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France.—State of Trade in Paris at the beginning of the Year-Debate in

the Assembly on the Policy of France in the River Plate-Amendment of

M. de Rancé carried-Government has a Majority of only One on the

Education Bill—Depraved Character of Schoolmasters in France-Debate

on the Education Bill-Speeches of MM. Victor Hugo, Poujoulat,

Lavergne, Fresneau, Soubier, Montalembert, and Thiers-Second Reading

carried by a large Majority-Circular addressed by the Minister of the

Interior to the Prefects--General Jerome Bonaparte created a Marshal

of France—Speeches of M. Piscatory and General la Hitte on the Affairs

of Greece-Bills for curtailing the Licence of the Press-Speeches of the

Minister of the Interior, MM. Molé and Thiers, General Cavaignac, and

M. de Lamartine-Proposition of M. Larochejaquelin for consulting the

Nation on a Change of the Form of Government—Election of Ihree

Socialist Deputies for Paris—Monies voted for Ecclesiastical Bodies-

Budget for 1851-Debate on the Bill for the Transportation of Criminals

-Speeches of MM. Victor Hugo, de Lamartine, and Others-Opinion of

M. de Lamartine on Socialism and Communism-Bill for modifying the

Electoral Law_Report of the Committee-Long Debate in the Assembly-

Masterly Speech of M. Thiers—The Minister of Foreign Affairs announces

the Recall of the French Ambassador from London-Bill for the Dotation

of the President-Report of the Committee-Amicable Termination of

the Dispute on the Greek Question between Great Britain and France

Debate on the Dotation Bill—The Amendment proposed by the Minority

of the Committee agreed to on the part of the Ministry


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Aspect of Public Affairs at the commencement of the year 1850-Im

provement of Trade and Revenue, and diminution of PauperismContinued Depression of the Agricultural Interest - Parliament is opened by Commission on 31st JanuaryThe Queen's Speech-Debates on the AddressIn the House of Lords, it is moved by the Earl of Essex, seconded by Lord MethuenThe Earl of Stradbroke moves an Amendment, setting forth the distressed state of the Agricultural Classes, which is seconded by the Earl of Desart -- The Amendment is supported by the Duke of Richmond, the Earl of Winchilsea, the Duke of Beaufort, and Lord Stanley ; the Earls of Carlisle, Granville, and Fitzwilliam, the Marquess of Lansdowne, and Lord Brougham, vindicate the Address, which is carried by a majority of 49In the House of Commons, Mr. C. Villiers moves, and Sir James Duke seconds, a similar Address-Sir John Trollope moves an Amendment, embodying the complaints of the Owners and Occupiers of Land, which is seconded by Colonel ChattertonThe Chancellor of the Exchequer enters into statistical details, showing the increased Trade and Revenue of the Country, and the Reduction of Parochial Burdens-The Debate is continued for treo nights, by adjournment-Speeches of Mr. H. Herbert, Mr. W. Fagan, Sir John Walsh, Mr. Grantley Berkeley, the Marquess of Granby, Mr. Christopher, Mr. Robert Palmer, Mr. Muntz, Mr. Herries, Mr. Labouchere, Mr. Disraeli, Lord John Russell, and Mr. Cobden-On a Division the Address is carried by 311 against 192.

Local BURDENS ON LAND-Mr. Disraeli moves on the 19th Feb. for a Committee of the whole House, to consider a VOL. XCII.


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