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Appointed by the Prince Regent in Council for the Year 1916.

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Bedfordshire, Henry Brandreth, of Houghton Regis, esq.
Berkshire, Richard Powlett Wrighte Benyon, of Englefield, esq.
Buckinghamshire, Thomas Tyringham Barnard, of Nether Win-
Cambridge and Huntingtonshire, John Whitby Quintin, of Hatley

, ,
St. George, esq.
Cheshire, Samuel Aldersey, of Aldersey, esq.
Cumberland, William Brown, of Tallantire-Hall, esq.
Derbyshire, John Peel, of the Pastures, esq.
Devonshire, Sir Arthur Chichester, of Youlston, esq.
Dorsetshire, John Herbert Browne, of Weymouth, esq.
Essex, Nicholas Pearce, of Loughton, esq.
Gloucestershire, Daniel John Niblett, of Harefield, esq.
Hertfordshire, Kingsinill Evans, of the Hill, esq.
Herts, Daniel Giles, of Youngsbury, esq.
Kent, Alex. Evelyn, of St. Clerc, esq.
Leicestershire, Charles W. Pochin, of Barkby, esq.
Lincolnshire, Nevile King, of Ashby, esq.
Monmouthshire, Sir Henry Protheroe, of Lantarnam Abbey, knt.
Norfolk, Sigismund Trafford Southwell, of Wroxam, esq,
Northamptonshire, Sir James Langham, of Cottisbrooke, bart.
Northumberland, Matthew Bell, of Woolsington, esq.
Nottinghamshire, Sir Robert Howe Bromley, of East Stoke, bart.
Oxfordshire, John Phillips, of Culham, esq.
Rutlandshire, John C. Gilson, of Berley, esq.
Shropshire, Sir Thomas John Tyrwhitt Jones, of Stanley, bart.
Somersetshire, John Goodfood, of Yeovil, esq.
Staffordshire, John Smith, of Great Fenton, esq.
County of Southampton, Jobn Morant, of Brokenhurst, esq.
Suffolk, Sir Charles Blois, of Cockfield Hall, bart.
Surrey, B. Barnard, of Ham Common, esq.
Sussex, John Ingram, of Rottingdean, esq.
Warwickshire, W. Holbeche, of Farnborough, esq.
Wiltshire, John Hussey, of New Sarum, esq.
Worcestershire, Joseph Lea, of the Hill, esq.
Yorkshire, Richard Oliver Gascoigne, of Parlington, esq.

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Caermarthenshire, John Colby, of Pennywern, esq.
Pembrokeshire, H. Mathias, of Fern-hill, esq.
Cardiganshire, Thomas Lloyd, of Coedmore, esq.
Glamorganshire, Henry John Grant, of Gnoll Castle, esq.
Breconshire, Edward Kendal, of Dany Park, esq.


Radnorshire, Sir Harford Jones, of Boultibrook, bart.
Merionethshire, Thomas Duckinfield Ashley, of Cwmllecoidiog, esq.
Carnarvonshire, T. Burrow, of Benarth, esq.
Anglesey, Robert Bulkeley, of Gronant, esq.
Montgomeryshire, Thomas Watkin Youde, of Clogfan, esq.
Denbighshire, Edward Edwards, of Cerrig Llwydion, esq.
Flintshire, George Boscawen, of Marford, esq.


Cornwall, Sir Arscott Ourry Molesworth, of Pencarrow, esq.

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INDIA-BOARD, WHITEHALL, The conduct of Colonel Keliy,

Aug. 10, 1816. in the command of the detached DISPATCH, dated Fort column directed against Hurry

William, March 11, 1816, hurpore, is justly entitled to vur has been received at the East high approbation ; and we have India-house from the Governor- great satisfaction in pointing out general in Council, with enclo- to the notice of your Honourable sures, of which the following are Committee the testimony borne extracts and copies :

by Major-General Ochterlony and We desire to offer to your Hon. Colonel Kelly to the merits and Committee the expression of our services of Lieut.-Colonel Miller, cordial congratulations on the sig- of His Majesty's S7th regiment; nal success which has attended Lieut.-Colonel Burnett of the 8th the first operations of our arms, regiment of Native Infantry, and and to draw your particular at Lievt. Colonel O'Halloran of the tention to the distinguished merits 18th regiment Native Infantry; and services of the officers and and the other officers particularly troops engaged in them, whose mentioned in the enclosed reports. zeal, gallantry, and perseverance, demand our warmest applause.

Your Honourable Committee Copy of a Letter and Enclosure will not fail to perceive in the

from Colonel W. Kelly, complan of operations adopted by manding the 1st Brigade, to Major-Gen. Ochterlony, the same Major-General Sir David Ochjudgment, ability, and military terlony. skill, which have always charac- Sir, I had the honour in my terised that officer's proceedings, letter of the 28th ultimo to acand which, on the present oc- quaint you with my intention of casion, supported by the bravery proceeding to this point of the and discipline of the troops under Hurryhurpore-hill, which move. his command, have enabled him ment I executed accordingly. to surmount difficulties of no or. On the best reconnoissance that dinary magnitude, in passing the could be made without particufirst range of hills, and to defeat larly calling the attention of the the bold and desperate efforts of enemy to our movements, it apthe enemy to oppose his subse. peared that a strong point, withquent progress.

in about 800 yards of the stock.


ade I mentioned, had been neg- close a list of killed and wounded, lected. This stockade runs upon which, considering the length of the range and to the westward of time the affair lasted, is not great. the Hurryhurpore-Fort, supposed Amongst the wounded you will to be about 1000 yards from it, find Captain Lindsay, of the artilin form a semicircle, and the lery: although his wounds are mountain nearly perpendicular to not severe, I fear I shall lose his the extremities, two guns in it, active services for a time, which and in all respects formidable, I lament exceedingly, having

As the occupation of this neg- found Captain Lindsay a niost lected point appeared to be of zealous able officer, both as an great moment, it was advisable to artillerist and engineer. take it by surprise: I consequently I am highly indebted to Lieut.ordered the light infantry com- Colonel O'Halloran for the able panies of the brigade, with two and officer-like manner in which companies of each of the follow- he executed this duty; and noing regiments, viz. His Majesty's thing can possibly be more flatter24th, 18th native infantry, Chum- ing or creditable than his report parun light infantry, and one of the gallant conduct of the troops company of the 2d battalion list throughout. native regiment, with 2 3-pound. From every report, it appears ers, carried by bearers, to march that the enemy have suffered seat three o'clock yesterday morn- verely; numbers of their killed ing, under the command of Lieut.- are lying in all directions round Colonel O'Halloran, who took the point of attack. Two or three possession of the position a few hundred Goorkahs have been minutes before six, dislodged a brought in, but they are, from picquet left for its protection. The the severity of their wounds, un-enemy, in very considerable force, able to speak or give intelligence. made a most desperate and obsti- The advanced position only ad. nate attack to recover this point; mits nine companies, which, with I was therefore obliged to send a a field-officer, I relieve every few companies to support the rear twenty-four hours. It will take of the position which was threat- some time to make the road for ened.

the heavy guns. We are, howIt was impossible, from the ever, this day employed in getting nature of the ground, to close or up the twelve pounders, which use the bayonet, and the musketry will probably breach the stockade. continued without interruption I am still deficient of intelliuntil half-past 11 o'clock, when gence, and uncertain of the real the arrival of two 6-poun:lers, numbers of the enemy : but I and two five and a half-inch how. believe them to be as I before itzers on elephants, in a few ini- stated. The heavy rain of last nutes decided the affair, and left night and this morning interrupts . us in possession of an almost na- our operations; but I hope it is tural redoubt, very advantageously about to clear. situated for further operations. I have the honour to be, &c. I do myself the honour to en. (Signed) W. KELLY, Col.



P.S. I have the highest grati. gratitude and joy as the event of fication in announcing the occupa- yesterday. To have been one of tion, by the advanced

guard under the humble instruments, in the the field-officer, Major Robeson, hands of Divine Providence, for of his Majesty's 24th regiment, of bringing to reason a ferocious the stockade, fort, and hill, which Government, and destroying for were evacuated some time this ever the insufferable and horrid morning, during the rain and system of Christian slavery, can thick weather, by the Goorkah never cease to be a source of deforce, under Ranjoor Kajee, who light and heartfelt comfort to joined during the action of yester- every individual happy enough to day, and commanded.

be employed in it. I may, I hope, (Signed) W. KELLY. be permitted, under such impres

sions, to offer my sincere conReturn of Killed and Wounded in gratulations to their Lordships on

the 1st or Col. Kelly's Brigade, the complete success which atin the action on the Heights of tended the gallant efforts of his Hurryhurpore, on the 1st of Majesty's fleet in their attack March, 1816.

upon Algiers of yesterday; and the Camp, near Hurryhurpore, happy result produced from it on

March 2, 1816. this day by the signature of peace. Total killed-4 privates of 24th Thus has a provoked war of Foot, 4 sepoys.

two days' existence been attended Total wounded - brevet ma- by a complete victory, and closed jor, 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, 1 by a renewed peace for England jemadar, 1 sergeant, 22 privates and her Ally, the King of the of the 24th Foot, 2 naicks, 16 Netherlands, on conditions dicsepoys, 2 pioneers, 2 gun lascars. tated by the firmness and wisdom (Signed) Geo. CASEMENT, of his Majesty's Government, and Major of Brigade. commanded by the vigour of their


My thanks are justly due for ADMIRALTY OFFICE, SEPT. 15. the honour and confidence His

Majesty's Ministers have been Captain Brisbane, of his Ma- pleased to repose on my zeal, on jesty's ship Queen Charlotte, ar- this highly important occasion. rived at this office last night with The means were by them made the following dispatches from Ad- adequate to my own wishes, and miral Lord Exmouth, G. C. B. the rapidity of their measures addressed to John Wilson Croker, speak for themselves. Not more Esq.

than one hundred days since I

left'Algiers with the British fleet, Queen Charlotte, Algiers-Bay, unsuspicious and ignorant of the Aug. 28.

atrocities which had been comSir,In all the vicissitudes of initted at Bona; that fleet, on its a long life of public service, no arrival in England, was necessarily circumstance has ever produced disbanded, and another, with on my mind such impressions of proportionate resources, created


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