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A PREFACE should introduce a reader to the contents of a volume. This Magazine for 1872 will place before him varied pictures of the HEATHEN World. He may mix in the crowd who raise the "new gold umbrella," prepared by the King of Burmah for the huge Pagoda of his idol Buddh at Rangoon, p. 78; or, he may follow the Bible-man and the Bible-woman through quiet Indian villages, where the Word of God has been doing its own silent work with Seeta Ram, the heaven-taught, p. 309; or with the Hindoo woman who now enquires, "Who then will save me, who?" p. 51. Other scenes of interest can also be realised in Madagascar, China, and Japan, which all seem brought nearer to us by the exploring visits of natives of some of those Eastern countries, in England, during the present



The story of El Hadji Hassan has led us to look back on the Magna Charta of Turkey, obtained at the price of the Crimean It has brought forth convincing proof that the "Hatti Hamayoun" is not become a dead letter, and has led us onward to most touching and really marvellous details of acceptance of the Gospel by the sons and daughters of Syria, in connexion with the late Mrs. Bowen Thompson's Christian schools. The work of the Bible during the last twenty years in MAHOMMEDAN lands, has been most encouraging and progressive.

To Madrid, to Paris, to Rome, itself, our theme has taken us. We desire, in all its forms, to chronicle BIBLE WORK AT HOME AND ABROAD, and the events of the last twenty-four years, in Roman Catholic countries, claim the consideration of every student of history; see p. 178; also, "The Work of the

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Apostle Paul in Rome," p. 156; "The Silence of Scripture as to whether Peter (Rome's patron saint) was ever there at all, p. 180; also the visits of the humble Bible-women offering the Word of Life beside the Vatican, around the Coliseum, on the Pincian Hill, and to the sick in hospital, despite the scowls of friars and nuns, who, now and then, however, ask to have a copy for themselves; p. 340.

There is much in this year's numbers of the "Missing Link" that concerns the ANCIENT CHRISTIAN CHURCHES and the origin of more ancient Idolatries. See queries on the earliest known Alphabetical Writing as affected by the discovery of the MOABITE STONE; also, on the NESTORIANS, as "the Preserved of Israel," pp. 219, 245, by witness of Race, Place, and Language. A zincograph of the famous Nestorian Tablet from China, with a summary of its translation, by Mr. A. Wylie, such as has not hitherto been attainable in England, remarkably enriches the present volume, p. 250; and this year we have begun to follow out the subject of the influence of the early MS. Translations of the Bible on the old world, and their reference to the scatterings of God's ancient people ISRAEL, hidden under new names. Our range of observation has been from Jerusalem to Affghanistan; and in the year to come we hope to trace them into Europe, and nearer home.

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Such are the contents of half the bound Volume of the "Missing Link Magazine." Perhaps some of its possessors will pass all the above unread, and turn only to the work of the BIBLE-WOMEN, and their new sisters, the BIBLE-WOMEN NURSES, among the poor and sorrowful in our own great city. They will be able to do so in many a sketch from the life; as that in Falstaff-yard, p. 43; "Amy; or, the Adopted Child,” p. 65; Thanksgiving Day," p. 105; "Built upon the Rock," p. 225; "The History of a Bible-Mission Quilt," p. 257; "How to Help the People to Help Themselves," p. 321. In fact, similar papers always compose each month the first half of the Magazine; and we give the FINANCIAL and narrative account of the whole year's work in the month of December. We lay the whole at the feet of our dear Master, and ask His blessing on the record.

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