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Entered at the New-York Postoffice as Second-class Matter.

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25 Cents a Copy; $2.00 a Year.

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The NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY is a Purely Mutual Company in which Policy-holders alone receive the Profits, and that has, ir. fifty-five years, paid over Fifty-seven Millions of Dollars in Dividends of Profits to Policy-holders, and has accumulated, for future Dividends as they become due, over Forty-one Millions more. New members are received as partners on terms of equality with old members.

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The NEW YORK LIFE had on January 1, 1900, over 1,061 millions of
Paid-for Business in Force, and was in the Number of its Policy-holders
and in the Amount of Protection Furnished, the Largest Life Insurance
Company in the World.


The NEW YORK LIFE'S Investment Accumulation Policy is Automatically Non-forfeitable from Date of Issue. Most life policies are non-forfeitable only after two or three years' premiums have been paid, and many are never automatically so; if you do not ask for paid-up insurance under such policies you may lose it.


The NEW YORK LIFE'S Investment Accumulation Policy is Incontestable from Date of Issue. Most life policies are Incontestable only after one, two or three years--some never. If you pay for insurance you want it absolute without any "string to it.” The Best is None too Good for Your Family.

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Under its By-Laws and its agreements with foreign Governments, the NEW YORK LIFE limits its expenses to the amount specifically provided in its premiums for this purpose, and agrees not to invest in, nor lend money on, the security of stocks of private corporations, unimproved or non-productive property, farms, hotels, theatres, churches, breweries, factories, mines, or industrial enterprises. This action places its investments and its expenses of management upon a Basis More Conservative than that of any cther American Life Insurance Company.

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