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heart-rending cries and lamenta- ořs were landed upon was about tions were such as cannot be ex. 100 feet above the water, surpressed---families, fathers, mo- rounded at the fowing of the thers, and children clinging to- tide : it being high water soon gether! The wreck breaking upafter the latter of them was stern from midships and fore- saved, it was found impossible for castle, precipitated all on it into these distresse:l objects to be got one common destruction. Under over to the main land until the these melancholy circumstances next morning on the top of this 206 souls perished, and the sur- rock they were obliged to remnin vivors have to lament the loss of during the whole of the night dear relatives and friends.

without shelter, food, or nourish"The officers and men of the ment, exposed to wind and rain, Royal Veteran Battalion, who and many without shoes: the only were returning home after a long confort that presented itself was and arduous service in Canada, a fire, which was made from and other remote climates, have pieces of the wreck that had been now lost their all--the savings of washed ashore. many years, what they had looked “ At day-light on the morning upon with a pleasing hope of of the 12th, at low water, their making themselves and their fá- removal to the opposite land was milies comfortable with, on re- effected, some being let down by tiring from the service of their a rope, others slipping down a king and country. By this un- ladder to the bottom. After they fortunate event, the orphan daugh- crossed over, they directed their ter of Surgeon Armstrong lost her course to a house or fisherman's father, mother, brother, and two shed, distant about a mile and a sisters;

and the wife and sur- half from the wreck, where they viving daughter of Lieut. Wilson remained until the next day: the are left wholly destitute. The proprietor of this miserable shed disaster was so sudden and un- not having the means of supplying looked for, that not an article of relief to so considerable a number baggage was saved; not even as took refuge, a party went over money, of which some had con- land to Trepassy, about 14 miles siderable sums, the produce of distant, through a marshy countheir effects sold at Quebec, which try, not inhabited by' any human were paid for in guineas, on ac- creature,and the foot-path through count of bills of exchange being a morass. This party arrived at attended with a loss of seven and Trepassy, and reported the event a half per cent. : for immediately to Messrs. Jackson, Burke, Sims, after the ship struck she bilged and the Rev. Mr. Brown, who and filled, drowning sonie who, immediately took measures for from motives of humanity, at- alleviating the distress, by distempted to secure articles of dress patching men in their employ for the distressed females, who with provisions and spirits, to were hurried on deck in an un- assist in bringing all those fordresseil state.

ward to Trepassy' who could " The rock which the surviv. walk. Necessity prompted many


to undertake this journey bare- their imceasing exertions: to their footed; the hardships and priva- labour those that came on shore tions which they were enduring by the rope in a great measure were so excessively great. On owe their safety.” the 13th, in the evening, the ma- 20. The Archduke Nicholas, jor part of the survivors (assisted brother of the Emperor of Russia, by the inhabitants, who during arrived in London at St. Albans- . the journey carried the weak and house, with his suite in eight fecble upon their backs), arrived carriages. They had landed at at Trepassy, where they were Deal, whence the Archduke probilleted by order of the Magis. ceeded to Dover, where he visited trate, proportionably upon each the castle with all the fortiticahouse.

tions. His arrival was formally " There still remained at St. announced to the Prince Regent, Shotts, the wife of a sergeant of who commanded that every atthe Veteran Battalion, who was tention should be paid him during delivered! on the top of the rocks his residence in England. He is shortly after she was saved; the said in countenance much to rechild and herself are doing well. semble the emperor. A private whose leg was broke, A second instance of death oc. and a woman severely bruised by casioned by taking through misthe wreck, were also necessarily take a quantity of the oxalic acid, left there.

appeared at an inquest upon the “Immediately after the arrival body of the wife of Thomas Fage at Trepassy, measures were adopt- on Tower-hill, a man of unexed for the comfojt and refresh- ceptionable character, under the ment of the detachments. Boats following extraordinary circumwere provided for their removal stances. The account given by to St. John's. This being effect- her husband was, that he was ed, his Excellency, Admiral Pick- walking with his wife on Saturmore, the Governor, Major King, day evening in the Rorough-road, commanding the troops, the mer- when he kicked before him, on chants, and gentlemen of St. the foot pavement, a small packet John's, most promptly and gene- wrapped in plain blue paper, and rously caine forward in the most tied round with string, which he handsome manner to the relief of picked up; but, supposing it the surviving sufferers. After dropped as a trick, he was about remaining ten days at St. John's, throwing it down again, when refitting the distressed with clo- his wife took it out of his thing and necessaries, his Excel- band, and urgel him to look at lency the Admiral chartered the the contents: on opening the Mercury, of Poole, to bring them paper, his wife said it was fine to Portsmouth. On this n.clan- Epsom salts, and just what she choly circumstance it is but jus- wanted, and she took it home. tice to mention, that Mr. Joseph She communicated what her husBryant, master, Mr. Atkinson, band had found to a felloir-lorlger, mate, and the seamen of the Hár- but neither she nor the husband pooner, deserve great credit for reinonstrated against her using


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the article so found, supposing duced a singular disease, causing her to have sufficient knowledge cruel ravages in the commune of of it, she having lived in an apo- Beaurepaire, department of the thecary's service before her mar- Isere. The effects of this poison riage. On the following morning, are described as frightful. It acts she complained of a pain in her with great rapidity even on the bowels while dressing, and said strongest men, producing ganshe would take the supposed salts; giene in all the limbs, which it she then dissolved them in warm detaches from the joints in a manwater, and after some hesitation ner so horrible, that unfortunate between her husband and herseif creatures have been seen to live as to which of them should take for some weeks in the greatest the mixture (they both occasion- agonies with only the trunk really being in need of purgative maining. In this disease emetics medicine), she drank the fatal, have been prescribed, followed dose. The singularity of the cir- by antispasmodics, and especially cumstances produces a strong sen- strong doses of opinn, the sedasation of suspicion in the vieigh- tive virtues of which have been bourhood as to the conduct of the very useful. The parts threatenhusband, but his evidence was ei are sometimes recovered by the corroborated in all the material application of cloths dipped in a parts, and particularly by two decoction of Jesuit's bark. Adyoung men residing in the Kent- ministered internally, this latter roadl, who came forward in cop- remedy produced sensible sequence of a hand-bill which effect. l'age had caused to be distributed, 22. Madrid.-The King las by whose evidence it appeared, granted to the Community of the that the one had, on Saturday Dominican Monks of our Lady erening, purchased an article of Atocha, the privilege of sell(wrapped in the manner above ing for their own profit four Casnarrated), under the name of acid tilian titles (of marquis or count), of sugar, at the shop of Mr. Irish, two of which shall be free in perdruggist, in Blackman-street, for petuity from the taxes of lance the purpose of making a solution and demi-annate; the produce to clean boot-tops, which he de- of this sale is to be employed in livered to his companion, who the restoration of the chapel of lost it out of his pocket in his the Virgin. This pious concesway home, they pursuing the sion is not new in Spain, titles course which Fage and his wife having been granted the same afterwards took; and in conse- way on various occasions since quence of losing the packet, after the reign of Philip V. The Ex. wards returned, and purchased chequer being exhausted of ready another quantity of the same money, the King permits the rearticle at the same shop, and ligious fraternity which he wishes which they both stated to have a to aid, to sell a privilege the prosimilar

appearance to Epsom salts. duce of which would have other21. A French paper states, that wise found its way directly into the use of vitiated rye has pro- the Exchequer.

20. Bedford

26. Bedford (Pennsylı min),

DECEMBER On Saturday, the 23d inst. as Mr. Peter Smith, of Greenfield- 1. In the case of the King township, in this county, was versus the Chief Baron of the kindling a fire near where he in. Court of Exchequer, recently tended to hew sled runners, five tried in the Court of King's miles distant from any house, in Bench, Dublin, and in which the the Alleghany-mountain, he was verdict was in favour of the mortally wounded with two bullets, Crown, Judges Day and Daly fired at him by George Dively delivered their opinions to the and John Lingenfelter, they mis- Jury in favour of the Crown, and taking him for a bear. One of Mr. Justice Osborne in favour of the said bullets penetrated his the Chief Baron. The office of body a little above the hip on the Clerk of the Pleas, the appointleft side, and went out at his ment to which forined the subject right shoulder ; the other entered of the issue, now estimated at his back, and lodged in his body. 20,0001. a year, had an annual On the following day an inquest salary of five marks attached to it, was held, which, after examin- 31. 165. Sd. and was actually sold ing witnesses, &c gave it as their in reversion, in the year 1596, opinion, “ that said persons bad by the then occupant, a Richard no intention whatever of injuring Rowe, to a gentleman of the or killing said deceased."--Now name of Carroll, a citizen of York Paper.

Dublin, for 801. 31. At the fair of Falkirk, an On Sunday evening between exhibition of wild beasts six and seven o'clock, the house made in a caravan, in the market- of Mr. lIoward, a farmer, 90 place, when it girl of about 3 years of age, at Yewsley, near years of age, in the charge of her Drayton, in the parish of Hillingsister, who is about 17 years of don, Middlesex, was entered by a age, while witnessing it, was gang of robbers, supposed to be seized by a leopard, which (though four, in a disguised state, and every means

that the circum- l'obbed of considerable property, stances of the case allorded were 1501, in cash and notes at least. used to save the child) liscerated man and boy, who lived in the the right arm to that degree that house, went out about six o'clock, amputation from the shoulder when they left the aged man and was found necessary. It is ex- liis housekeeper, 73 years of age, pected, however, that the child in the kitchen.' On their return will live. As the animal was pro- to the lwuse they found that it perly secured by a close iron grat- had been robbed of the valuable: ing, it appears that the accident property, and the aged people happened wholly from what may lay on the floor', presenting a be considered an inattention on most horril spectacle from tle the part of the girl, for the pur- wounds and bruises which they pose of gratifying the curiosity of had received. Their heads were her little ster, by suffering her cut in several places : they were to put her hand forth unubserved, insensible. It was discovered


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from the bloody state of part of a remembered there for these many flail used for thrashing corn, that years past. the wounds had been inflicted by ? On this day a riot took place that instrument. surgeon was in the metropolis, which for a procured, but his assistance was time put on a very alarming apof no avail. The poor old man pearance. About a fortnight predied of his wounds on Monday, ceding, a popular meeting had about four o'clock. His house- been held in Spafields, chiefly at keeper remained in an insensible the instigation of Mr. Henry state, and was living yesterday Hunt, once a candidate for remorning, but very little hopes presenting the city of Bristol, for were entertained of her recovery. the purpose of presenting a peti

Chippenham, (Wilts). - Early tion to the Prince Regent from this morning, about three o'clock, the distressed manufacturers and the corn and four-mill (the larg- mechanics. By means of handest and most extensive for many bills dispersed over London, the surrounding miles) belonging to people were invited to attend at Messrs. Dowling and Gaby, of the same place on this day in order this town, was discovered to be to hear the answer to their petion fire, and, together with its tion. A considerable crowd was stock of wheat and flour, was in assembled, which was waiting a few hours totally destroyed. the appearance of Mr. Hunt about The damage is estimated at the Merlin's Cave public-house, 10,0001. and upwards. The im- when, about twelve o'clock, anmediate consequence of this is, other crowd, with tri-coloured that on our next market wheat flags and a banner, entered anwill of course rise considerably. other part of the field, in the There can be no doubt of its midst of which a waggon was having been purposely set on fire. stationed. This was ascended by Upon the first alarm, the fames three or four persons, one of

discovered issuing from whom, by name Watson, an inthree different places at the same digent person of the medical protime—from the right, from the fession, made a very inflammatory left, and centre of the building. barangue to the surrounding poBesides, the proprietors only last pulace, in which he was succeedThursday received an incendiary, ed by his son. 'They then descendletter, containing a threat that, ed from the waggon, and attendunless the price of four was ed by a number of followers, lowered (that is to say, unless among whom were many sailors, they consented to give up the proceeded to Clerkenwell. Passprofits of their trade), their milling thence through Smithfield, and house would be burnt. The they went to Snow-hill, and a house, which stands on the other cry for arms being. raised, they side of the road, is untouched, attacked the shop of Mr. Beckand the proprietors are insured. with, a yunsinith. Here a young It is remarkable, that there as man, the first who entered, defew uneinployed poor at Chippen- manding arms, was told to go ham at this moment as have been about his business by a Mr. Platt



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