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the site of the said college and An art to regulate the binding buildings therron, to the chan- of parish apprentices. cellor, master, and scholars of the An act for establishing the use said university, in trust for the of an hydrometer, called Sikes s principal and other members of hydrometer, in ascertaining the Magilalen-hall, for the purpose of strength of spirits, instead of their removing to such site ; and Clarke's hydrometer. to enable the said chancellor, An act for enabling ecclesiasmasters, and scholars of the said tical corporate bodies, under eer. university, and the president and tain circumstances, to alienate scholars of Saint Mary Magdalen lands fur enlarging cemeteries or college, to do all necessary acts churchi-yards. for much removal.

An act for granting to his Ma. An act to extind the prović jesty a certuin sum out of the con. sions of an act of the 1st of the solidated fund of Great Britain, reign of James 1st, entituled, and for applying certain monies • An Act for the better relief of therein mentioned for the service 'the creditors against such as of the year 1816, and for further 'shall become bankrupts.' appropriating the supplies granted

An act to bolish the punish- in this session of Parliament, ment of the pillory, except in certain enses.

1'ALET. le inpe. chod


From November 1815 to June 1516.

Genige Morton, for a mo le of provement in the hooping of barattaching horses to four-wheeled rels. cairan

William Adamson, for a prinJoseph Baader, Vi. D. Knt. of ciple by which a horizontail wheel Biaria, for an improved plan of may be so moved about its axis constructing rail-toals, and car- hy water, as to give it a greater riages to be used on them. power than in any other persia

James Dutton, jun. for improve- tion. ments in fulling mills.

Hilliam Plenty, for an improved Allan Taylor, Daniel Gallafent, plough. sen and jun. for an engine for Julin Millington, for improved raising culd and hot water. machinery for propellug tloating

Georze Young, for i method vessels in the water. of making a peculiar sp.cies of John Builgem, for a process of canvas fur military and other pur- reducing rags and other articles in poses.

making paper, after they have been John Malzi, for an instrument used, into their original state. called a metranome, or musical John Geo. Drake, for a method time-keeper

of expelling the molasses out of Mirquis de Chambonnes, for a refined sugar. merbod of conducting the air and Hitiram Baynham, for a comregulating the temperature in position for making leither and bouses and other buildings other articles water-proof.

Chrulopher Dihl, for improve- Joseph Munton, for improvemente in distillation.

ments in the construction of fireJames Lee, for improvements arms, and in shoring horses. in his methods of preparing heinp Fruncis Turrell, for a wheeland Max.

guard. Samuel Clegg, for an improved Georze Fred. Muntz, for a megas apparatus.

thod of abating smoke, and ob. Duru Hedmund, for a machine tining a valuable ruluct there. for the manufacture of corks and from. bungs.

John Hood and Joshua HordsRisbert Kinder, for a method of orih, for improvements in wa. propelling ships, boats, and other chinery for spinning, vessels.

Bryan Doking, for a method Robert Dickinson, for an im- for etlecting proce-ses in which a temperature above that of boiling Henry Osborne, for a method of water is requisite.

prodlucing various cylinders. John Leigh Bradbury, for im- Willum Lewis, for a machine provements in spinning ma- for fulling cloth. chinery.

Joseph Turner, for an improved P. F. Montgolfier, and H. D. rotary engine. Dayme, for improvements in a William Alkinson, for a method machine which acts by the expan- of forming blocks with bricks to sion or contraction of heated air. imitate stone.

P. E. Mont olfier, for improve- John Woodhouse, for a method ments on the machine called Hy- of forming the ground for roads draulic Ram.

and pavements. William and Daniel West, for William Stenson, for an im. methods of applying power and proved engine to be worked by motion to presses and other me- steam, &c. chanical apparatus.

Hilliam Lassalle, for a new conJumes Dauson, for improved trivance for improvement in the means of producing motion in construction of machines or inbodies wholly or in part sur- struments in clothing or other rounded by water or air

manufactories. Enoch Tonkın, for a globe-re- George Bodley, for an improsed flecting store for light or heat. metallic engine, to work by steam

Join and William Fitkin and or water. Joseph Barton, for a new truss. John Collyer, for a machine for

Samuel Jean Pauly, for an ar- shearing woollen cloths. ticle for making without seams John Rangeley, for improve. any kind of clothing; covering ments in his bydropneumatic en. for umbrellas, &c.; and cushions gine. filed with atmospherical air. Robert Copeland, for saving in

Samuel Brown, for improve the consumption of fuel. ments on the swing plough. Hulum Thierdgold, for a na.

Robert Cameron, for a new ma- chine to prevent ontructions to chine for manufacturing paper. the passage of smoke in chim.

Eruerson Douson, and John Is. nies, Hawkins, for improvements on

Ruhard Banks, for improvegrates and stores.

meuts on wheeled carriages. l'ruah Dadock, for a new spe- Benj Rotch, for a flexible elastic cies of paint for the interior of hur-eshoe. house, ships, &c.

Danuel Wilson, for improved Il siluam Mauamaru, for a me- apparatus in distillation. thod of manufactuing al

.. Thomas Roston, for an improved Julin Sily, for an auger of lock. improved construction.

Jean Sum. Pauly, for imprure. James Youn e, for prevention of menta in fire-arms. smoby chimnes.

Hilm Simons, for impruse. A roham R zers, for a method ments applicable w hered instrufor saving the consumption of ments. fuei by the setting of boilers, &c. Richard Fr. Haukins, for a me

thod for carrying tunnels or arch- John Ransome, for improvewars under rivers.

ments on ploughs. Philip Taylor, for a method of William Shund, for improveapplying heat to liquors, and in ments in the construction of artiseveral processes.

ficial lege and feel. Frances Richardson, for improve- John Foulerton, for improve. ments in fire-army.

ments in bencon buoys. Christoph. Duhl, for improve- Eduard Light, for improvements in the making of mustic or ments on the harp-lute. cement, and applying it.

John Burnet, for a convolving Geurge Dodgson, for improving iron avle-tree for the reduction of the construction of extinguishing friction and animal labour. engines and forming pumps. John Haukens Barlow, for ime

Isaac Hadley Reduell, for im- provenients on tea-urns, ten-pois, provements in the means of light. tea-boards, or tea-trays. ing the interior of offices, &c. John Burlou, for a new cooking

Robert Kemp, for improvements apparatus. in the manufacturing of cocks and John Touers, for a tincture for kevs.

the cure of coughs, &c. James Heathcoate, for improre- Henry Warburton, for a method ments in the machinery for saking of distilling certain substances and bosiery, or frame-work knited. manufacturing their products.






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A Geveral Bill of all the CHRISTENINGS and Burials within the Bills of MORTALITY, LONDON,

from December 12, 1815, 10 December 10, 1810. Christene in the 9" panshes with the walls 0-3-Burert 110;.

Chrntend in the 17 pan-he without the wals Soni-Huned 39 0.
Christened in the 23 cut poroshes in Monroexanel Suiry 12510 - Buned 10104.
Christened in the 10 pariales in the city and liberties of Westminster 3017 --Buried 5136

Abo trop anil stilborn..... 7341 Fpilepsy.


29 Broken limbs Abs C**..... 100 Est.


2 Burnt 1913 Fevers of all kinds azed. .......

.. 1299 Quinsy 2 | Drowned .....

105 Aiue. 3 Paula


rxcesele dunking. Aplexy and suddenly 43. Flux.....

Rheumatism 1 Executed

10 Athma 1003 French pox. 01 Rising of the Lighis.

I found dead..

31 Beded in » Ginur 50 Semphula. .

2 Fractured.....
Hile .....
Gravel, stone, and strangury sicurvy........

3U Griet

Shingles ....
I killed by falls and several

Bursten ani rupture..

Small Pox ....


other accidents...... Cancel .... Hearl, & water in the head.

Sore throat.

13 Killed by Fiching. Chicken Pos.


977 Sorrs and ulcers....
Child bed..
23 • Jaundice
70 Spasm .......

19 Ja. Locked,

Se Anthony's fre.

7 | Killed themselves Colck, eripes, &c. 6 priny.

Seappage inihe stomach 20 Murtered Consumptron. 427 a Lethargy .....

1 Si. Vifus's dance.

i Oserlaid.....
Convu's ns ..
329+ Livergrown...
76 | Swelling ....

2 Personel
Couch and hooping cough.. 606 Lurati.

Sw ne Pox

1 Scalded.... Cramp...

Measles ...... 1100 Teeth..

417 Suttocated. Croup. ... 92 Miscainage

7 Thrush. ....

$9 Diabetes.. >Morfication.. Tumor ...

Total 34 Dinpsy. ... 786 Palpitation of the heart.. ... Wafir n the cbest...

Palay ...
195 Worms....

Chnsteued, Males 12,181-females 11,440 - In all 23,581. | Buned, Males 10,105 - Females 10,211 - In all 20,316.

Whereof have diert,
L’nder own years nf age. $400 Twenty and thirty 1404 Sixty and seventy.....

1720 | A hundred
Between twn and bue.. Tono Thirty and forty 101: Seventy and eignty.... 130S A hundred and one ....
Five ant ien ........ *49Forty and hitty........ Fighty and ninety.

A hundred and thice ....
I en and twenty ...... 075 | Filty and six!....... 10» Ninety and a hundred.. 108

A hundred and four.....
Inerraud in the bunals into year 750.
• There have been executed in the city of London and crunty of buney, as of which numer 16 only have been

tepored to be buned within the bille uf mortality.

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.. 230

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