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in the years 1889, 1892, & 1895 respectively, by

in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington ;
Also Copyright in part, 1878, 1880, 1883, & 1886.
Part of the matter also entered at Stationers' Hall, in 1874, 1878,
1883, 1886, 1889, 1892, 1895, 1898, & 1904, as Handbook of Patent
Law," and "Handbook of Patent Law of all Countries."


The remainder entered 1905.

All rights reserved.

Rec. Sept. 30, 1905,

Printed by Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ld., London and Aylesbury.


THIS handbook, which in the present edition has been completely revised, is not written with the object of enabling every man to be his own Patent Agent, for it is simply impossible for any ordinary individual to become a good Patent Agent without years of training in a large Patent Office, and without having special adaptability to the work. Its aim is to act as a useful guide to patentees, manufacturers, and investors in patents. It is also written with a view of answering the multitudinous inquiries as to cost and law of patenting which the author's firm daily receives in the course of its business-a business which for many years past has comprised incomparably the largest Provincial Patent Agency in the British Isles, and, with possibly one exception, the largest International one also. As in former editions, the fees for procuring Patents at home and abroad are inserted. These are only approximate, being the



average charges usually made in the profession, and may be relied upon as fair rates for Patents of ordinary type. They are also substantially those charged at the British and Foreign Patent Offices, 6, Lord Street, Liverpool; and 322, High Holborn, W.C., London.

Besides the numerous alterations entailed by the passing of new laws in the various countries, considerable additional matter has been inserted in this edition, and the larger chapters in the foreign section have been arranged with index headings for convenience of reference.

That the book may be worthy of the kind favour which the previous editions so amply received, and be a genuine assistance to inventors, manufacturers, and patent investors generally, is the earnest wish of the Author.

LIVERPOOL, December, 1904.

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