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And rail thy Slanderers as they will,
“ With all thy faults I love thee still :''
For faults thou hast, of heinous size;
Repent, renounce them, ere they rise
In judgment :--lest thine Ocean-wall
With boundless ruin round thee fall,
And that which was thy mightiest stay
Sweep all thy rocks like sand away.

Yes, thou hast faults, of heinous size,
From which I turn with weeping eyes ;
On these let them that hate thee dwell :
Yet one I spare not,-one I tell ;
Tell with a whisper in thine ear;
O may it wring thy heart with fear!
O that my weakest word might roll
Like heaven's own thunder thro' thy soul !

There is a lie in thy right hand;
A bribe, corrupting all the land;
There is within thy gates a pest, --
Gold and a Babylonish vest;
Not hid in shame-concealing shade,
But broad against the Sun display'ıl.
These, tell it not,-it must be told ;
These are by Lot-by Lottery-sold:
And these, thy Children, (taught to sin,)
Verture two worlds at once to win;
Nay thy deluded Statesmen stake
THYSELF, -and lose thee, for their sake!
---Lose thee ?--they shall not;-HE, whose will
Is Nature's law, preserves thee still ;
And while the uplifted holt impends,
ONE WARNING MORE his mercy sends.

O Britain ! O my Country! bring
Forth from thy camp tl' accursed thing;
Consign it to remorseless fire,
Watch till the latest spark expire,
Then casi the ashes on the wind,
Nor leave one atsin-wreck behind.

So may thy wealth and power increase ;
So inay thy people dwell in peace;
On Thee the Almighty's glory rest,
And ail the world in Thee be blest.


Priated by Bensley and Son's Patrut Vachine,

Bolucruri, fleet-street, London,

city of Tripoli contains 14,000 returns the key to his master, inhabitants, and the city of Tunis who has been present during the 30,000.

whole of these procredings, lest Our house, the last of the any part of them should be nego Christian houves that remained lected, as on the observance of in part open, on the 14th of this them it may-afely be said the life month commenced a complete of every individual in the house quarantine. The hall on enter- depends. ing the house is parted into three Light people in the last seren divisions, and the door Jen.ling days, who were employed as pro. to the street is never unlocked viders for the house, bave taken but in the presence of the master the plague and died. He who of the house, who heeps the key was too ill to reiurn with what in his own posussion. It is he hni brought, consigned the opened but once in the day, when articles to his past beinhisur, he gues himself as far as the first wire faithfully finishing his comhall, and sends a servant to tine mission, as has always been (lune, lock and unbolt the door. The of course succedej his unfortuservant returns, and the person nate friend in the same employa in the street waits till be in de- ment, if he wished it, or recomsired to enter with the provisions nended another : it has happened he has been commissioned to buy. that Voors, quite above such ein. He finals really lace for him a ployment, have wih an earnest vessel with vin air and water to charity delivered the provisions to receive the meat, and another the Christians who bad sent for with water for the resetzhles them. The Joins pe furin axis

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