchester, and by his manoeuvres induces

the British garrifon to abandon the place, p. 176. General

Pickens's expedition againft the Cherokees, p. 177. Arnold's

enterprise against New London, p. 178. De Barras fails from

Rhode Island, p. 181. Sir Samuel Hood arrives at Sandy Hook,

p. 181. De Graffe arrives in the Chefapeak, and engages admi-

ral Graves, p. 182. De Barras arrives in the Chesapeak, p. 184.-

Lord Cornwallis repairs to York Town and Gloucester, p. 185..

The allied troops arrive at the Head of Elk, p. 186-join the

troops under the marquis de la Fayette, p. 187-march and

inyeft York Town, p. 188. Washington's letter to de Graffe,

p. 189. The trenches opened by the combined armies before

York Town, p. 191. A capitulation fettled, and the pofts of

York Town and Gloucefter furrendered, p. 195. The British

fleet and army deftined for the relief of lord Cornwallis arrive

off Chesapeak after his furrender, and therefore return, p. 198.

De Graffe fails for the Weft Indies, p. 199. Acts of congress

on their hearing of the reduction of the British army, p. 200.



P. 284-315.

The fteps taken by general Washington for retaliating the
death of captain Huddy, p. 284. The trial of captain Lippincot
upon the occafion, p. 287. He is acquitted, p. 288.



whole affair referred to congrefs, p. 289. Captain Afgill liberated, p. 290. The neceffity of peace for the United States of America, p. 291. The New York loyalists in the greatest confufion on hearing of the negotiations for peace, p. 295. of congrefs, p. 297. General Wayne's operations in Georgia, p. 298. Savannah evacuated by the British, p. 301. General Lefie fends out parties from Charlestown to procure provifions, p. 302. Lieut. colonel Laurens mortally wounded in oppofing one of the parties, p. 303. Charlestown evacuated by the British, p. 305. The death and character of general Lee, p. 306. An account of the Moravian Indians, and the maffacre of many of them by a number of Americans, p. 308. The Indians defeat colonel Crawford and his party, and put numbers of them to death, p. 312. Honorary badges of diftinction established by general Washington, p. 312. The French troops march to Boston, and from thence are conveyed by the French fleet to the West Indies, p. 313.

LETTER XI. P. 316-343.

The hoftile preparations of the Spaniards for the reduction of Gibraltar, p. 316. The grand attack upon the fortrefs, p. 324. Lord Howe relieves the garrifon and returns home, p. 329.. The negotiations for peace carrying on at Paris, p. 331. A treaty of amity and commerce between Holland and the United States, p. 332. Copy of a letter to count de Vergennes, p. 333; Mr. Jay's apprehenfions as to the intentions of the French court, p. 336. The negotiations continued, and provisional articles figned between the American and British commiffioners, p. 339. The lofs of British men of war by a ftorm, p. 342.

LETTER XII. P. 343-352.

Mr. Dana's application to the Ruffian minifter at Peterfburgh, p. 343. Eaft India news, p. 344. Debates in the British parliament upon the preliminary articles of peace, p. 348. The definitive treaties figned, p. 349. Air balloons, P. 351.

LETTER XIII. P. 353-371.

The address of the American officers to congrefs, p. 353. The defign of throwing the American army into a paroxyfm of rage prevented, p. 354. Congrefs receive the account of a general peace, p. 359. The provifional articles, p. 360. A conference between general Washington and Sir Guy Carleton, p. 367. The general addreffes a circular letter to the governors and prefidents of the United States, p. 370.


LETTER XIV. P. 372-417.

A mutiny among the American foldiers at Philadelphia, p. 372. An equeftrian statue of general Washington to be erected, P. 374. The general waits upon congrefs, P. 375. The treaty of amity and commerce between Sweden and the United States, p. 376. A deputation of quakers wait upon congress, p. 377. Acts of congrefs, p. 378. The Dutch ambaffador has a public audience, p. 379. General Washington's farewell orders to the armies of the United States, p. 380. Sir Guy Carleton receives his final orders for evacuating New York, p. 381. The city evacuated, p. 383. General Washington takes his leave of the continental officers, idem.-delivers in his accounts to the American comptroller, p. 385—arrives at Annapolis, and refigns his commiffion, p. 386. The definitive treaty. between Great Britain and the United States received by congrefs, p. 391. The Society of the Cincinnati, p. 393. Encroachments upon liberty by the Massachusetts people and general court, p. 398. Certain particulars relating to the war, p. 402. Some ftrictures refpecting his excellency George Washington, and the honorable Nathaniel Greene, p. 405. Some account of the respective conftitutions of the United States, p. 408.


Extracts from the Virginia act for establishing religious freedom, p. 419. The Conftitution of the United States of America,

P. 422.

ERRATA befide thofe at the End of the Volume..

Page 14, line 20, read must be. Elizabeth-town. P. 33, 1.9, dele a. add M. S. P. 271, 1.4, read led. 24, read that the.



P. 20, 1. 28, read two through P. 58, at the end of the note, P. 305, 1. 28, dele one. P. 352,


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