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toes annually.

When this man his house they would pull it was turned adrift upon the world down; upon this he applied a seby the enclosure of the common, cond time to the court, and obif he had been without hope, or tained a legal permission with if the rood of land for which he the assent of all the copyholders, asked had been denied, he and paying for the entry of his name his six children, and his pregnant on the court rolls, and sixpence wife, might have gone to the a year quit rent. And here we workhouse, and become a burden must do our country the justice to the public, instead of setting it to observe, that if a man of known an example, and teaching a most industry and good character, like important lesson to their supe- Joseph Austin or Britton Abbot, riors. We will transcribe Sir applies for an indulgence of this Thomas Bernard's words, and kind, there is very little probaprint them, as he has done, in a bility that the application will manner which may tend to excite be refused. Austin was at this the attention they deserve. “Five time about forty-two years of

age; unsightly, unprofitable acres of he had a wife and four children, waste ground would afford habi- and his whole stock of worldly tation and comfort to twenty such riches amounted to fourteen shilfamilies as Britton Abbot's. The lings : but men who deserve quarter of an acre which was friends are seldom without them; granted him was not worth a and a master, with whom he shilling a year before it came into usually worked at harvest, sold his hands.

him an old cottage for nine gui

neas, which he was to work out. Joseph Austin, a bricklayer in He had for some time in his leithe neighbourhood of Cambridge, sure hours been preparing bats, a had often looked with a longing sort of bricks made of clay and eye upon a bit of ground by the straw, well beaten together, eighroad side, part of what is called teen inches long, twelve wide, the Lord's Waste, by a and four deep, not burnt, but which reflects little credit upon dried in the sun ; with these and manorial rights, or parochial ma- the materials of the old cottage nagement. Whenever he looked he went to work. The bats make at this spot he used to think what a better wall than lath and plaster a nice place it would be for a with a coating of clay, less wood house : and being a house-builder is required, and the house is by trade, and something of a stronger and warmer ; but they castle-builder by nature, he used, must be protected from rain as as soon as he fell asleep at night, much as possible, and especially to dream that he was at work toward the bottom. As he had there with his bricks and his to live and support his family by trowel. At length he applied to his daily labour, this building the manor court, and got a verbal could only be carried on when his leave to build there. Two of his regular day's work was done; he neighbours, moved by envy as he has often continued it by moonsays, threatened that if he began light, and heard the clock strike






twelve before he withdrew from with only 14s. in his pocket. an occupation in which his heart During that time his wife had was engaged; this, too, when he four children, and buried as many had to rise at four the next morn- more. The money which it cost ing, walk to Cambridge (nearly him was about 501., the whole of four miles distant) to his work, which was saved from the earnand return in the evening. If his ings of daily labour. The house constitution had not been un- and garden occupy about twenty usually strong, it must have sunk poles of ground; and the garden under these extraordinary exer- is as creditable as the house to tions-aa fate more frequent than the industry and good sense of is generally supposed among the the owner ; one of the fences was industrious poor. But he seems made of sweetbriar and roses to have possessed an unweariable mixed with woodbine, another of frame of body, as well as an in- dwarf plum-trees, and against vincible spirit. When the build- the back of the house he had ing was one story high, and the planted a vine, a nectarine, and a beans were to be laid on, the peach-tree.'. carpenter discovered that the timber from the old cottage wouldl not serve for so large a place. This was a severe disappointment : nothing, however, discouraged him; he covered it over [The following jeu-d'Esprit is with a few loads of haum, and written with perfect goodimmediately began a small place humour, and we have no doubt in the same manner, at the end, will excite nothing but corresworking at this with such perse-ponding good-humour even in

. verance that he got his family in the persons against whom it is within four months after the foun- principally levelled. Every Camdations were laid. This great ob- bridge man, who has undergone ject being accomplished, he went the ordeal of an examination for on leisurely with the rest as be an university scholarship, will,

, could save money for what was

we think, find amusement in wanting : after five years he raised reading this Parody of the usual the second story, and in ten it style of the Papers of Questions.was tiled and coated; the inside Times.] was not completed when Mr. Plumtre communicated the story

UTOPIA UNIVERSITY, to the society, but there was house

Undecember 9657. room for himself and his family, and another apartment was let 1. Give a comparative sketch for a guinea a year.

of the principal English Theatres, ' In this manner,' says that with the dates of their erection, gentleman, 'Joseph Austin, with and the names of the most emisingular industry and economy, nent Candle-snuffers at each. in the course of ten years built What were the Stage-boxes ! himself a house, which he begau What were the Offices of Promp


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ter-Ballet-master-and Scene- Correct the solecism, and give the shifter ? In what part of the reason of your alteration. Theatre was the one-shilling Gal- . Enumerate the roads lery? Distinguish accurately be- which double toll was taken on tween Operas and Puppet-shews. Sundays. Did this custom ex

2. Where was Downing-street? tend to Christmas Day and Good Who was Prime Minister when Friday ? Who toll-taker Crib defeated Molineux-and at Tyburn, when Mrs. Brownwhere did the battle take place ? rigg was executed ? Explain the terms milling--fib- 8. Distinguish accurately bebing-cross-buttock---neck and tween Sculls and Qars--Boat and crop-bang up-and-prime. Punt-Jack-ass and Donkey

3. Give the dates of all thé Gauger, Exciseman, and SuperParliaments from their first insti- visor Pantaloons, Trowsers, tution to the period of the hard Gaiters, and Over-allsAt what frost on the Thames. In what place of education were any of month of what year was Mr. Ab- these forbidden? Which ? and bot elected Speaker ? Why was Why? he called the little man in the 9. Express the following words wig ?” When the Speaker was in the Lancashire, Derbyshire, out of the chair, where was the London, and Exmoor dialects mace put?

Bacon— Poker - You-1- Doc4. Enumerate the principal tor-and Turnpike-gate. houses of call in and about Lon- 10. Mention the principal coach don, marking those of the Tai- Inns in London, with a correct lors, Bricklayers, and Shoe- list of the Coaches which set out makers, and stating from what from the Bolt-in-Tun. Where Brewery each house was supplied were the chief stands of Hackney with Brown Stout. Who was the Coaches ?--and what was the num-tutelary Saint of the Shoemakers, ber of that in which the Princess At what time was his feast cele- Charlotte drove to Connaught brated? Who was Saint Swithin ? House? To what stand do you Do you rememberany remarkable suppose this removed after it set English proverb respecting him? her down?

5. Give a ground plan of Gilead 11. Give a succinct account, House. Mention the leading to- with dates, of the following perpics of the Guide to Health, with -BelcherMr. Waithman some account of the Anti-Impe- Major Cartwright-Martin Van tigines—Daffy's Elixir-Blaine’s Butchell--and Edmund Henry Distemper Powders — Ching's Barker. Worm Lozenges—and Hooper's 12. Draw a Map of the Thames Female Pills.

with the surrounding country, 6. Give characters of Wat Ty- marking particularly Wapping, ler, Jack Cade, and Sir Francis Blackwall, Richmond, and the Burdett. Did the latter return Isle of Dogs. Distinguish befrom the Tower by water or land? tween Newsastle on Tyne, and On what occasion did Mr. Leth Newcastle under Line-Gloucesbridge's “hair stand on ind?” ter and Double Gloucesterman Vol. LVIII.

2 R




the two Richmonds. What cele- What is known of the character brated Teacher flourished at one and history of Dicky Gossip? of them ?-and who were his most eminent Disciples ?

13. What were the various sorts of

paper in use amongst the English? To what purpose was History.— The district of Cowhited-brown chietly applied ? lumbia was originally inhabited What was size? Distinguish be- by a tribe of Indians called the tween this and College Sizings, Nanahoacs, who, who according and state the ordinary expense of to Smith, were at constant enpapering a room.

mity with the Powhatans of Vir14. “For every one knows lit- ginia. Their history is but imtle Matt's an M.P." Frag. Com. perfectly known.

. War, the Inc.

ар. Morn. Chron. vol. 59, p. small-pox, and the introduction 1624.

of spirituous liquors, thinned the What reasons can you assign population rapidly.

In 1669 a for the general knowledge of this

census was taken; and it was fact? Detail, at length, the cere- found that in sixty-two years onemony of chairing a Member. third of their former numbers What were the Hustings? Who

was wanting. They are said to paid for them? Explain the ab- have migrated westwardly, and breviations—Matt.-M.P.- Tom.

to have become blended with the --Dick.-F.R.S. - LL.D.-and


This district was A.S.S.

ceded by Virginia and Maryland 15. What was the distinguish- in 1794, and became the permaing title of the Mayors of Lon- nent seat of the general governdon? Did any other city share

ment in 1800. At the time of its the honour? Give a list of the cession, the principal proprietors Mayors of London from Sir Rich

on the eastern side of the Potoard Whittington to Sir William

mac were D. Carrol, N. Young, Curtis, with an account of the

and D. Burns, who cultivated Cat of the first, and the Weight of corn, tobacco, and wheat, where the last. What is meant by Lord

the city now stands. The selecMayor's day? Describe the Apo

tion of this site enriched those thecaries' Barge, and give some proprietors, particularly the foraccount of Marrow-bones and

mer, who, however, from a misCleavers.

taken policy, has withered the 16. When was Spyring and

growth of that section of the city Marsden's Lemon Acid invented ?

in which most of his property Distinguish between this and Es

lies. The heir of the latter, Mr. sential Salt of Lemons. Enu

Von Ness, pursued a different sysmerate the principal Patentees,

teni, and by disposing of his especially those of Liquid Black

ground on moderate terms, has ing.

contributed to the rapid improve17. Scan the following Lines

ment of his section of the metroBut for shaving and tooth-drawing, Bleeding, cabbaging and sawing,

polis, and to the consequent inDicky Gossip, Dicky Gossip is the man! crease of value in property.


TOPOGRAPHY.--This district is alluvium, which contains “frag10 miles square, and includes ments of primitive mountains, within its limits the city of Wash- pyrites, gravel and sand, shells, ington, Alexandria, and George- and the reinains of vegetable subtown; its diagonal lines are north stances.” Mr. Goden says, that, and south, east and west. The Rock Creek, which divides Georgesouthern angle is at Fort Colum- town from the city, separates the bus, at the mouth of Hunting primitive from the alluvian soil. Creek, on the left bank of the

Though the soil in parts of the Potomac. From this the lines district is steril, it is capable of run at an angle of 45 degrees to being highly improved by the apthe distance of 10 miles.

plication of plaster or any other The district is composed of por- species of compost, and might, tions of Virginia and Maryland from its convenience to an excelon the east and west side of the lent market, be made, by enterPotomac, a grand and beautiful. prising and irdustrious agriculturiver, which rises in the Allegany ralists, eminently productive and Mountains, and after a meander- fertile. Its natural productions ing course of near 400 miles, are such as are common to the empties itself into the Chesapeake adjacent states. There is, conBay. The Potomac is navigable venient to it, an extensive quarry to vessels of considerable burden of free-stone on the Acquia Creek, as high as George-town; and by and another of beautiful marble means of locks which have been on the Seneca, which has recently erected at the great and little been discovered. falls, a navigation is afforded CLIMATE, &c.---The climate of to boats of no inferior mag- the district is liable to frequent nitude, for 100 miles nearer its and sudden changes~in summer

excessively hot, and in winter There are several fisheries on very cold; but it does not appear the Potomac very productive and to be more pregnant with diseases valuable, not only to the proprie- than other portions of the United tors, but to the inhabitants, who States. The healthy appearance. are thus easily and cheaply fur- and longevity of the inhabitants nished with the means of subsist- indicate its salubrity; and, inence during the remainder of the deed, when we consider the flowyear. Shad are sold at the dif- ing nature of its surface, the free ferent landings for three dollars admission of pure and wholesome per hundred, and herrings at fifty air, and the excellence of its wacents per thousand. The follow- ter, in which it stands unrivalled ing is a list of the principal fish in the United States, we cannot caught at these fisheries :- viz. but believe it must be healthy.shad, herrings, sturgeon, rock, Mr. Blodget estimated the annual gar, carp, pike, six varieties of deaths in Washington at one of the perch, mullett, and cat-fish. 48 to 50: at New York, one of

The soil is various—on the 44 to 50); Baltimore, one of 42 banks of the Eastern Branch and to 49; and in Charleston, one of Potomac there is a deep and rich 35 to 40, which establishes the



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