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name and on the behalf of his

or to such person


persons to Majesty the king of the United whom she shall by writing, signed Kingdom of Great Britain and by herself alone, from time to lieland, promises to secure to her time, as the same shall become Royal Highness Princess Char- due, direct and order the same to lotte Augusta, and to his Serene be paid, or otherwise to receive Highness Leopold George Fre- the same on her sole behalf. derick, Duke of Saxe, Margrave III. His Royal Highness the of Meissen, Landgrave of Thu- Prince Regent, acting as aforeringuen, Prince of Coburg of said, engages to secure to her Saalfeld, &c. &c. &c. during their Royal Highness Princess Charjoint lives, and to the survivor of lotte Augusta the annual suin of ther, the annual sums hereinafter 60,0001., to be paid to her during mentioned ;-that is to say, dur- her life, in case her Royal Highing their joint lives, the annual ness shall survive his Serene Highsum of 60,0001, to be paid quar- ness Leopold George Frederick, terly; 10,0001, of which annual Duke of Saxe, Margrave of Meissum, also to be paid quarterly, sen, Landgrave of Thuringuen, shall be granted unto commis- Prince of Coburg of Saalfeld, &c. sioners, named for that purpose &c. &c.; such annual sum to by his Royal Highness the Prince commence in payment from the Regent, acting as aforesaid, to death of his Serene Highness be by them received for the sole Leopold George Frederick, Duke and separate use of the said Prin- of Saxe, Margrave of Meissen, cess, notwithstanding her inar- Landgrave of 'Thuringuen, Prince riage state, and without his Se- of Cobury of Saalfeld, &c. &c. &c. rene Highness Leopold George in the lifetime of her Royal HighFrederick, Duke of Saxe, Mar- ness Princess Charlotte Augusta, grave of Meissen, Landgrave of and to be paid quarterly; and Thuringuen, Prince of Coburg the first quarterly payment is to of Saalfell, &c. &c. &c. having

be made at the end of three' caany power over the same, and lendar months after such his dewhich annual sum of 10,000l. so cease, when the said annuity, payable quarterly, the said Prin- payable during their joint lives, ress shall not have power, either is to determine. separately or conjointly with his And his Royal Highness the Serene Highness Leopold George Prince Regent, so acting as aforeFrederick, Duke of Saxe, Mar- said, further engages to secure grave of Meissen, Landg rave of to his Serene Higliness Leopold Thuringuen, Prince of Coburg of George Frederick, Duke of Saxe, Saalfelii, &c. &c. &c to alienate, Margrave of Meissen, Lanılgrave inortgage, or receive or direct to of Thuringuen, Prince of Coburg be paid by way of anticipation ; of Saalfeld, &c the annual sum but the same shall, from time to of 50,0001., to be paid to him time as the same shall become during his life, in case he shall due, he paid and payable into the survive her Royal Highness Prinproper hands of the sixiil Princess ce - Charlotte Augusta ; such analone, upon her own sole recept, nual suin to commence in pay



ment from the death of her Royal petent for her Royal Highness to Highness, in the lifetime of his return to this country before the Serene Highness, and to be paid expiration of such term, either in quarterly; and the first quarterly consequence of directions for that payment to be made at the end purpose, in writing from his Maof three calendar months after jesty, or from the Prince Regent, such her decease, when the said or at her own pleasure. annuity, payable during their VI. This treaty shall be ratijoint lives, is to determine. fied by his Royal Highness the

IV. The son or daughter, or Prince Regent on the behalf of descendant of the said marriage his Majesty, and by his said Sefor the time being, next in suc- rene Highness, and the ratificacession to the Crown of the united tions shall be exchanged in ten kingdom of Great Britain and days, or sooner, if possible. Ireland after the Princess Char- In witness whereof, the relotte Augusta, shall be brought spective Plenipotentiaries have up in such manner as his Ma- signed it, and have affixed therejesty the King of the United King- unto the seals of their arms. dom of Great Britain and Ire- Done at London, tbe 13th day land, or his successors, may be of March, one thousand eight pleased to direct; and no chil- hundred and sixteen. dren of this marriage shall be allowed to marry without the consent of his Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Bri- It is hereby expressly declared, tain and Ireland, or his successors that no article or provision, confor the time being.

tained in the treaty of marriage V. It is understood and agreed, signed this day, shall in any manthat her Royal Highness Prin- ner be taken, or deemed to affect cess Charlotte Augusta shall not, or prejudice any right or preroat any time, leave the United gative of his Majesty, his heirs Kingdom without the permission, or successors, touching or conin writing, of his Majesty, or of cerning the education or marthe Prince Regent, acting in the riages of any of the children or name and on the behalf of his descendants of her Royal HighMajesty, and without her Royal ness Princess Charlotte Augusta, Highness's own consent.

or the education or marriages of And in the event of her Royal any of the Royal Family or their Highness being absent from this descendants. country, in consequence of the The present additional article permission of his Majesty, or of shall have the same force and the Prince Regent, and of her effect as if it were inserted, word own consent, such residence abroad for word, in the treaty of marshall in no case be protracted be. riage signed this day. It shall be yond the term approved by his included in the ratification of the Majesty, or the Prince Regent, said treaty. and consented to by her Royal In witness whereof the respecHighness. And it shall be com- tive Plenipotentiaries have signed



the same, and have affixed thereto known, as we hereby make known, the seals of their arins.

that we again take upon ourselves the government of our subjects,

at the same tiine giving thanks PROCLAMATION.

for the care which our illustrious

father has taken of the welfare Parma, March 20. of our subjects :-We moreover “We, Francis, by the grace declare, that it is our pleasure to of God Emperor of Austria, &c. confirm all the ordinances issued -By our letters-patent of the by our father during his govern2d of April 1815, we made ment, and strictly enjoin the inknown, that, on the request of habitants of our said duchies to our beloved daughter, the Arch- conform thereto. Given at Veduchess Maria Louisa, Duchess nice, this 17th March 1816." of Parma, Placentia, and Guastalla, we charged ourselves with the preliminary administration of these provinces. The circumstances which at that time led us

Proclamation by Sir Thomas Mait

land. to such a determination being happily ended, we restore the Among the various and high thus intrusted government into duties intrusted to the administhe hands of our beloved daugh- tration of his Excellency by his ter ; and we have ordered that gracious Sovereign, there is none the same shall be made known to more important in itself than the the people by letters-patent. Done conservation of all the rights, at Milan, this 7th of March 1816, privileges, and prerogatives, of the 25th of our reign.”

the dominant and of the tolerated The above was accompanied by religion. the following proclamation :

It has been, and always will “We, Maria Louisa, Impe- be, a fixed maxim of the policy of rial Princess, Archduchess of Great Britain, and an invariable Austria, by the grace of God principle of its conduct, both with Duchess of Parma, Placentia, regard to those countries that and Guastalla, &c.—Our illus- may be under its immediate sove. trious and dearly beloved father, reignty, and those that may be his Majesty the Emperor and under its exclusive protection, to King, having desired that on our guarantee and maintain the va. repairing to our duchies of Par. rious religious establishments, as ma, &c. we should again take into being essentially connected with our hands the government of the vital principles of good gothese provinces, which he had so vernment, morals, and happigraciously accepted in trust for us (as we communicated in our His Excellency, impressed with letters-patent from the Imperial this truth, and having observed Palace of Schoenbrunn of date the with regret that the French, with 31st of March 1815), we have that impious indifference which therefore thought proper to make distinguished their revolutionary



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career, now happily ended, forci- Speech of the Prince Regent at the bly took away many of the sacred close of the Session, July 2d, places of public worship in this 1816. city, and converted them to mili- “My Lords and Gentlemen, tiry and other uses : aid his Ex- “ I cannot close this Session of cellency having under: tood, froin Parliament without again exa report made to him three days pressing my deep regret at the ago by the high pulice, whose continuance of his Majesty's laconstant assiduity merits his high- mented indisposition. est praise, that some officers of " The cordial interest which that department, led by their ex- you have manifested in the happy treme zeal, had entered a church event of the marriage of my of the dominant religion in pur- daughter, the Princess Charlotte, suit of il person suspected of a with the Prince of Saxe-Coburg, high offence, and that no express and the liberal provision which general rule exists on that sub- you have made for their establishject, his Excellency therefore di- ment, afford an additional proof ricts as follows:

of your affectionate attachment to Ist. That every place of public his Majesty's person and family, worship shall be completely eva- and demand my warmest acknowcuated, and given up to the re- ledynients. . spectable head of the respective “I have the pleasure to acreligion to which it belongerl. quaint you, that I have given the

ed. That no soldier, officer of royal consent to a marriage bepolice, or other individual what- tween his Majesty's danghter, the soever, shall on any account dire Princess Mary, and the Duke of or pretend to pursue any person, (ilocester ; and I am persuaded of i hatever offence suspected, in- that this event will be highly grato the sanctuary or interior of any tifying to all his Majesty's suhchuch, but shall contine himself jects. to placing around the church such “. The assiirances which I have sentinels as may be necessary to received of the pacific and friendprevent the escape of the suspect- ly disposition of the powers ened per:on,

at the

same time gaged in the late war, and of giving an account thereof to the their resolution to execute invivgovernor, who will take the ne- Jably the terms of the treaties cessary steps for placing this per- which I announeed to you at the son in the hands of justice, by opening of the session, promise the intervention of the head of the continuance of that peace so that religion to whom the church essential to the intere-ts of all Telinys.

the nations of the world. 'l his present shall be printed in Gr ek and I al an, und pu lished Gentlemen of the House for universal inti ratin

of Commons, By oriler of his Excel ency,

"I thank you for the supplies WM. MEER, Full . Sec. which you have granted for the Pilica, Corfu

service of the year ; and I am Murch 19, 1016.

sen-ible of the beneficial effects

which may be expected to result trials which they have undergone, from the salutary system of mak- in the course of the arıluous coning provision for them in a way test in which we have been encalculated to uphold public credit. gaged, and the ultimate success

" The arrangements which you which has attended their glorious have adopted for discharging the and persevering exertions, I may incumbrances of the civil list, rely with perfect confidence on and for rendering its future in their public spirit and fortitulle in come adequate to its expenditure, sustaining those difficulties, which by relieving it from a part of the will, I trust, be found to have charge to which it was subject, arisen from causes of a temporary are in the highest degree gratify- nature, and which cannot fail to ing and satisfactory to me ; and be materially relieved by the pruyou may be assured that nothing gressive improvement of public shall be wanting on my part to credit, and by the reduction which give full effect to those arrange- has already taken place in the ments.

burdens of the people." "The provision you

have made for consolidating the revenues of Great Britain and Ireland, will, Treaty between the King of Spain I doubt not, be productive of the and the King of the Netherlands. happiest consequences, in cementing and advancing the in- In the name of the Most Holy terests of the United Kingdom ;

and Indivisible Trinity. and must afford an additional His Majesty the King of the proof of the constant disposition Netherlands, and his Majesty the of Parliament to relieve the diffi- King of Spain and the Indies, culties and promote the welfare animated with an equal desire to of Ireland.

put a check upon the piracies of

the Barbary Regencies, and to My Lords and Gentlemen, procure to the trade and naviga

" The measures to which I tion of the Mediterranean all poshave been under the necessity of sible security, desiring to cement resorting, for the suppression of their alliance by a solemn treaty, those tumults and disorders which and to fix the extent and the had unfortunately occurred in means thereof, have given their some parts of the kingdom, have full powers for this purpose, viz. been productive of the most salu- his Majesty the King of the Netary effects.

therlands, to Mr. liugues Zuylen I deeply lament the continu- de Nyevelt, Knight of the order arce of that pressure and distress of the Belgic Lion, and his Envoy which the circumstances of the Extraordinary and Minister Plecountry, at the close of so long a nipotentiary to his Cathrlic Mawar, have unavoidably entailed jesty, and his Majesty the King on many classes of his Majesty's of Spain and the Indies, to Sieur subjects.

Pedro Cevallos y Guerra, Coun“I feel fully persuaded, how- sellor of State, Knight of the ever, that after the many severe order of the Golden Fleece, &c.

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