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First Minister of State, &c. who, them as obligatory, even though after having exchanged their full founded on custom. powers, have agreed on the follow 7. When one of the Powers ing articles :

shall be attacked by the Barbary Art. 1. This alliance is purely States, without having provoked defensive, and its object is to pro- the attack by any hostile act, then tect the commerce of the powers the alliance shall have effect. who are parties to it.

8. The obligation of the Allies 2. This alliance shall subsist so to defend the offended party shall long as the Regencies of Algiers, subsist till just reparation has Tunis, and Tripoli do not re- been obtained for the damage nounce their offensive system to caused by the offence, and also an wards the property of the subjects indemnity for the expenses of the of the Contracting Powers.

3. If one of these should be in 9. Neither of the Allies can jured by any corsair of the three enter into a negotiation with the Regencies, it shall be the duty of common enemy without the conthe Consuls of the Allied Powers sent of the other. to claim

reparation of the Govern 10. The Contracting Parties ment of the offending party by engage to employ a sufficient legal means, and if justice should force to defend and protect their not be done, the Allied Powers commerce against the piracies of shall

agree, if necessary, to pro- the Barbary Powers. ceed to reprisals, to an amount 11. His Majesty the King of answerable to the offence com the Netherlands shall furnish in mitted.

consequence a ship of the line and 4. It shall be considered as an six frigates, and his Catholic Maoffence against the Allied Powers, jesty a ship of the line, two friif one of the Regencies takes gates, a brig, and 16 gun-boats. justice into its own hands by seiz 12. The chief command shall ing the property of the subjects of belong to the senior officer of the the Contracting Parties, without same rank. having previously tried other 13. Each Power shall bear the means, or established proceed- expense of maintaining its respectings to obtain justice and sa ive forces, and all shall be sta. tisfaction.

tioned in the ports of Spain the 5. As an offence committed best situated and defended to fulfil against the Allied Powers shall the object of the alliance. be considered the arrest of the 14. The maritime forces of the Consuls for debts of private per- Netherlands shall be supplied at a sons, or of their respective Sove- reasonable price in the ports of reigns, since the Regencies ought his Catholic Majesty with all to employ for the purpose of articles of urgent necessity, as claiming them the methods adopt- well for the repairs as ammunied by civilized nations.

tion and provisions, on payment 6. The Allied Powers will also in bills of exchange, at sight, on consider themselves offended if the Government of the Nether any present is demanded from lands.

15. The



15. The convoys from one port munication and invitation to the of the Mediterranean to another Courts of Petersburgh, Stockshall be fixed at certain periods, holm, and Copenhagen. and the merchantmen belonging 24. The present Treaty shall to the subjects of the Contracting be ratified, and the ratifications Powers shall be equally protected exchanged at Madrid within six and convoyed.

weeks, or sooner if possible. 16. A cruising squadron shall In testimony whereof, we, the be stationed before Algiers to Plenipotentiaries undersigned, by hinder the corsairs from going virtue of our respective full pow'out, or to intercept them on their ers, have signed the present Treaty, return.

and have affixed to it the seal of 17. Another squadron shall be our arms. stationed before Tunis in case of Done at Alcala de Henares,

Aug. 10, 1816. 18. Tripoli having hardly any (Signed) maritime force, it will be easy (L. S.) H. De Zuylen De for the above-mentioned cruising

Neyvelt. squadrons to keep it in check. (L. S.) Pedro Cevallos.

19. When war shall be declared against one of the Barbary Powers of Algiers, Tunis or Tripoli, the vessels which shall fall into the Art. 1. His Catholic Majesty, power of the cruising squadrons not being actually in a state of shall be immediately burnt or de war with the Dey of Algiers, the stroyed.

commander of the Spanish naval 20. The Powers engage to pay forces shall repair with the marithe value of them to the captors, time forces of the King of the and this sum shall be divided ac Netherlands before Algiers, and cording to the existing regulations by virtue of the 4th, 5th, 6th, of the Power whose men of war and 7th articles of the treaty of shall have made the capture. this day, shall demand from the

21. If vessels of war of differ- Algerine government reparation ent nations have made the cap- for the offences committed against ture, these Powers shall pay the both the Contracting Powers, devalue according to the number of claring at the same time, that the the respective crews : each Power intention of the Powers is scrushall pay this premium to its pulously to observe towards the crews.

Barbary Powers the laws of na22. The prisoners of war shall tions as established in Europe. be divided in the same proportion. 2. If the Algerine Government

23. The present Treaty shall refuses to listen to the voice of be communicated to the Courts justice, and will not give the reof Portugal, Turin, and Naples, paration required, the casus feby his Catholic Majesty, who shall deris of the present shall be reinvite them to accede to it. His cognized as having taken place, Majesty the King of the Nether- and the respective forces the lands shall make the same com. Contracting Powers shall act ac.


cording to the stipulations of on the same footing, and treated Articles 7, 8, 9, 19, 20, 21. with the same respect, as the

British Consul, in order to regu.

late the concerns of trade. He Treaty of Peace between his Ma- sball be allowed the free exercise jesty the King of the Netherlands, of his religion in his hotel, both and his Serene Highness Omar for himself and his domestics, and Pacha, Dey and Gorernor of the for all other persons who may fortress and kingdom of Algiers, wish to make use of this advanagreed upon and concluded by tage. Admiral Theodore Frederick Done in duplicate, in the forBaron Van de Capellen, Com tress of Algiers, in presence of mander-in-Chief of the Squadron Almighty God, the 28th day of of his Majesty the King of the August, of the year of Jesus Netherlands, in the Mediterrunean Christ, 1816, and in the year of Sea, und by authority of his the Hegira, 1231, the 6th day of Majesty.

the month Shawat. Ait l. It is agreed upon and

(Signed) resolved between the Baron Van (L.S.) J. F. Van De CAPELLEN, de Capellen, and his Highness

Commander-in-Chief of the Dey ot' Algiers, that from this

the Squadron of his Maday forward there shall be a dura

jesty the King of the ble and inviolable


Netherlands. friendship between his Majesty (L. S.) H.M'Donell, exercising the King of the Netherlands and

the functions of Conhis states and subjects, and his

sul General. Highness the Dey of Algiers, his Opposite was the signature dominions and subjects, and also of OMAR PACHA, Dey and that all the articles of peace and Governor of Algiers. friendship agreed to anii concludeil from the year 1757. between their High Mightinesses the States. Proclamations from the Brazilian General and the Government of

Government. the Kingdom of Algiers, are by these presents reneweil, ratified, The Marquis De Allegrete, of the and confirmed, as if they were all Council of His Most Faithful inser ted word for word in the Majesty, Gentleman of his present treaty, and that the ships Chamber, Grand Cross of the of war and other vessels, as also Order of the Tower and the the subjects of both kingdoms, Sword, and of that of Christ, shall do each other no injury or Camp-Marshal of the Armies, offence, but shall henceforward, Governor and Captain-General and at all times, treat each other of the Captainship of St. Pedro reciprocally with all respect and of the Rio Grande. friendship

Inhabitants of the Territory 2. A Consul from his Maje.ty

of Monte-Video ! the King of the Netherlands shall The Portuguese troops, equally be rece ved at Algiers, precisely brave and well disciplined, are


entering your territory; and ing them to the neighbourhood worthy men may now thank Di of the Rio Pardo, are facts which vine Providence, which, employ are notorious, and more than ing the powerful and always pro- sufficient to prove the intentions pitious arm of the King my Lord

of that tyrant.

They also suffice and Master, banishes the evils to prove incontestably that there that assail you, punishes the chiefs can be no stable government if they do not correct themselves, among yourselves, nor security in and, not stopping at such great the Portuguese dominions, while benefits, will confer others which you remain subject to his oppresyou cannot appreciate until you sion. To a tyrant, who, obtainenjoy them.

ing the control of your armed Do not abandon your houses, force, dictates to you by it his except to seek a shelter from the own opinions--a tyrant whose banditti, and join the army : for conduci has been hostile and inevery thing that may be wanted

constant, except in what relates you shall be purctually paid. In to his interests, and who cannot his most faithful Majesty's name render your country happy, nor I promise you security for your afford your neighbours any conpersons and property. Let, then, fidence in his political relations. your lamentations and complaints Inhabitants of the Province of cease er let them cease for ever ; the North, terminate the state of and mingling your voices frater ince: titude which ruins your counnally with ours, repeat a thousand try, and disturbs the frontier of times with that gaiety which has tlie kingdom of Brazil. To reso long forsaken you-Live the move these evils I am sent by my King! Live the King ! Live the Sovereign, with the troops which King !

you see with me, and others who

follow us, but who do not come Charles Frederick Lecor, Lieut. to conquer or to destroy your pro

General of the Armies of his perty. On the contrary, their Most Faithful Majesty, General- only object is to subclue the enein-Chief of the troops (lestined my, to deliver you from oppresfor the pacification of the Left sion, to re-establish your tranBank of the Rio de la Plata, quillity, to put an end to the ex&c. &c.

traordinary contributions imposed People of the Left Bank of

on you, and to treat you all with the Rio de la Plata ! kindness, those only exceptel who The reiterated insults which shall henceforth attempt to disturb the tyrant Artigas has given to the public peace. the pacific inhabitants of Monte Inhabitants! You who love the Video, your own countrymen, welfare of your country, l'emain and those of the Rio Grande ; the tranquil in your houses, and place absolute prohibition of communi confidence in the promises which cating on the frontier with your I make you in the name of my friends the Portuguese; and, Sovereign. He has constituted finally, the hostile disposition in me heall of a Provisional Governwhich he places his troops, direct ment in this province; and 1


promise you on the faith of an lies, in proportion to the populaold officer and faithful subject, tion of the island. that I shall fulfil all the orders I “The population being a quarreceive from my august Sovereign, ter of that of all our dominions, who gives none but for your hap- the fourth part of our Council of piness.

State shall be composed of SiciCharles FREDERICK LECOR. lians, and the other three quarters

of subjects of our other domi. Declaration of the King of the Two nions. Sicilies.

“ The same proportion will be Ferdinand I. by the grace of observed for the places of our Mi

God, King of the Kingdom of nisters and Secretaries of State, the Two Sicilies, &c. &c. &c. the first dignities of the Court, “Desiring to confirm the pri- and the places of our representavileges granted by us, and the tives and agents at foreign Courts. Monarchs our illustrious prede Art. 3. Instead of two Sicicessors, to our well-beloved Sici. lian Consultatori, who, according lians, and to reconcile the invio- to the concession of our august falability of these privileges with ther, were members of the anthe unity of the political institu- cient Junta of Sicily, there shall tions, we have by the present law be always in the Supreme Counsanctioned, and do sanction as cil of the Chancery of the Two follows:

Sicilies a number of Sicilian Coun“ Art. 1. All civil and eccle- sellors, according to the proporsiastical employments in Sicily tion fixed in the preceding article. beyond the Straits shall, conform Art. 4. Offices in our army ably to the capitularies of the Mo- and navy, our royal household, narchs our predecessors, be con will be conferred on all our subferred exclusively on Sicilians, jects, without distinction of the without the other subjects of our part of our dominions of which states on this side the Straits being they are natives. ever entitled to pretend to them, " Art. 5. The Government of in the same manner as the Sici- the whole kingdom of the Two lians cannot form any claim to Sicilies shall be always about our civil and religious employments person. When we shall reside in in our other doniinions above- Sicily, we shall have as Governor mentioned. We place among the in our states on this side of our number of the places exclusively · Straits a Prince of our family, or to be given to Sicilians, the Arch- another personage of distinction, bishopric of Palermo, though our whom we shall choose among our august father, Charles llỈ. re subjects. served the disposal of it to him “ If it is a Prince of the Royal self, in the great charter which Family, he shall have with him he granted to the Sicilians. one of our Ministers of State,

"Art. 2. Our Sicilian subjects who shall correspond with the beyond . the Straits shall be ad. Ministers and Secretaries of State mitted to all the great dignities who shall reside near our person, of the kingdom of the Two Sici- and who shall have with him, be

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