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friends, who left her to his bene- wringing their hands and followvolent care.

ing their families. Though a The expense and the dinger of great deal of their grief here by burying the dead bas become so cuniom is expresned by action, grea:, and the boards to mhe the pet it is dreadful when it pro. cohns so very scarre, that the ceeels so truly from the heart as bod is brought out of the house it does cow, while all those we by friends to the door, and the sce are friends of the departel. first man they can prevailon, car. No starors are called in to add ries it over his shoulder, or in h's force to the fun.ral cries: the arms to the grave, endevouring father who leats his son to dny, to keep prace with the long range carried his daughter yesterday, of coftins that go to the burying and lis wife the dyvlere: the ground at noon, to take the ade rest of his family are at home rantage of the great mass. To langusting with the plague, day the deu aviounted to two winde his own mulher, *pared hendred and ninety.

for the cruel sati-function of fel July 1, 1753.

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Dues with her son her writched The cries of the people for the daily waik. loss of their friends are mill as

July 20, 1783. frequent as ever ; nui a quuter

In the beginning of this month, of an hour passing within the ong to the incuen«ced rapes of Innentations of some new a:litter te parents, the events consectet! mourner. No more mis aic

with it is su meil a m're lorrid Suid in town at present for the currector, and in iea! of hinir s deni; but the cultus are collected cuflirs, this and finals, to tot.tier and piss through the make up the sad processin, five towel-erte exaliy at noon, when

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thirteen months, fron the begin. children were wandering alout ning of June 1785 to the end of deserted. without a friend! beJuly 1786), ne be availed our longing to them. 'l he town was selves of every opportunity to en- almost entirely depopulaeil, and jy our liberty; though it was at rarely two people walked toge. first, with great cau'i'in, that we ther. 0::e solitary berg puced ventured to alight at any of the slowly through the streets, hs Mourish gardens, or to enter at inini unoccupied by business, and Moorishi house, particularly out lost in painful reflections: if he of tonn.

lifted hi-eyes it wils with mournIn the country, the villages are ful suprize to gize on the empty empty, and those house s'ut that habitations ar und him: wurde have not been opered since the streets he presne without a living plīgue, and where whole families creature in them; fir beside the lay interred. The Moors cirred desolation of the plague, before it a greit number of their dead to broke out in the city, mny of the sea-shore and laid them in one the inhabitant, with the greatest heap, which seriously affected the inconvenierce, lift their houses town, till the Chritians suggest- and fled v Tunis (iliere the ed the idea of covering then with plague then rogei), to avoid li:ne, which fortunately the Voors starving in the dreadful fainie have ado;ted, but only from fi:d- that p:eceded it hare ing themselves dangerously ana Amonyet those let in this toun noved, as they con-ider this ex. some hrie bean suured to arknor. pedient a sort of inpiety, for leise the compassion and attenwhich eher express great sorrow. tion shean then by the E ylish

The habitations in the moun- consul. In the distresses of the tairs of Guerriana, inaccessille fanine, and in the liorrors < ? the except to the inhibitin's, remain plague, mauva sull-ri' : wreich, en irely deserteil. The entrances whose days hiie been span out to the livelings are so c.mpletely by his ti nely assistance, las left covered up with sand as not to be his nime on record at this pince. dischereil bi strangers; but they Persons site from perindung in are now re;epling, and the rem- the furnine who haie renant el nant of those in botlee' thence are sole poisensors of riperty by f re basle in: back from Turis, and dividend among their friend (.!! the dirts arounl, to recover nu swept off liv the plisel. p>$$ iun of these sringe re- Core forantito thank twish treita.

will expurpwjons of jov, ceiling The six of Timeli, aft's the him liniifcher) and prone to iligue, "ahibiel.n Mome: to life hi... lhet av nufully strikis. In som?" of the that bisid, s svinam thi mile he ho's to found the list vic- bas po:espe v thaim to benes ne tim, tnt hi in thom, litle hin., and a fait ful who hwinz viel alone, unpitied at'ac! 1194,1 to him, which there and 18,i-tallas in a state too is no delete they will sheus, in bid to be removed fro:n the spot, their ".1!, as long a he is in t: cir and were obliged to be buried country, where hey were; wic in others,




From the Third Canto of Childe Harold.

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TOIRE was a sound of revelıy by night,

And Belgium's capital had gathered then
Her beauty and her chivalry, and bright
'The lampis shone o'er fair women and brave men;
A thousand hearts beat happily; and when
Music ato:e with its voluptuous swell,
Soft ces loo's d love to eyes which spake again,
And all went merry as a marriage bell;
But hush! hark! a deep sound strihes like a rising knell!
Dil ve not liear it :-No; 'twas but the wind,
Or the car rattling o'er the stony street;
On with the dance! le joy be unconfined;
lo sle.p till morn, when youth and pleasure meet
To chise the glowing hours with flying feet-
But hirk !--that heavy sound breaks in once more,
As if the clouis its echo would repeat ;
And nearer, clearer, deadlier than before !
Arın! ara! it is—it is-the cannon's opening roar!

Within a windowed niche of that high hall
Site Brunswick's fated chieftain; lie did heur
That sound the first am.dse the festival,
And caught its tone with death's proplietic car;
And wien they smiled because he teem'd it near,
Ilis heart inore truly knew that pe too well
Whic stretchd his father on a bloois bier,
And roused the re...ince b... alone could quell:
lle rusli d into the field, an!, forem si, lighting, f«II.
Ah! ten and there was hurrying to an'l fro,
And gistering tills, and trends of ci-tres,
And chechs all pale, which but an hour 4270)
Blush'd at the praise of their own lureline:& ;


And there were sudden partings, such as press
The life from out young heuis, and choking sighis
Which ne'er might be repeated; who could guess
If ever more should urti those mutual eves,
Since upon nights 20 sireet such awful ciorn could rise ?
And there was mounting in hot haste: the steed,
The mustering squadron, and the clattering car,
Wont pouring forward with impetuous specd,
And swiftly forming in the ranks of war;
And the deep thunder peal on peal afar ;
And near the beat of the alarming drum
Roused up the soldier ere the morning star ;
While thronged the citizens with terror dumb,
Or whispering with white lips~" The foe! they come!

they come !"
And wild and high the “ Cameron's gathering rose !"
The war-note of Lechiel, which Albyn's hilis
Have heard, and heard, too, hnve her Saron foes :-
Ilow in the noon of night that pibroch thrills,
Savare and shrill! but with the breath whicta filis
Their mountain-pipe, so fill the mountaineers
With the fierce native daring which instils
The stirring memory of a thousand years,
And Evan's, Donald's fame ringe in each clans-man's ear!
And Ardennes wares above them her green leares,
Dewy with nature's tear-drops, as they pass,
Grieving, if aught inanimate e'er grievis,
Over the unreturning brave,-alas!
Ere erening to be trod.len like the grass
Which now beneuih them, but above shall grow
In its next verdure, when this fiery mass
Of living valour, rolling on the fue
11.d burning with high bope, shall moulder cold and low.

Laat noon beheld them full of lasty life,
Last eie in beauty s circle proudly pay,
The midnight broht the signal-sounit of strife,
The nioru the mustahil in arms,-the day
Battle's magnificently stean array !
The thuider-clouds love oer it, which when rent
The earth is covered thich with other clay,
Which her own clar shall cover, heaped and pent,
Rider and borse, --frier:d, foe, --in one red burial blent !


II'r.d!en in a Coultry, situate in a rery desert Tract, by Captain

T. A. Anderson, II. N. 19th Foul.

Wirus this Choultry's ample space,
The way.worn traveller's resting-place,
Whose massy culunns countless glow,
Reflected in the tank below,
Who-e enilesa porticos and hills,
Whose pillar d domes, and echoing walls,
Its p'oud magnificence attest,
The child of poverty may ret!-
Ilere weath gives no exclusive claiin,
lo deference to a noble naine;
To ail the race of man is free
As heaven's cerulean canopy.
Lung inay the pious fabric stand
And this boundless unsic of sand ;
Like sone blest island's friendly cove,
To those who on the ocean rove!
Tle veriest wretch, while shelterd here,
Shrinka froin no fellow.mortals anecr,
Whave broken spirit ill could bruok

purse-proud lan llord's si ornful look;
Bilt, s.fe from noon's destructive force,
May panse u, on his tonome course,
With fool and rese lis fracle renew,
His honen ard jowney to par-ile;
And, at the welcome close of light,
When fire flies take their evening flight,
And hurer round each fr.igran: flow'r ;
When burning hies hue lost their poi'r,
When with fresh hops, and thanhful heart,
Ile girls bi- lo'ns in act to part,
Warufio.n his soul bow miny a pray's
Will i less the renerous founder's care!
Whom fancy pictures to the eye,
A passing faint and wearily
Along this dress and barren scane,
Where buunt:de rays -mile fierce and heen,
And arid win's incessit swep
The billows of this sandy deep.
lo stunted palm, nor daite-u ve scen,
To yield a moueitary screen,
lo hut his largurd limbs to rest,
Tio' sure by toil and this opprest!

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