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memorial to me respecting the for an increase to the
state of that county, which bears force stationed in them. In the
date the 29th November ; they re- Memorial which I received from
presented that frequent outrages the King's County, which bore
were committed; that oaths of the signature of sixteen

increased malignity had been ad- trates, it was stated
ministered; that three persons alarming disturbances

existed in had been convicted on charges of that county, and the adjacent parts administering and taking an oath, of Westeneath; that most every one of the obligations of which night houses were pecae yed of was “ to assist the French and arms; that they Buonaparte ;" and that the wit- stronger measures

Sonsidered ness upon whose evidence that which could be resorted so been recently murdered, under cessary; and that the conviction had taken place had the existing laws absotels ne circumstances which were alone ment and enforcement sufficient to prove the alarm- surrection Act would ing state

of that county. The me morial concluded with an earnest In the month of Jan prayer , that a proposition might I received from the ones and


h be made to the Legislature for 28 of the magistrates ose county

d the revival of the Însurrection of Westmeath a second storial, Act.

From evidence adduced on the mediate revival of the

18 trial of six persons concerned in the tion Act.

of murder alluded to in this Memo- murders had been then recently rial (five of whom were capitally committed within the sho= space

el, convicted), it was proved, that the of a month, two upon murder was committed by a party suspected of giving of eighteen men selected from a against offenders. larger body who assembled in Your Lordship win

ut. separate parishes, for the purpose 1814, I felt it incumbent upon divisions of 12 each from three that in the early part of January of planning and perpetrating this me to call your attention murder. I may also add, that representation made to vor Lord. nine persons were shortly after- ship by his Gmce the Duke of wards convicted on the same Richmomat, in the month of Aucharges with respect to the oath gust preceding on the subject of on which the convictions mea- the tistarted state of consider tioned in the memorial of the Tomc- De to the interior of this gistrates took place.

Similar meetings of the mes rareet, Tahsing the trates of Waterford and off the best 5a douted King's County took place atatt byte the same time, and I received witte from both representations of the antee disturbed state of their respective treats

1 councounties, and earmet apication in

of Mid


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resident magistrates great unani. county, in the month of January, mity and cordiality had for some 1816. time past prevailed, and to many The weekly reports made to of them the utmost credit is due government by the magistrates for the zeal and activity with superintending the police estabwhich they discharged their du- lishments, mentioned repeated inties. The combined efforts, how- stances wherein the houses of réever, of the magistracy and of the spectable inhabitants had been atpolice, aided by a very consisler- tacked, (in some cases in the day able military force, were insuffi- time), and the occupiers compelcient to contend with that lawless led to deliver up their arms. Sespirit and audacity in the commis- veral murders had been commitsion of crime, which placed in ted, particularly upon persons continual hazard the lives and employed in the collection or vaproperties of the peaceable and luation of tithes. One person well-disposed inhabitants. thus occupied, though accompa

No less than four attacks had nied by eight armed men for his been made within a short period, protection, was killed in the dayby considerable bodies of armed time, and his party disarmed, men, upon the coaches conveying within a short distance of the city the mails through this county, of Cashel. although they were accompanied In the early part of the month by a military escort : on these oc- of September, in consequence of casions some of the dragoons the repeated acts of outrage which were killed, and other persons were committed in the counties wounded.

of Tipperary and Limerick, and In the barony of Kilnamanagh, the violent and open manner in a house had been hired as a tem- which the law was set at defiance, porary barrack for the accommo- i directed a large atkılitional milidation of a military party, which, tary force, under the command of with the house adjoining it, was Lieutenant-General Meyrick, to entirely destroyed in the month march into these counties, with of September, by a very large the view of aiding the civil power, body of men in arms, provided and giving that confidence to the with various instruments of at- respectable and well-disposed intack. A written notice was left; habitants, which might induce stating that

was resolved to de- them to remain in country, stroy in the same manner any and co-operate with the governhouse taken by the government ment in attempting to maintain for a similar purjose.

tranquillity. Fortunately for the peace of the On receiving, on the 25th of country, thirteen persons, toge- September, the memorial which I ther with their leader in this at- have above alluded to, proceeding lack (the son of a farmer of con- from an unanimous meeting of siderable property), were capitally forty magistrates, I lost not a convicted at the special commis- moment in issuing a proelamasion, subsequently held in this tion, with the advice of the privy

council, council, declaring six (*) of the nies in which it had been recently baronies of the county of Tip- enforced, its influence would be perary to be in a state of disturi)- felt in those inmediately adjoining ance, and subjecting them to the them. provisions of the insurrection act. At the latter end of September,

Another (1) barony of the I received from forty-seven macounty was, in a few days after- gistrates of the county of Limerwards, included in this proclama- ick, assembled at a special sessions tion, on the application of the on the 26th, a representation that magistrates.

the entire of that county was in In the course of the month of a state of disturbance, occasioned October, another memorial was by a very general confederacy presented to me from thirteen among the lower orders, and magistrates of the county of Tip- praying that the county might be perary, assembled at an extraor- proclaimed under the insurrection dinary session of the peace, ex

act A memorial was also receive pressing their opinion, that four ed, concluding with the same additional baronies, (#) not in- prayer, from the magistrates of cluded in the proclamations, were the county of the city of Limerick. in a state of disturbance, and Having had sufficient evidence praving that they also might be that the ordinary operation of the proclaimed.

law was inadequate to naintain Not having had sufficient rea- tranquillity in this county, and son to think that the baronies that it was in a state of serious last mentioned were in such a disorder, it was proclaimed in state of disturbance as to call for council under the provisions of the application of any extraordi- the insurrection act, on the 30th nary measure, I directed the clerk of September ; and the county of of the peace to be called upon to the city, with the exception of furnish the sworn informations such parishes as are within the of outrages committed, upon city, was proclaimed on the 3d which the allegations of disturb- of October. ance rested.

In consequence of the number After a consideration of the do- of prisoners in the gaol of the cuments with which was fur- county of Limerick, I deemed it nished, I did not think the neces- expedient to issue a warrant for sity for a compliance with the a special commission, for the

purmemorial I have last mentioned pose of bringing the offenders to sufficiently established. I enter- trial. taine:l a confident hope, that if In the carly part of November the act was effectual in the baro- it gave me great satisfaction to

be enabled to inform your lord(*) The sis baronies were those of Mid- ship, that since the insurrection dlethird, Kilnamanagh, Eliogarty, Slewar

act had been in force in the coundagh, and Compsey, Clanwilliam, and the ties of Tipperary and Limerick, easteru barony of Lila and Oifa. (t) That of Ita and Offa West.

comparatively few crinies in vio(1) Upper and Lower Ormond, Ikerrin, lation of the public perce have and Ownay and Arra.

been committed in these counties,


and that they had enjoyed a state strongly indicative of that depraof tranquillity to which they had vity and sanguinary disposition been unaccustomed for some time of which this county had prepast : that those provisions of the sented so many lamentable proofs. insurrection act which give faci- It appeared that in the month of lities to the magistrates to recover September a house in the neigharins from persons who are not bourhood of Mr. Baker's resientitled by law to possess them, dence had been attacked by an had operated very beneficially; armed body of men, and, after and I felt it due to the magistrates considerable resistance on the part residing in the disturbed districts of the inhabitants, had been to report to your Lordship the burned. Mr. Baker had exerted great unanimity with which they himself with great activity and acted, and the strong disposition success in detecting and comthey had shown to give effect by mitting to prison the perpetrators their personal exertions to the of this outrage; and in consemeasures of government. At quence of his exertions a conspithis period I received addresses racy to murder him was formed from each of the grand juries of in the early part of November. the county and city of Limerick, The murder was committed on assembled at the special commis- the 27th of November in the day sion then about to terminate, ex- time, by a party of five persons. pressing their satisfaction with It appeared that in consequence of the measures' which had been an order which had been issued adopted for the suppression of (it has not been traced from disturbance, and conveying an as- whom) several persons (many of surance that they had been at- them from considerable distances) tended with success

assembled on that day and the Notwithstanding the intimation evening preceding, upon the difwhich I had so recently conveyed ferent roads by which it was posto your lordship, that the state of sible for Mr. Baker to return the county of Tipperary was im- from Cashel, and were stationed proved, at least there had been of in small detachments in different late fewer violations of the public houses and places of concealment, peace, towards the latter end of for the purpose of intercepting the month of November, Mr. him ; that Mr. Baker was watchWilliam Baker, a gentleman of ed the whole day by persons apconsiderable fortune, and of the pointed for the purpose; that his highest character and respecta- departure from Cashel was combility, was assassinated on his municated by signals, and that return home from the special when the shots were fired which sessions at Cashel, where he had deprived bim of his life, a shout been discharging his duty as a of triumph was raised by a nummagistrate. The circumstances ber of people who had assembled under which this murder was in the neighbourhood, evidently committed, and which were proved to witness this barbarous murder. in evidence o the trial of two On the 2d of December I issued persons concerned in it, are a proclamation in council, offer

ing a reward of 5,0001. for the me, representing that various discovery of the person by whom acts of violence, viz. the robbery the murder was committed. I of arms, the infliction of torture, shortly afterwards received an ad- the assembling in arms by night, dress, signed by 76 magistrates and the administration of unlawof the county of Tipperary, as- ful oaths, were committed in a sembled at a special sessions of snall district of that county (*), the peace on the 13th of Decem- and praying that it might be de. ber, expressing the strongest ac- clared in a state of disturbance knowledgments for the prompt under the insurrection act. administration of the powers con- I had previously received a mefided to the executive government, morial from a numerous meeting and assuring me, that notwith- of the magistrates of Westmeath, standing the recent murder of assembled at Moate, on the 2d Mr. Baker, and the nianifest in- of November, stating, that the tention of those concerned in it to character of the disturbances intimidate the magistrates from which had so long prevailed in the execution of their duty, they that county remained the same; were determined to co-operate that they were of opinion, that the with the government in endea- ordinary powers entrusted to the vouring to maintain tranquillity, magistracy were totally inadeand not to relax their exertions quate to ensure security to the infrom the apprehension of personal habitants; and unanimously praydanger. They concluded by pray- ing, that the provisions of the ining, that a superintending magis- surrection act might be put in trate and police establishment force in two baronies of that might be placed in the barony in county (+) without delay. which the murder of Mr. Baker Having had convincing proofs, had been perpetrated.

that in the districts pointed out I gave immediate effect to the by the magistrates of King's wishes of the magistrates thus County and Westmeath, (and conveyed; and a clief magistrate which are contiguous districts), of police, with 50 constables, was a very turbulent disposition had placed in the barony of Clanwil- long prevailed, many instances liam. On the 28th of December having occurred (some of which a warrant was issued for a special are enumerated in a former part commission to be held in the of this dispatch) in which illegal county of Tipperary.

vaths had been adininistered, in In order that I might not inter which houses had been plundered rupt a connected account of the of arms, and witnesses and others measures which I was compelled suspected of aiding the administo adopt in the counties of Tippe- tration of justice, had been murrary and Limerick, I omitted to dered or most cruelly treated ; state, that in the month of No. vember, a memorial, signed by several magistrates of the King's parishes of Durrow, Rahan, Lemanuhan,

(*) The barony of Kilcoursy, and the County, assembled at Clare on the Clomuacnoise, and wherry. 22d of November, was laid before (+) Clonlopan and Moycashel.


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