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when convenience did not allow of our giving papers entire: and that perfect confidence may be placed in the AUTHORITY that characterizes our articles, The intelligence with which we have been favoured, the opinions which conviction has led us to adopt, have not seldom corresponded with subsequent events of magnitude and interest to Europe and the world : we venture to think, that others will be justified by their accomplishment, and that, together with the merit of fidelity, we shall be admitted to have possessed that of discretion and discrimination.

We close, by assuring our Friends that we rely on the continuance of the same patronage as we have hitherto enjoyed : and that our conduct will man fest the same steadiness and integrity, the same impartiality and rectitude, as we have hitherto endeavoured to preserve: we trust, also, to meet the exercise of that same candour on the part of our Friends and the Public, as that to which we take both a pleasure and a pride in acknowledging our obligations.


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At the close of its Third Volume the LITERARY PANORAMA meets its friends and supporters with a cheerful countenance, and with many and sincere thanks for the favours it has received from them. And it is the more beholden to express its gratitude, because it has experienced an INCREASE OF SALE, principally by the very kind recommendations of those who have been best acquainted with its inerits, by their constant perusal of it.

Our Subscribers have been the means of selling more copies of the work by their favourable representatioirs of it to their friends, than all the advertisements of it in the public papers; though attended with an expense considerably exceeding a THOUSAND POUNTS. With the greatest deference we presume to consider this kindness as sanctioning the course we have pursued in our humble endeavours to communicate general information ; and we can form no better wishes for our work, than that our new Subscribers may also interest themselves in procuring additional patronage, and in taking such opportunities of commending it as justice and propriety may warrant.

We have to express our sincerest gratitude to those quarters from wherce we have received communications of the greatest value and importance : we arrogate no undue distinction, when we say, that our Work is MARKED by this preference; and that a great proportion of its contents will be looked back to, for years to come, with unabated interest, this being the ONLY repository in which they will be known to be extant. We can honestly affirm, that a consciousness of this importance has induced us to pay the utmost attention to the correctness of our insertions and abstracts,




Sentiand, Arrowsmith's map of....., 247

Smith's antiquities of Westminster,


Layman's plan for defence of West Indies 260
Wikios's antiquities of Magna Grecia.....


Word worth's poems..


Lord Byron's hours of idieness...... 273

Foster's English and Bengallee vocabulary 276

Randall on the dry rot..


Brewster's lectures on Acts of the Apostles 281

llogg's shepherd's guide.....


Smith's designs for household furniture....


Mis. Chaponc's posthumous works..


Owen's sermon, uncertainty of to-morrow


Lamb's tales from Shakespeare..


Guide to useful knowlexige..


Talents improvel, ...


Mrs. Godfrey's Orientalist..


Flowers of Literature,..


Trial of Robert Benshaw, Esq. at Bombay 298

Ainerica, United States, true picture of... 300

Literary prospective..


Fidelis on second editions of Scripture..... 305

Proposita philanthropica... .


(African institution--meeting of three
choir Bristol meeting Procestant dis-
septer's graminar school-Vorwich dis-
pensary - Nolungham meeting-Leices-
ter infirmary-Salisbury infirmary-

Anderson's charity school)



(Virs. Whilock

Miss Lyons


Siaith-Mr. Jones - Time's a Tell-tale.)

Hints of precaution durived from former

invasions of Britaiu, No. III......... 321

Ukraine, letters on, by a Russian gentleman 331

bils of bells....


Report of senior chaplain of Fort St. George

on the Christians of Cochin and Tra-



Collecianea of British anuquites, No. VII, 3.53

Cupid's telegraph...


Biographical particulars of Abbé Edge-

worth, consessor to Lewis XVI...... 359

Inscription on his lomb by Louis XVIII. 363

Currents, theory of, experiments on.... 364

French lace, 075in and progress of mann-

facture of....


Aduatic, description of the Eastern coust

ofro Cattaro--- Ragusa- Seven Islands,



Biscay, and the Bincavans..


Patents, French, list of, with their cost; &c. 375

Parliament, antiquiry oi the word, with


Valley of Siones, description of...


Observanda exteina...


(Uncommon and extreme heat on the

continent--at St. Petersburgh--Paris-

- Frankfort - Vienna Naples &c.

- Algiers --Battle and great slaughter--

American statistics-South America-vol-

cauocs-Aabia, Wahebites--Austria -

Military pay--China--Russian embassy

-France Eastern glass vase from Genoa

notemerald--time-piece for night-Po-

lyyn lioner-Assignats--horse races-

Parisian manncrs-Nocturnal Balloon

Turkish beauties improved-improve-

ments at Paris-antediluvian animals

-commerce at Bordeaux-Italian pic-

tures-fire at Spa - Germany - new

university-Jesuits-nettles-game pre-

vented from destroying corn- salting

beef-grand cagle-Hungary-finance

-magnate arrested Cape of Good

Hope-dried fruits- Indies East, dis-

patches from, route of wild beasts

New Year's Day at Madras-Christmas

day at Bombay - French humanity
Italy- crop of silk - American consul
arrested--Giornall encyclopedico di Na-
poli-mulberry-Morocco, letter from
emperor of Persia, ambassador to India
-Prussia-pensions reduced-Poland-
explosion ai Thorn-Russia - pensions
to widows-university at Moscow, do-
nation to Spain--new species of Quin-
quina-South Seas, new discoveries in
-Switzerland damage by fall of Ruf-
fiberg-Turkey--inauguration of Mus-
tapha-New South Wales-gazettes

cattle-interior discoveries-natives.)

Observanda interna..

(Summer season, 1807-comet--West-

minster Abbey-monument to Thom-

son-- Fonthill mutability-new forest

New light-house — turnips Working,

agricultural society-new house of cor-

rection--copper mines- copper ore-

Earl Stanhope's new-invented vessel-

Hull armoury-high tide-Two Sisters-

mosaics discovered--glut of herrings

tithesin Ircian--new water works-new

bridge over Thames-Spanish archbishop

in England-Harlow wool fair-fairs

hops Newcastle literary society

Cheltenham improvements-royal mili-

tarv canal-rebuilding of Chudleigh-

monument to lieut. gen Simcoe-naval

depot-piich and tar-anatomical mu-

seum at Glasgow-ale breweries-Ori-

ental manuscript-Hereford agricultu-

sal society-farming society Ireland

blight of corn-dreadful accident at

Sadler's Wells, with cautionüry hints

-new patents-description of the Islands

of Huven--and Heligoland.)

Medical report, by C. Pears..


Political periscope..

(Proclamation recalling seamen-pro-

clamation on massacre at Vellore.

war in Africa)

Bankrupts ..

State of trade..

Tables ...

Established church in Ireland, official re-

poris presented to hon, House of Com-


Report of deputation from the Hibernian


Chalmers's Caledonia

Spence's radical cause of the present dis-

tresses of the West India planters....

Great and good deeds of Danes, Norwe,

gians, and Holsteinians..

D'Audebert des inondations d'Hiver et


[blocks in formation]





Vie du Comte de Munich......... 502 prisoners-Livy in M$._talue of the

Leblanc de la christallotechnie...


Danish fleet--the Sound list-France-

Peyrad's Euvres d'Archimede..

512 National Institute-prize question-new

Hurwitz's Hebrew grammar.....

513 public buildings-monument of Fénélon

Dr.Whitaker's sermon at Salisbury chapel

-hypothesis on the subject of insanity-

Boothe's introduction to an analytical dic-

cheap glazing for pottery-statues -- cara

tionary of the English language...

nivorous animals-analyzuion of iron

Nicholson's juvenile preceptor, vol. 4.... 523 ores-uncommon fructification-Garne-
Schönher's synonymia insectorum.... 524 rin's second ascension by night-Dr.
L'Olympe, ou traité raisonné de la fable.. 525 Gall at Paris--Paris, consumption of
Cleanell's thoughts on disclosing ma-

viands at-force of the armies -- gold,
nufactures ..

526 siiver &c. France, population of -

Literary prospective...

577 Gobelins antique coin criminal

Correspondence with Review department 581

jurisprudence - Indies Eastm internal
(Fidelis on I. John. . 7.--corrections

tranquillity -- new frigate - fcast of
from T. Bourn, and Mr. Montgomery

V.M. of Rosary-italy--solar purity-

of Sheffield.)

state of Pope Innocent IV's remains

Proposita philanthropica......

541 -paper of amianthus-New South

(Whitechapel school the 'Animals'

Wales-trade and agriculture - native

Friend-society for suppression of vice-

pursued by a shark-Poland-epidemic

Sheriffs' fund-Birmingham hospital

diseases--Prussia--privileges abolished-

Sheffield charity school.)

depreciation of paper money-state of

Didascalia ..

542 trade-effects of the heat-school of in-

(Mrs. H. Siddons-Two Faces under a

dustry-Leipzic fair - Russia-state of

Hood-Ella Rosenberg.)

the navy--tallow-American Company

Hindoostanee dancing girls, with speci-

Switzerland Lutheran clergyman

mens of their songs..

545 substituted for Calvinist.)

Pedigree of an Arabian horse bung about Observanda interna..


his neck....

555 (Arrival of king of France in England

Litany for the tribe of Zoab..


-ancient coins--king William's birth-

Suggestions on Shakespeare's character of

day in Ireland- king of Sweden's

Fluellen ....

557 birth day-new light house-organ in

Lapland manners and courtship, with a

St. Andrew's, Glasgow-lead ore-Mar-

560 tello rower-North Devon agricultural

Instinct of animals : sheep...

564 society - Sudbury mop- Shakespear's

The gout cured by strawberries..

569 cliff-Kingsgate house, mineralogy-

The Cadenham oak...


literary institution process of soap-

Address to the inhabitants of India on the

Norfolk house of correction-oblasphe-

prospect of famine..

571 my and disloyalty punished-king's ac-

Vindication of the British on a former oc-

cession anniversary-victory off Camper-

down ditto-Trafalgar do.-Grand Junc-
Hints of precaution derived from former,

tion canal-abolition of slave trade-

invasions of Britain. No.IV...


Spanish treasure Moorish visit to

Dr. Meseley's account of a recent hydro- Hampton court Windsor church-


582 Aberdeen university -- the comet.)

Shakespeare and Polydore Virgil..

585 Political periscope..


Tea, physical properties of.......

ib. State of trade, &c. &c....


Mayor of Norwich's dinner... 561, 587 : Bankrupts...

Johnny Martyn's speech at dinner... 588 Bank of England, second report of the
Recollection of circumstances connected

committee of the House of Commons on

with the art of engraving in England

the public expenditure..


under George II. (Life of 1. Taylor.) ib. Dickenson's antiquities of Nottingham-

Ofreial statement of the situation of bank

shire, &c....


of France.

595 ! Heriot's travels through the Canadas... 696

Signal victory gained by an English cap- Carpenter's reflections on Mr. Whitbread's

597 bill


Exemplary proclamation of present mayor Noble's continuation of Gianger's biogra-

of Drogbeda...

598 phical history of England.....


King Arbelstane's deed of gift..

600 ; Clayton's sermon on the danger of reading

Medical report of Endeavour Society, by

improper books..


C. Pears, F. L. S. &c....

601 'Harriott's struggles through life.... 729

604 Simpson's questiones Græcæ..


Observanda externa..

609 Stone's letter to the Bishop of London... 741

(North America - New York harbour-

Twining's letter to the chairman of the East

agriculture tea trade-steam boat-

a Company on the Bible Society..


Austria : Official statement of the Aus- Owen's address to the chairman of the East
trian empire for 1807-sale of state?ands

India Company, in answer to Twining
-Ceylon-famine-Denmark --English Gulliver and Munchausen ourdonc,....


746 V

-The Wanderer--Pantominies–Opera
new light house-Sheffield fire office-



Fabricia Nunnez's another word or two to

tivation of fenland Chichester im-

Royal Academicians..

749 provements-county court house for

Le Noir's fastes Britanniques..

753 Cumberland life preseryer


Literary Prospective....


- foreigners — Bath society -

(East India college at Hertford.)

trade with America-national debtv

Proposita philanthropica...

761 discovery in chemistry-caution to ser-

(Schools for education of the poor

vants--Queen's house at Frogmore--Edin-

widows and orphans of clergy-British

burgh grand masons-Penrith new race

prisoners in France - Norwich society of

course - Ireland new harbour life
universal goodwill-Scottish hospital

Loats – increased stipend to curates —
society of St. Patrick-Denbigh dispen-

farming society-husbandry society.)
sary, Wales-Danish masters of vessels.) Poetry ..



756 (Ode to pocsy--on a plagiarist, transla-

(Blind Boy, Faulkner - Westminster

tion--to the princess de Lamballe, trans-

lation-pruning knife of criticism-im-
Description of the Hindoo city Dhuboy.. 704 promptu on a country squirem-to-mor-
-of the fort of Sion on the island

row --winter-on the death of Abbé

of Bombay..

774 Edgeworth-vota mariti superstitis.)

Hindoostanee plays, explanation of, by Political periscope..


Ragaviah Charry..

775 (Spain - Portugal - gazette account of

by Seiva tat Samam.. 782 court of Portugal's embarkation for the
Visitation of college of Fort Williain.. 785 Brazils by Lord Strangford - Sir S.
Speech of Sir George Barlow..

786 Smith's ditto-king of Holland's speech

Dancing girls in the West, antiquity of.. 791 -his minister's report declaration of

Speech of Amerlot Marcell the robber... 796 Emperor of Russia-Ukase of ditto

Feinale heart lost.....

797 declaration of his Britannic Majesty

Customs of church ale..

ib. message of president of United States of

bride ale..

798 America to congress-Brazil, description

Christmas festivities in Britain, why not at

of, by a Portuguese gentleman. No. I.)

Carnival ?

ib. Trade, state of_Tables....


Christmas and his children from Ben Wissett on the cultivation of hemp and sunn 905


801 Dr. Buchanan's travels in the Carnatic,

White negro women.

803 Mysore, &c.....


Sea scurvy, relief from...

804 | Public characters for 1806..


Dr. Gall and his hypothesis..

806 | Thornton's present state of Turkey.... 937

Fisheries in Scotland....

807 Eton's letter on the political relations of

Recollection of the art of engraving: No.

Russia and Turkey......


Il memoirs of Mr. I. Taylor ...... 809 Rulhiere's histoire de l'anarchie de Pologne,

Defence of the coast, military mcmoir... 816 &c.....


Attornies, scarcity of...

824 | The peacock at home..


Shakespear's character of Sir Hugh Evans 8:25 Dibdin's mirth and metre..


Memorandum of late John Howard, Esq. 828 Grandmotret's grammar of the French

Description of Spain and its inhabitants,

language .....


in a letter to Marmontel....

829 Morelot's edition of Lemery on drugs.....


Prize cattle, Smithfield club..

834 Carey's stranger's guide through London..


Observanda externa.......

837 Narrative of the expedition against Buenos

(America, North-house of representa-

Ayres .....


tives-Austria-dearness of provisions-

Blagdon's modern geographer...... 974

China- fatal affray— Denmark—phe-

C. Taylor, jun's literary annual register.. 975

nomenon--navy--France-natural histo- Address to the nobility and gentry of Ire-
ry--Irish college--Qu. of Westphalia-

land, respecting tythes, by Theophilus 976

curious Aloe--false expression of allegory Literary prospective....


in tomb of Rousseau-Tocsin, deriva- Correspondence with the Review department 981

tion of-Mercier and Dr. Gall-Ger-

(Mistake of Mr. Chalmers in his “ Cale-
many-trade-Jews at Frankfort-Hol-

donia," on the subject of the expedition
land- passports, and liberty - Indies

of Agricola--letter on the subject of the
East-native seamen--Oriental fêtes-

compatibility of the offices of clergymen

famine at Madras--Italy-state of inte-

and magistrate.)

rest-Lapland – particularities— Russia Proposita philanthropica.....

-navy-Spain--conspiracy against the

(The Jews' hospital at Mile End-female
king-Turkey-printing presses.)

asylum at Boston, North America.)

Observanda interna..

851 Didascalia ...


(Imperial Parliament Lord Nelson's

(Mr. Godwin's publication of Faulkner
monument-Mr. Pitt's ditto-resuscita-

-Something to Do-Earl of Warwick
tion of fish-British navy-ferry boat-

Madame Catalani's terms for the sea-
faculties in extreme old age-caution

son compared with those of former
to farnıcıs-destruction of game-. cul-

players-On egress from the theatres,

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