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Page 39 - I, AB, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Her heirs and successors according to law. So help me God!
Page 19 - ... to develope her moral and material forces, and to work fraternally with her neighbours for the progress of civilization. It is this France which, left to her free action, immediately asks the cessation of the war, but prefers its disasters a thousand times to dishonour. Vainly those who set loose a terrible scourge try now to escape the crushing responsibility by falsely alleging that they yielded to the wish of the country. This calumny may delude people abroad, but there is no one among us...
Page 4 - an Act to provide for uniformity in the assessment of rateable property in the Metropolis...
Page 2 - In this, as on other occasions of distress, the help of the English public has been poured out with a liberal and impartial hand. The gifts, which have been offered in a truly Christian spirit, have excited a feeling of heartfelt gratitude among those in whose names I speak.
Page 16 - Six persons were killed outright, six more died from its effects accord1ng to the coroner's inquests; five in addition owed their deaths indirectly to this means; one young woman is in a madhouse, 40 mothers were prematurely confined, and 20 of their babes died from the effects of the explosion on the women ; others of the children are dwarfed and unhealthy.
Page 23 - ... bombarding range, and Paris formed the only exceptions to this general rule. The policy of the new French government was defined by Jules Favre on the 6th of September. " It is for the king of Prussia, who has declared that he is making war on the Empire and not on France, to stay his hand ; we shall not cede an inch of our territory or a stone of our fortresses.
Page 20 - Austria and her allies, [as also the arrangements adapted or to be adopted for constituting a confederation, in North Germany, engaging at the same time to render his support for the maintenance of that work.] Article II. His Majesty the King of Prussia promises to facilitate the acquisition of Luxemburg by France. To that effect his aforesaid Majesty will enter into negotiations with His Majesty the King of the Netherlands to induce him to cede to the Emperor of the French his sovereign rights over...

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