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the estate of the Hon. John Dutton, some of the keepers were occaat Sherborne, Gloucestershire, forsionally struck by their own comthe purpose of taking hares and rades in mistake for their oppoother game. With the assistance nents. After they had fought in of two dogs, and some, nets and this manner about 8 or 10 misnares which they brought with nutes, one of the poachers, named them, they had succeeded in catch- Robert Simmons, received a vioing nine hares, and were carrying lent blow upon his left temple, them away, when they were dis- which felled him to the ground, covered by the gamekeeper, and where he lay, crying out murder, seven others who were engaged and asking for mercy.

The with him in patroling the differ- keepers immediately very huent covers, in order to protect manely desired, that all violence the game from nightly depreda- might cease on both sides : upon tors. Immediately on perceiving which three of the poachers took the poachers, the keeper sum to flight and escaped, and the remoned them in a civil and peace- maining three, together with Simable manner to give up their mons, were secured by the keepers. names, the dogs, implements, &c. Simmons, by the assistance of the they had with them, and the other men, walked to the keeper's game they had taken; at the house, where he was placed in a same time assuring them that his chair: but he soon after died. party had fire-arms (which were His death was no doubt caused produced for the purpose of con by the pressure of blood upon the vincing and alarming them), and brain, occasioned by the rupture representing to them the folly of of a vessel from the blow he had resistance, as, in the event of an received. The three poachers who affray, they must inevitably be had been taken were conımitted overpowered by superior num to Northleach prison. The inbers, even without fire-arms, quest upon the body of Simmons which they were determined not was taken on Monday, before W. to resort to, unless compelled in Trigge, gent. Coroner; and the self-defence. Notwithstanding this above account is extracted from remonstrance of the keeper, the the evidence given upon that ocmen unanimously refused to give casion. The poachers were all up on any terms, declaring, that armed with bludgeons, except the if they were followed, they would deceased, who had provided himgive them a

brush," and would self with the thick part of a flail, repel force by force. The poachers made of firm knotted crab-tree, then directly took off their great and pointed at the extremity, in coats, threw them down with the order to thrust with, if occasion game, &c. behind them, and ap required.

The deceased was an proached the keepers in an atti athletic muscular man, very actude of attack. A smart contest tive, and about 28 years of age. instantly ensued, both parties He resided at Bowle, in Oxfordusing only the sticks or bludgeons shire, and has left a wife, but no they carried : and such was the child. The three prisoners were confusion during the battle, that heard in evidence, and all con


curred in stating, that the keepers chaise on the road, and would were in no way:blameable, and have been lost, but for the lights attributed their disaster to their shown from the windows of Moyown indiscretion and imprudence. hall, which he reached nearly in Several of the keeper's party a frozen state. The obvious adwere so much beat as to be now vantage of keeping lights, in confined to their beds. The two stormy nights, in the windows of parties are said to be total stran houses in the country, has thus gers to each other, consequently been illustrated in the salvation no malice prepense could have of a life, by the provident care of existed between them; and as it Sir AEneas and Lady Mackintosh; appeared to the jury, after a most the circumstance sufficiently inninute and deliberate investiga- structs the imitation. The sevetion, that the confusion during rity of the present weather was the affray was so great, that the the less expected, because, aldeceased was as likely to be struck though our spring and the latter by some one of his own party as part of our

winter are

more by the keeper's, they returned a stormy, the early part of it to verdict of-Manslaughter against Christmas is considered much some person or persons unknown. milder in this country than in the

15. The principal bell of the south.- Inverness Journal. church of Notre Dame, at Ver 18. A young man named Posailies, was baptized according to cock, apprentice to Mr. Gundry, ancient

usage; it received the grocer, of Devizes, going in the nanies of the Duke and Duchess evening into a wareroom above of Angouleme, who were repre- the shop, with a candle in his sented by the Prince de Foix, hand, without the necessary preGovernor of the Palace of Ver- caution of putting it into a lansailles, and the Duchess de Damas. tern, a spark communicated to

17. Inverness. The winter has two tubs of gunpowder deposited commenced with a severity al- there, weighing about 15lbs.each, most beyond example: frost, rain, and the explosion was tremendous : and snow, ivave been incessant it carried away the front of the during the last week; and the upper part of the house, and greater proportion of corn still nearly the whole of the roof uncut, or in stooks, has suffered The poor youth was precipitated material injury. We regret to down two pair of stairs into the say, that several lives have been shop, his face and the upper part lost. Two days ago the lodies of his body scorched to a cinder. of two women and a child were He died on the followingThursfound buried in the snow, about day.---two hundred yards from the great Murder of Colonel Newman. road near Dalmagarry; the bo. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the dies of two men have been found 19th and 20th inst. D. Tuckey, in the hills of Aberarder, and two Esq. coroner for this county, with more are missing. A post-hoy the assistance of the Rev. J. Lomof Bennet's, coming from the hard, the Rev. J. Chester and South, was obliged to leave his Richard Tooker, Esq. magistrates


of the neighbourhood of Mallow, respected gentleman. The Cowas engaged in the investigation lonel commanded the sth draof this horrid transaction. The goons in the campaign in Flanresult has been the complete dis. ders, and was a man of a most covery of the whole plan and ac- intrepid character, and of amiable complishment of the robbery and and inoffensive manners. He was murder, with the apprehension of in his 73d year.-Cork paper. the entire party concerned. Three The Royal Gazette of the 19th men and one woman have been of November, published at St. fully committed for trial, all of John's, Newfoundland, announces whom (except one of the nien) the melancholy loss on that coast were in Colonel Neiman's own of the transport ship Harpooner, employment. It appeared that Joseph Briant, Master, with more the house had been entered from than half of the unfortunate peothe lobby-window looking into ple with whom she was freighted. the yard, by the help of a lacider, The Harpooner left Quebec on the sush and glass of which were the 27th of October, bound for found broken in pieces ; but, as London, with invalids, and deis supposed, were so broken by tachments from the 4th Royal design on the party's entering, to Veteran Battalion, and other corps give a colour to the story first stationed in Canada, and a numcirculated by the servants, that her of women and children, in the house had been broken into all S80. The ship struck on a by strangers. On entering the reef of rocks off Cape Pine, on house, the party went immedi- the 10th ult. and shortly filled ately to the Colonel's room, the with water, when a number of door of which was not locked, people between decks were and strangled him with their drowned. The vessel kept togehands as he lay in his bed. He ther until three o'clock of the was found in the morning with morning of the 11th, when the evident marks of violence, his wreck was hailed by the mate throat being blackened, and hav- and four others who had ventured ing marks of scratches, as if on shore in a boat, at the hazard imprinted by the nails of their of their lives, and informed the bands in the struggle, and his sufferers of their situation. For shirt was a little bloody from the boat to retuin was impossithe effect of the scratches. The ble; a line was therefore fastproperty taken consisted of a few ened round a dog, which fortubank notes in a small leather nately happened to be on board, note case, the Colonel's golil and, being thrown over, he swam watch and seals, his pistols, and with it on shore, which was the the clothes he wore the day be means of sating the lives of the fore. The manner in which Yew. master, crew, and about 160 pasberry-house was thrunged during sengers. When the vessel some the investigation, fully marked time afterwards went to pieces, the abhorrence of the crime felt wards of 100 persons were by the whole neighbourhood, as precipitated into the ocean and well as the great interest'taken perished. in the inelancholy fate of this Cabin passengers' saved-Cap.

tain Prime, 4th Royal Veteran wind blowing strong, the night battalion, and Lady; Lieut. Mil- dark, and a very heavy sea, she rea, ditto, eldest daughter and soon fell over on her larboard son; Paymaster Scott, ditto; beam ends; and, to heighten the Mrs. Wilson, and eldest daugh- terror and alarm, it was perceived ter; Miss Armstrong, Captain a lighted candle had communiWillock, 103d regiment: Ensign cated fire to some spirits in the Gleeson, ditto.

master's cabin, which, in the conCabin passengers lost.-Sur- fusion, was with difficulty extingeon Armstrong, 4th veteran bat- guished. The ship still driving talion, his lady, son, and two over the rocks, her masts were youngest daughters ; Lieutenant cut away, by which some men Wilson, ditto, son and two daugh- were carried overboard. The ters; Mrs. Milrea, and two young- vessel drifted over near the high est daughters ; Miss Pilmore, and rocks towards the main. In this three sons of Captain Prime. situation every one became ter

The following affecting narra rified; the suddenness of the sea tive of the melancholy disaster rushing in, carried away the births has been sent by one of the sur and staunchions between decks, vivors :

when men, women, and children “ On the 26th October, detach were drowned, and many were ments of the 4th Royal Veteran killed by the force with which Battalion and their families, with they were driven against the loose a few belonging to other corps in baggage, casks and staves, which Canada, in all 380, embarked on floated below. All that possibly board the ship Harpooner, Joseph could, got upon deck, but, from Bryant, master, and sailed from the crowd and confusion that preQuebec on the afternoon of the vailed, the orders of the officers 27th, bound to Deptford; in and master to the soldiers and charge of Captain Prime. On the

seamen were unavailing-death passage to the Gulph of St. Law- staring every one in the face rence, moderate weather and fa

the ship striking on the rocks as vourable winds prevailed; but on though she would instantly upset ! arriving in the Gulph, the weather The screeching and pressing of proved boisterous, and the wind the people to the starboard side contrary; not a sight of land, was so violent, that several were nor an observation of the sun, much hurt. About eleven o'clock could be depended upon for se the boats on the deck were washed veral days. On Sunday evening, overboard by a heavy sea: but November 10, a few minutes after even from the commencement of nine o'clock, the second Mate, on the disaster, the hopes of any inwatch, called out • The ship's dividual being saved were but a-ground;' at which time she very slight, and, from this cirlightly struck on the outermost cumstance combined with it aprock of St. Shotts, in the island of pearing, that the bottom of the Newfoundland. She beat over, ship was separating from the and proceeded a short distance, upper deck, while the surf beat when she struck again and filled; over her most violently, it was encircled among rocks, and the considered as impossible. From

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this time until four o'clock the drag on shore from the wreck a next morning, all the wreck were muniber of souls. At about six anxiously praying for the light of o'clock in the morning of the day to break upon them; the 11th, the first person was landed boat from the stern was lowered by this means, and, afterwards, down, when the first mate and by an improvement in rigging four seamen, at the risk of their the rope and placing each indilives, pushed off to the shore: vidual in slings, they were with they with difficulty effected a greater facility extricated from landing upon the main land, be. the wreck; but during the pashind a high rock, nearest to sage thither, it was with the utwhere the stern of the vessel most difficulty that the unfortuhad been driven. They were nate sufferers could maintain their soon out of sight, and it was hold, as the sea beat over them ; feared they were lost; but it was some were dragged to the shore so ordained by Providence, these in a state of insensibility.--Lieudeserving men, in scrambling up tenant Wilson was lost, being the rocks, made their appearance! unable to hold on the rope with his they liniled us from the top, and hands; he was twice struck by reported their situation, saying the sea, fell backwards out of the to return was impossible, as the slings, and after swimming for a boat was staved: the log-line considerable time amongst the was thrown from the wreck, with floating wreck, by which he was a hope that they might lay hold struck on the head, he perished. of it, but darkness, and the tre- Many who threw themselves overmendous surf that beat, rendered board, trusting to their safety by it impracticable. During this swimming, were lost: they were awful time of suspense, it dashed to pieces by the surf on curred to the master, the possi- the rocks, or by the floating of bility of sending a line to them the wreck. by a dog : the animal was brought “ About half-past one o'clock, aft, and thrown into the sea with on the afternoon of the 11th, a line tied round his middle, and about 30 lives were saved by the with it he swam towards the rope, several of whom were hurt rock, upon which the mate and and maimed. At this period the seamen were standing. It is im beat incessantly over the possible to describe the sensa wreck, and it being evident the tions which were excited at see deck was separating, the only ing this faithful dog struggling means of saving the distressed with the waves, and, reaching sufferers failed; for the rope, by the summit of the rock, dashed constant work, and by swinging back again by the surf into the across the sharp rock, was cut in sea, until, at length, by his ex two. From that hour, there being ertions, he arrived with the line ; no means of replacing the rope, one end of which being on board, the spectacle was more than ever a stronger rope was hauled and terrific; the sea beating over fastened to the rock, and by this the wreck with greater violence, хоре the seamen were enabled to washed numbers overboard : their



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