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Sir John J. Fitzgerald, to Mrs.

Moore. The Earl of Kenmare, to Au

gusta Anne, daughter of Sir Rob.
Wilmot, bart.

Rt. Hon. J. U. Frere, to Lady
Rear-admiral Hon. Sir Henry Errol.
Hotham, to Frances Anne Juliana, Lieut.-General the Hon. John
daughter of Lord Rous.

Leslie, to the daughter of the
Count Jules de Polignac, to late T. Cuming, esq.
Miss Campbell.

Lord Sinclair, to Isabella, dau.
Major-Gen. Sir Dennis Pack, of A. Chatto, esq.
to Lady Eliz. Beresford, dan. of Lieut.-Gen. Hon. C. Fitzroy,
the late Marquis of Waterford. to Mrs. Clavering Savage

Sir Andrew Agnew, bart. to Lieut-col. Sir Hew Dalrymple Madelene, daughter of the late Ross, to Miss Graham, of StoneSir David Carnegie, bart.

house. Right Hon. Earl Paulet, to

Octobe Lady Smith Burges.

Lord Charles Bentiack, to Lady Hon, col. J. Meade, M. P. to

Uriana Caroline, daughter of
W. Kashleigh, esq. M. P. to Hon. Edw. Ward.
Caroline, daughter, of Henry Earl Brooke and Warwick, to
Hinxman, esq.

Lady Monson.
Hon. and Rev. L. Dundas, to Francis Pym, esq. M. P. to
Mary Jane, dau. of Rev. James Lady James Leslie Melville, dau.

of the Earl of Leven and Melville. Major-gen. Hewett, to Louisa Lieut-col. Sir Robert W. Gar. Majendie, daughter of the Bishop diner, to Caroline Mary, daughter of Bangor.

of Lieut.-gen. Macleod.
Hon. Mr. Campbell, son of The Earl of Errol, to Harriet,
Lord Cawdor, to Lady Elizabeth 3d sister of Lord Somerville.
Thynue, dau. of the Marq.of Bath. Major-gen. Sir J. Lambert, to

Sir Alex. Campbell, burt. to Jane, dau. of the late J. Marant,
Margaret, daughter of the late esq.
Mr. A. Coldstream.

Baron Frederick Will. Drissen,

general in the Russian service, August.

to Miss Aiken, Hampstead.

Hon. George Lysaght, to Eliz. Major Fane, M. P. to Marianne, Anne, daughter of the late J. D. dau. of J. Mills Jackson, esq. Foulkes, esq.

Hon. J. Perceval, eldest son of Robert Abercrombie, jun. esq.
Lord Arden, to Larly Eliz. Anne M. P. to Eliz. daughter of Sanı.
Brudenell, daughter of the Earl Douglas, esq.
of Cardigan.
Lord W. Fitzroy, Capt. R. N.

son of the late D. of Grafton, to
Georgiana, daughter of the late Hon. T.Vanneck, to Miss Mary-
T. Raikes, Esq.

Anne Palmer.


esq. M. P.


Robert Shapland Carew, jun. Richard Baron Cahir, Eai'l of esq. M. P. to Jane Catherine, , Glengall. daughter of the late A. Cliffe, John Baker Holroyd, Baron esq.

Sheffield, Earl of Sheffield.

Lodge Evans, Baron FrankDecember.

fort, Viscount Frankfort.

Richard Baron Adare, Visc. Lambton, esq. to Lady Mount Earl. Louisa Grey, dau. of Earl Grey. Williain Baron Ennismore,

T.J. Featherstone, esq. to Lady Visc. Ennismore and Listowel. Eliz. Howard, dau. of the Earl of John Prendergast, Baron KilWicklow.

tarton, Viscount Gort. J. Carter, esq. M. P. to Joanna Sir Chaloner Ogle, admiral ; Maria, daughter of W. Smith, Banastre Tarleton, general; John

Floyd, general; Baronets. F. Taylor, esq. to the Hon. Major-gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, Juliana Cavendish, dau. of Lord a Knight-Commander of the Waterpark.


James Alan Park, esq. a Justice

of the Common Pleas. PROMOTIONS.

Lieut-gen. Sir Coape Sherbrooke, Governor of the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada,

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Rear-admiral Penrose ; Col. and the islands of Prince EdSir R. Le Poer French; Lieut. ward and Cape Breton. col, Sir Jos. Cairncross, Knights Duke of Richmond, Lord LieuCommanders of the Bath.

tenant of Sussex. A. St. John Baker, Consul-gen. Admiral Sir Richard King, in the United States.

Commander-in-chief in the East Lieut.-gen. Sir Robert Brown Indies. rigg, a Baronet.

Sir J. Colpoys, Governor of Col. James Bathurst, Governor Greenwich Hospital. of the Virgin islands.

George Snowley Holroyd, esq. J. R. Mathews, esq. Consul at a Judge of the King's Bench. Cadiz. Hon. and Rev. Mr. Hobart,

February. Dean of Windsor.

Walter, Earl of Ormonde and J. Buchanan, esq. Brit. Consul Ossory, Marquess of Ormonde. at New York.

Robert, Earl of Londonderry, W. Dawson, esq. Brit. Consul Marquess of Londonderry.

in Maryland. Henry Benton, Earl Conyng Major-gen. Sir Fred. Phillips ham, Marquess Conyogham. Robinson, Governor of Tobago. Charles John, Visc. Mountjoy,

Sir Geo. William Earl of Blessington.

Ramsay, Governor of Antigua Richard, Visc. Bantry, Earl of and Montserrat. Bantry.

Thomas Probya, esq. Governor


Major gen.

of St. Christopher, Nevis, and the Knights-Commanders of the OrVirgin Islands.

der of the Bath. Major-gen. Phineas Riall, Go Lord F. Somerset, Secretary vernor of Grenada.

of Embassy to the court of France. P. Savage, esq. Brit. Consul in The Duke of Gloucester and Virginia.

the Prince of Saxe-Cobourg, Marquess of Salisbury, and Earl Field-Marshals. of Chichester, Joint Postmasters. The Duke of Saxe-Cobourg

and Sir J. Abercrombie, Knights

Grand Crosses of the Bath.

The Earl of Clancarty, Ambas

sador Extraordinary to the NeRight Hon. Baron Exmouth, therlands. a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath.

June. Lieut. col. Gough, a Knight.

John Davidson, Esq. Consul at Right Hon. G. Canning, VisNew Orleans.

count Castlereagh, Earl Bathurst, Jasp. Waring, esq. Consul at Visc. Sidmouth, Earl of LiverValencia.

pool, Right Hon. N. Vansittart, Admiral Pickmore, Governor Baron Teigmouth, Visc. Lowof Newfoundland.

ther, Right Hon. Jolin Sullivan,

Lord Apsley, Lord Binning, Rt. April

Hon. W. Sturges Bourne, Com

missioners for the affairs of India. Major-gen. H. Mackey Gor Rev. Dr. Stanser, Bishop of don, Lieut.-Governor of Jersey. Nova Scotia. Major-general Henry Bayley,

Gibbs Crawford Antrobus, esq. Lieut.-Governor of Guernsey. Secretary of Legation to the

Hon. and Rev. Hen. Lewis United States of America. Hobart, D. D. Dean of Windsor, General R. A. Seymour, Goand Register of the Order of the vernor and Commander of St. Garter.

Lucia. Lord Napier, Commissioner to Sir H. Russel, Member of the the General Assembly of the Privy Council. Church of Scotland.

Marquis of Hertford, Lord
Admiral Sir C. Tyler, Knight- Lieut. of Warwickshire.
Commander to the Order of the


General Sir G. Drummond, Leopold Prince of Saxe-Co- Admiral Sir. S. Pellew, and Major bourg, a General in the Army. gen. Sir S. Beckwith, Knights

Sir Graham Moore, a Lord of Commanders of the Bath. the Admiralty.

Admiral Lord Exmouth and Sir Philip Ch. Durham, and Admiral Gambier, Knights Grand Sir E. W. c. Richard Owen, Crosses of the Bath.


Earl of Hopetown, Lieutenant Rear-admiral Milne, Knight of Linlithgowshire.

Commander of the Bath. Right Hon. J. M‘Mahon, Re T. Fonblanque, esq. Consul at ceiver-gen. of the Duchy of Corn- Dunkirk. wall.

F. Lascelles, esq. Consul at Major-gen. Bloomfield, Secre L'Orient. tary to the same.

S. L. Jenkins, esq. Consul at Archib. Gordon, esq.


Bayonne. at Havre.

Baron von de Capellen, ViceRev. Herbert Marsh, D. D. admiral under the King of the Bishop of Landaff.

Netherlands, Honorary Knight Earl of Dalhousie, Lieut.-Go Com. of the Bath. vernor of the Province of Nova Right Hon. Robert Liston, Scotia.

Knight Grand Cross of the Bath.

[blocks in formation]

Hon. John Meade, Consul-gen. W. Edward Powell, esq. Lord in Spain.

Lieutenant of Cardiganshire. Gilbert Robertson, Esq. Consul Fred. Lindeman, esq. Consulat Philadelphia.

gen. in Sicily. Lieut.-col. Sir James Bontein, Adolphus l'alucedo, esq. Consul a Gentleman of the Privy Cham in Corsica. ber. Lord Algern. Percy, created

November. Baron Prudhoe.

Rev. Dr. Kaye, Divinity ProSeptember.

fessor in the University of Cam

bridge. Thomas Turner, esq. Consul J. Parke, esq. Consul in the at Ragusa and Cattaro.

Roman States.
Thomas W. Richards, esq. Con-
sul at Nantes.

A. Gibson, esq. Consul at

Earl of Moira, created Marquis Baroness Lucas, created Coun of Hastings. tess de Grey.

Major-gen. Sir David OchterRight Rev. Bishop Gleig, Pri- lony, bart. Knight Grand Cross mate of the Episcopal church in of the Bath. Scotland.

Lord Combermere, CaptainLord Exmouth created a Vis general and Commander-in-chief count.

of Barbadoes.




DEATHS in the Year 1816.


stacle than it appeared to be.

The wall stands on the slope, and Having in the Chronicle of the from the lower ground what is last year inserted from the Irish immediately on the other side canpapers a relation of the death of not be discerned. The wall itself the Duke of Dorset, which is in is perhaps no inore than three some respect erroneous, we here feet and a half in height, and transcribe an authentic account two in breadth ; but on the other of that melancholy event from a side there lay a range of large memoir of that lamented and and ponderous stones, which had promising young nobleman, pub- been rolled there from off the suilished in the Gentleman's Maga- face of the adjacent barley-field, zine for Sept. 1816.

that they might not impede the He had resided in Ireland about growth of the corn. It would a year and a half, when he met have been safer to scramble over with the fatal catastrophe that such a fence, than to take it in put an end to his existence. On the stroke. The Duke's mare, the 13th of Feb. 1815, he went however, attempted to cover all to pay a visit to his friend and at one spring, and cleared the schoolfellow, Lord Powerscourt, wall; but lighting among the meaning to stay from the Mon- stones on the other side, threw day till the Thursday, on which herself headlong, and turning in day he was to return to the Castle the air, came with great violence for a drawing-room. On the upon her rider', who had not lost 14th he went out with Lord his seat; he undermost, with his Powerscourt's harriers, mounted back on one of the large stones, on a well-trained active Irish and she crushing him with all her mare, and accompanied by his weight on his chest, and strugLordship and Mr. Wingfield. gling with all her power to reHaving been out for several hours cover her legs. Let the reader without finding any thing, they but contemplate this situation, were actually on the point of re and he will not wonder that the turning home, when unfortu- accident was fatal, or that the nately a hare sprang up, and the Duke survived it only an hour chase commenced. The hare and half. The mare disentangled made for the inclosures on Kils herself, and galloped away. The Jiney Hill. They had gone but a Duke sprang upon his feet, and short distance, when the Duke, attempted to follow'her, but soon who was an excellent and forward found himself unable to stand, and horseman, rode at a wall, which fell into the arms of Mr. Farrel, was in fact a more dangerous ob- who had run to his succour, and


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