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unnecessary to say any thing respecting it, more es.

GEORGE ENGS, pecial y as it is expected that those who may wish

EDWARD W.LAWTON. to purchase will examine the Sheep, when they A Machine for picking and cleaning Wool, will at once he satisfied of their genuineness and su- (which will be done at the usual price) is added to periority. Great pains have been bestowed on them the above. and frequent selections made of those that could be considered interior.

No. V.

From the Baltimore Patriot, 3d May, No. III.

1815. From the Boston Repertory, 15th March,

COTTON YARN, 1815. Spinning Machinery,

For Sale at the Baltimore Manufacturing

Company's Warehouse,
U PON a new and exceedingly improv- 197, MARKET STREET,

ed construction, requiring only five persons
to do the same quantity of work that requires at
least TWENTY persons to do, and saves much of the From No. 4, to No. 40.
cotton which is unavoidably wasted in the usual

Of a quality equal to any made. method. In addition to these advantages in the newly ir..

“ From the quality of the Machinery, vented machinery, it requires much less power, and the improved plan of their whole works," less spuce, and the cotton comes out much more country merchants will find considerable advantage equal.

to call and look at the Yarn. The new and elegant establishment at Waltham They have also on hand, and are daily contains 700 spindles upon the improved construction; and the most respectable and satisfactory re

receiving from their Looms, frenices can be adduced of their giving COMPLETE


STRIPES, Individuals or companies who are about estah.

GINGHAMS, and lishing new or rebuilding their old machinery, will

SHIRTINGS. fid is to their advantage to call at Mr. JOHN M.

Of a quality superior to any imported, are in pat. DEARBORN'S Machine and Balance Store, No. terning equal. 3, Harris' Building's Water-street, Boston, who

NATHAN LEVERING, will give any further information upon the subject

Agent B. M. C. and who has authority to dispose of Rights to in. dividuals, companies, towns, counties, or states,

No. VI.
No. IV.

From the Boston Gazette, April 27, 1815.

From the Rhode Island Republican, 15th
March, 1815.

OSIAH VINTON, Jr. has removed his

business from 65, State.street, to No.60, Corn. WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. hill-where he continues to sell American Manu.

factured Cotton and Woolen Goods on Commis. VIE

form the public, that they have formed He has now for Sale, for Cash or Approred Credit, themselves into a company for MANUFACTURING 20,000 yards Ginghams, No, 12 to 30; PURPOSES, and having erected a building, &c. on 5,000 yards Shirtings, No. 9 to 30 ; a mill privilege, recently owned by Joseph & Ben- 3,000 yards Stripes ; jmmin Mott, m Portsmouth, (R. 1.) about 8 miles

2,000 yards 3.4 and 4.4 Checks; on the we i road, from Newport, have assumed 2,000 yards Chambrays, No. 12 to 30, the appellation of the

15 ps. Bedticks; Enterprize Manufacturing Company. 1,000 lbs. Cotton Yarn-Threads; and have appointed EDWARD W. LAWTON, agent

27 ps. Sattinets, some Merino;

Cassimeres-blue Plains. in Newport, and coinmitted to PHILIP ANTHONY the charge of their concerns at the Factory in

* Part of the above will be sold for N. York Portsmouth.

or Philadelphia Bills. They wish likewise to inform, that they shall have ready for operation in a few days, a sett of

No. VII. melines for

From the same.
Carding Nicrino and common Sheep's

which they intend to perform in the best manner.
at ile custoinary prices, -Those who favour them

Glass of all sizes, from 6 by 8 to 22 by 14, wuh custom, will please to leave their Wool either Coach Glasses and Fan Lights, and South Boston at the Factory, or at the store of EDWARD W. Flint Glass Ware, such as TUMBLERS, Wines, LAWTON, in Vewport.

Decanters, Pitchers, ArOTHECARIES SHOP Fero As the quality of the Carding depends much on lavi igrhe Wool clean, and in good order, they bez forts and Receivers of all sizes, Salts, Mustards,

NITURE, Entry Lamps, Electrical Apparatus, ReIesve to request of their customers, that they pay Creams, Jellies, Phials, assorted, Watch Chryspusticular attention to that point.

tals, Nursing and Sucking Bottles, globe and straight PHILIP ANTHONY, Lamp Tubes, and many other articles too numerous HARVEY SESSIONS, 10 particularize, are offered for sale. Having ma


BOSTON and Chelmsford Window



nufactured during the late war, and now on hand, a Swelled Pilld, Frames, full guilt and ornamented, Jarge quantity, both of Window Glass and Glass Twisted do.


do. Ware, viz:

Plain do,

do, and Common of all Of Boston Glass.

the various sizes, from 10 by 8 to 14 by 24 inches. 1000 boxes 6 by 8, 7 by 9, and !O by 8, with al.

-- ALSO most all other sizes.

A general assortment of plain elged Bird and Of Chelmsford Glass.

edged Pillaster and Pillared Mahogany Framed 1500 boxes 6 by 8, 7 by 9, and 10 by 8, and larger Glusses; Toilette Glasses, of various patterns. sizes,

Shaving Glasses, with and without
Of Glass Ware.

sliding covers,

assorted From 60 to 80,000 half pint Tumblers,

German embossel paper PocketCases of quart



do, Stalia

do. do. pint

do. do. best and Tale Ship do.

Which in addition to their former stock, ren.

ders it better than any ever offered for sale in this do. Wines, &c. &c. Making a general assortment of Window Glass place, and will be sold wholesale and retail at the and Hollow Ware.

New-York prices. Dealers in the different articles are requested to LOOKING-GLASS PLATES. call and examine. As it respects the quality, the public are acquainted with the superiority of the

Of the different sizes above enumerated, by the Boston and Chelmsford Window Glass to any of single Plate or Box, together with an assortment the kind ever offered for sale, and the Glass Ware

of Gilt MOULDINGS from 1-2 to 6 inches.- Bed

and Window Cornishes, and other Ornamental is pronounced by judges, not to be inferior in quality and workmanship to any imported.

Work, done in the best manner. The Proprietors now offer for sale at reduced prices, and on liberal credit for approved paper, by

No. XI. the large or small

quantity, any of the above men- From the Boston Advertiser, 21 March, tioned articles. For terms, apply to C. F. KUPFER, at the Glass Manufactory, Essex-street,

1815. Boston. By whom orders will be executed with all possible dispatch.

Weavers' Shutiles, N. B. Anestra discount will be made to dealers in Window Glass and Glass Ware.

P. and C. WILLIAMS, No. 8,

Statc-street, will be regularly supplied with No. VIII.

a large assortment of Shuttles, and in a few days

will have Pickers and Bobbins--the above articles From the Baltimore Patriot, 3 May 1815. are made by O. Robinson, one of the first raie

workmen, and are MUCH APPROVED of. Upwards Gunpowder, Hemp, Indigo, &c. of one thousand of these Shuttles were sold the 70 kegs best Virginia made Gunpowder 10 tons Country Hemp 10 seroors Spanish Florant Indigo

No. XII. 50 qr Casks Smyrna White Wine

From the Baltimore Federal Gazelle, 10 pipes London particular Teneriffe Wine 20 boxes Whittemore's Cotton and Wool Cards

4 May, 1815. Just received and for sale by TALBOT JONES. Baltimore, 14th April, 1815.

VE Stockholders of the UNION MA. No. IX.

NUFACTURING COMPANY OF MARYLAND, From the Philadelphia Democratic Press, are informed that a Dividend of ten per cert. upon 25 February 1815.

the capital stock of said Company, has been de.

clared for the last year, and i hat the sainc will be Lancaster Cotton Works. paid to the Srockholders or their legal representa

lives on or after Monday the 8ih day of May next,

on which day they will take norice, the last instala COTTON YARN.

ment on the augm. ntel stock becomes payable. From No. 5 to 40, Twisis and Filling, to be sold They are likewise informed, that an electio for at our store in the borough of Lancaster by whole- twelve Directors, for the ensuing year, will be sale only.

held at th. Company's Office, on MONDAY the Orders addressed to us shall receive prompt first day of way next, from the hour of nine, unul attention.

Jacob Miller & Co.

JOHN HILLEN, President.

No. X.

From the sanie.
From the Albany Register, 17 March,

Iland and Machine Cards. 1815. Looking-Glasses and Plates.

The New-York Manufacturing Company

Inforın their friends and customers, is also the WINNE & FONDEY,

customers ot the late firm of ave received a large supply of GERMAN WM. WHITTEMORE & CO. and AMERICAN LOOKINC-GLASS PLATES, a

BOSTON, part of which have been mounted by them in the that having extended th ir MACHINERY for most elegant manner, and approved fashionable STICKING all kinds of CARDS, they keep culle patterns, consisting, of

stanily on hand a regular supply of

last year.


From the Boston Advertiser, 21 March 1815 | IS
FOR Sale at the American Goods Com-

Wool and Cotton Cards, Tow Cards

Full blood Merino,
Horse Cards, Clothiers and Hatters Jacks

Halt and 3-4 blood do.

Aid Native Wool.
Machine Cards,

N. B.-Consignment of Wool, WITH ORDERS Fillitting an 1 Comb Plates,

TO SHIP ro ENGLAND, attended to by them with all warranted of su: erior quality. Orders | punctuality and dispatch. punctually and faithfully executed on liberal terms. TIMOTHY WHITTEMORE,

Agent N. Y. M. Co.

From the Baltimore Federal Gazette, 4 The Subscribers, agents of the New York Manti. facturing Coinpany, are constantly supplied with

May, 1815. an assortment of the above-inentioned Cards.

No. 20, Cheapside.

No. XIV.

Near Ellicott's Mills,
S now incomplete operation. The excel-

lence of the machinery and improved plan of the Factory GoodsWool.

works, will enable the proprietors to furnish.

COTTON YARN, inission Store of Z, HAYDEN, No. 3, Corn. hill-square, by the piece or package, on the most

Of the best quality on as cheap terms as any in reasonable terms,

the U. States, 8000 15s Cotton warp Yarn,

The Ilarchouse for the sale of Varn is at 150 do knitting and filling do. 16000 yards Shirring and Sheeting,

No 140, MARKET-ST. 92000 | Ginzhain, Stripe and Chambray, The store formerly occupied by the Union Manu. 2500 b xes Cotton Balls,

facturing Company) 300 lbs Cotton Thread,

Country Merchants, Weavers, and others, dea. 12 Bolts Cotton Duck,

Tiig in this article, will find it to their interest to 1000 lbs Corton Warp, ist quality, MADE PAR- avail themselves of the present extensive assort. TICULARLY FOR SATINET,

ment, to whom the most liberal terins will be Bedrickings and diaper,

given. 40 peices Flannel, 150 do Satinet,

E. GRAY & CO. 100 do plain Cloth, 90 do Broad Cloth, various qualities,

No. XVIII. 4000 yards Tow and Linen Cloth,

From the Boston Gazette, 3 À pril, 1815. 2600 pair women's, misses' and childrens Shoes, I case Bengal Indigo,

At Prirate Sale,
Bales Sea Island Cotton,

St. Domingo Mahogany, in planks and
Boxes Starch, &c. &c.


boards, seasoned and fit for use 1000 Chairs, WOOL.

suitable for sh'pping-20 Bureaus, do.-10 Secreo 6400 lbs pelt Wool, Ist quality,

taires, do-30 field Bedsteads, do-200 Looking 3500 do do do 2.1 3:1 do,

Glasses, do. 28:00 do colimon fleecedo,

Goods received at all times as above for public 500 !o ball-bloodi Merino do,

or private sale. Soo do 3.1 and 78 do do. 1300 do fill blood do do.

No. XIX.

From the same.
No. XV.

A General Assortment of Cut Goods, on hand,
From the Philadelphia Democratic Press, 25 which will be sold at Peace prices.
February, 1815.

American Munufactured Cotton and

Woolen Goods, at the lowest Factory prices, A Paper Bundle,

for sale by S. H. BABCOCK, Dock-Square,

corner of Exchange-street. Containing a few Prints of the Bush Hill Floor Cloth Manufactory. They being of no use to any

No, XX.
person but the owner will be thankfully received
at either of the above places.

Isaac Nacauley. BY JOHN BRADLEY,

No. 78, Market-street,
No. XVI.

From the Boston Repertory, 25 March, 1815.

Consisting of

Tumblers, Decanters, &c. &c.

50 Reams of GLASS and SAND PAPER, Burrouglis & Perkins,

HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. all which
N0.73, State Street, he will seil on the lowest ķerms.
ONTINUE to receive on consign-

No. XXI.
meni, MERINO, Mixed and COMMON WOOL,
and advance cash thereof.

From the Norfolk Herald, 8 May, 1815. They have now for sale, the Fleeces of 1 HE BEST Flocks in this country, viz.


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The Subscriber has for Sale,

auction store, Market-street, corner of N. Charles80 kegs of Single, Double, and Triple

street, where orders for any particular kind or GUN POWDER,

quantity of ihe above article are received.

M. POOR & J. HASTINGS. From Dagent's Brandywine Fuclory, and can supply any quantity ihat may be required RICHARD DRUMMOND.

No. XXV.

From the Boston Advertiser, March 21, 1815, No. XXII. From the Baltimore Federal Gazette, 4, Factory Shares for Sale. May 1815.

FOURTEEN SHARES in the Daurers Grey Granite Stone.

Cotton Factory Company of 5)0 Dollars each

- the property of the Corporation, is divided into The subscriber, who has taken for a terni of years, 60 Shares, and consists otth: Facto: y Building, 60 the Granite Quarry at Ellicoti's Patapsco Mills, is by 32 feet, containing 600 Spindles and the prepa. in readiness to receive any orders with which he rations of Coiton Machinery,and a few for Woolens, may be favoured, and which will be executed at a which latier the company contemplate considerably short notice. From the nature of the stone oflro increase- Besides the Factory they have a Smith's this quarry, and their length and solidiny, they are Shop, a Dye Shop, Barn an i two Dwellina Houses, peculiarly ad:pted to the following purposes : and another Dwelling House building-The Water Columns or Pilasters of any dimensions, Base- privilege is probably the best in the county, and ment Stories or Fronts of Houses, door or window sufficient in ihe dryest season. The Shares will be Cases and Cills, and all other purposes for building, sold together, or any less number, as ihe purchaser where elegance, strength and durability are re- may choose, and further particulars may be known quired. Those unacquainted with the store, by applying at the Factory, or forwarding a line to would recommend tu view them in the Cathedral, the Post Office in Salem, directed to or the basemerit story of Mr. W. Lorman's house,

EBEN, FELTON. or at oller places where they had been used in the cily. The quality of this stone is such, that it alike resists the effects of frost or rime, and retains

No. XXVI. its original colour and beauty without the aid of paint. Those who are unacquainted with me will

From the Baltimore Patriot, 3d May, 1815. please to enquire of Robert Cary Long, James Carey, Elias Ellicott, or Isaac M.Pherson.


The custoiners of the UNION MANUFACTURING

COMPANY OF MARYLAND, and the public in geNo. XXIII.

neral, are informed that a general From the same.

Assortment of Cotton Yarn, MACHINE CARDS. may be had at their warehouse, No. 152, Market The subscriber is appointed Agent for vending street, next door to the Bank of Baltimore, at the Machine Cards, manufactured by Beckley and

lowest Peace prices. Springer-which will be found on trial, equal 10 any made in the U. States. All orders left with Hugh Balderston, Hanover-street, nearly opposite

No. XXVII. .): Gadsby's -- Jonathan Balderston, No. 12, S. Charl s-street, or with myself, will be executed

From the samc.
with the least possible delav, and on the best terms.

Shaw & Tiffany,
No. 61, Smith's wharf,

ILAVE Removed to Store No. 238,
It'ho has in Store,
Cheese in casks ; Cruin Creek Scythe Stones, they have for sale, and are receiving from the Nia-

Market-street, (nearly opposite Sharp-st ) where Mould Candles, Tow Clothi, Cut Nails, &c.

nufacturers, a compleie assortment of No. XXIV.

American Cotton Goods. From the Baltimore Patriot, 3 May, 1815.

A few pieces sup. fine Black Broad Cloths WOOD SCREWS.

6 boxes Corton hand Cards, Nos, 8 and 10

20 pieces Russia Slicerings.
No. 24, State Street-BOSTON,

No. XXVIII. AMERICAN PATENT WOOD From the New York Columbian, 1st April, SCREWS,

1815. Informs the importers of Hardware in Baltimore,

N Englishman of sober, steady habits, that he can supply them with that article at a 'ess price than they can be imported, and solicits their orders, which they may depend upon having faith. take the cutire care aud vinuble of a WOOLEN fully and promptly executed.

MANUFACTORY, having followed it for 20 Boston, 30th March, 1815,

years in England; or any person desirous of ma.

nufacturing, and could advance a sun of money The Subscribers have just received sufficient, may hear of a partner who would take several Casks Wood Screws from the agent in the entire management of the business. Enquire of Boston, which are offered at private sale, at their | the printer.



A , :

He expects



carriare, an assortmen: of WIRE, made of the

Juniat Iron, from No. 1 to No. 21, inclusive. Any From the Albany Register, 17th March, 1815. higher number made to order.

that the manufacturers and merchants of the An Interesting Bargain,

Western Country will give him a portion of their FOR SALE

custom, io support a new and expensive esta

blishment. HE equal, imdivided, one half part of the es. Square inch Iron will be rolled down for smiths,

and other mechanics, at the following prices, viz. sage of !be Great Western Turnpike over the

7.8 one dollar per cwt. Scholarie river, 26 miles west of Albany.

6-8 two ditto per ditto.

5.8 three do. per ditto, The river liere divides the Eastern from the

4- tour do. per dirlo. * Western District. On the easteru bank, iu Dll.

3-8 five do. per ditto. are burghi, are situated-

WILLIAM EIGHBAUM. A Saw Mill. A Grist 11:!|--with 3 runs of stones, and the im

No. XXXI. proved movements of Mr. 0. Evans, and others. TIIE STEAM ENGINE FOUN. The horizontal water wheels by Mr. Burr, and

DERY. never obstructed by ice, and but little affected by high water.

ON Front-street, behind the Pittsburgh-Steam Two vew Carding Machines, for fine and coarse

Mill is now in complete operation, and ready to

supply castings of every description, but particu. wool.

larly those in a mechanical line, viz-All kinds of A Mill House.

castings appertaining to Merchant Flour Mills, On the western bank, in Schoharie, are-- Rolling and Slitting, Forging and Tilting MillsA Filling Milla-lented out for a short terin, np. Fulling and Oil Mills, &c. &c. Sugar Mills, Sugar expired.

Boilers, Potash Kettles, Stills, Soap and Sali KerA Peper Alill-occupied by an incorporated con.

ties. pany for a term, and then reverts to the own. The Pillsburgh Stean Engine Company, 500 dollars of the present stock passes of every description. They will also furnish Paper

As usual, carry on the inaking of Steam Engines with the sale. A Distillery--by steam.

Mill Screws, Fullers and Mill Screws, and all A House and Store--and a house appartenant to

oiher kinds, of the large order ; also Mill Spindles

and Rynes, &c. Saw Mill Cranks and large work the fulling mill.

generally A stone wall 4 feet thick, 14 feet high, and abont 130 in length; parrallel with the creek is a

No. XXXII. foundation for any future erections of machinery, which the interests of the owners in. vite them to place there. The situation of these works upon a road so

THE PITTSBURGH STEAM FULfrequenied, and a stream so abundant, can always

LING MILLS secnie the wide circle of custom, with which they are now favoured. The revenues and expenditores will be satisfactorily made known to

ration. the purchaser, and comparing them with the price askerl, no speculation like it can be offered in

THE proprietor is happy to inform the public, that country. Enquire of

that he has engaged experienced workmen, and H. W. Starin & Co. will be able to execute any orders in the dyeing and

fulling business, in the best manner and with State Bridge, Schoharie.

punctuality and dispatch.

JAMES ART URS. All the advertisements, that follow here, are taken from one single paper, the PITTS

No. XXXIII. BURGH COMMONWEALTH, dated 11th JUST RECEIVED & FOR SALE BY March, 1815.Pittsburgh is in the State of

BOSLER 8 Co. Pennsylvania, and, I believe, at ncariy 300 AT THEIR WHOLESALE AND COMMISSION miles distance from the Atlantic sea-shore.

WAREHOUSE, Read here, ther, and see what America can

On WATER and FRONT STREETS. do. If the poor little Lawyer whom Belling

Prime New Orleans Sugar in barrels,

White Havannah ditto in boxes, ham killed had seen this, he would hardly have New Orleans Rum, Indigo and Cotton, claimed so much credit for magnanimity, when

Best green Coffee in barrels and bags. he said that it was not the intention of his


Kentucky Rifie Powder and Bacon. Majesty's Government to DESTROY Ame- Mexican Copper, &c. rica.

June 22, 1814,

No. XXX.


THE subscriber has on land, and offers for sale,

TROTTER and Co. having established at the Philadelphia prices, with the addition of their Manufactory of Queens-ware in Pirtsburgh,

Steam Fulling Mills.

circle of custom, with which Are now in complete ope

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