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The Most Beautiful Residence Park in California

South Palo Alto

Large Villa Lots Jeweled with Symmetrical Live Oaks

In the establishment and growth of all residence towns there develops an extension of territory based on the advantages possessed, natural and acquired, of adjacent surroundings. In the case of the young and vigorously growing town of Palo Alto, with its field of extension stopped at its northern, eastern and western boundaries, South Palo Alto has naturally been opened up.

This is immediately adjoining the corporate limits of the town on the south and during the past sixty days one hundred and fifty lots have been sold in South Palo Alto to suburban home-seekers and investors, and building is already in progress. The many sales in this short time is explained by the fact that the owner has, up to this time, withheld the tract from the market. The town has grown right up to this property and is improved with the highest class of Palo Alto's residences. Now that residence and villa sites can be secured here, there is no doubt that within a short time this tract will be Palo Alto's choicest residence sect on. Everything possible is done to make this so, and with the safeguards thrown around it its success is assured.

Terms: To insure a uniformly high standard of development this property is sold subject to the following restrictions. That residences when built shall cost not less than $2,000. That intoxicants shall not be sold on any of the property; that no wood yards, shops, stores or manufacturing establishments shall be allowed. The value of these restrictions will be apparent. All lots are 50x150 or 50x200 feet, and nearly every lot has one or more choice live oaks, giving shade and helping to beautify the home. In fact, the whole tract is one grove of symmetrical live oaks peculiar to this favored spot. Here also will be located the new HOTEL LELAND. The buildings (copied after the old Missions) and grounds will take up one of the choicest blocks. stock company is being formed for this purpose.

Information as to South Palo Alto can be had of


Alfred Seale, Nevada Building, Palo Alto, or C. M. Wooster Co., 648 Market Street, San Francisco

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33 Miles From San Francisco in the Famous Santa Clara Valley


"The Town of Stanford University" offers THREE GREAT inducements to the tourist and home-seeker.

First: CLIMATE. Taking it the year round our climate is unexcelled by that of any other town or state.

Second: EDUCATIONAL ADVANTAGES. With a $30,000,000 endowed University, the richest in the world. High, Grammar, Primary and Preparatory Schools for boys and girls and numerous Kindergartens, we possess exceptional educational advantages.

Third: A HOME TOWN. Palo Alto being new, modern, clean and a temperance town (by reason of restrictive clauses on every deed, town ordinances and the sentiment of the people)

[blocks in formation]

Street Scene at Palo Alto








Buy a home site in Palo Alto NOW. It will cost you more today than last year, and next year more than to-day. Procrastination is a thief of more than time; it may rob you of an opportunity for life and a home in Palo Alto, the most charming residence spot in California.

It makes no difference whether you have $100 or $10,000 to invest, we will treat you courteously, and show you our large list of houses and lots. Cottages for sale all the way from $1,000 to $2,500 on easy payments. Fine residences ranging in price as follows: $2,250, $2,500, $2,700, $3,000, $3,700, $4,000, $10,000, and up to $25,000.


The above home is one of the handsomest in Palo Alto, and we are enabled to offer it for sale for the price of $10,000, which is less than the cost of the land and improvements. It has never been occupied, and owing to the death of the owner, must be sold. The lot is 100x200 feet, on the sunny side of the street, in the very best residence section of our city. The house is modern and complete in every particular. Hardwood floors; furnace heated. The land alone is worth $4,000. The contract cost of this dwelling was $7,700.

If you are interested in Palo Alto send us your name and address, and we will mail you FREE for one year a copy of "THE REAL ESTATE NEWS," a monthly publication devoted to the upbuilding of Palo Alto and the Santa Clara Valley.

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LUXURIOUSLY FURNISHED ROOMS for permanent and transient guests at moderate prices. Orchestra of solo players, 6 p. m. till I a. m. RESTAURANT, PALM ROOM AND CAFE gems of artistic perfection. Cuisine and service really delightful. YOU will say so.

A SPECIAL FEATURE is our after-theatre suppers. Billiard parlors for ladies is another pleasant feature. Original with the BELLECLAIRE is the refined vaudeville every Thursday evening. Our gallery of beautiful paintings, valued at $50,000, is open evening to visitors. Affability and courtesy guaranteed from every Belleclaire employee.

MILTON ROBLEE, Proprietor.


Because of the delay in receiving essays and of the misunderstanding of
conditions by various contestants the time is extended to the fifteenth
of August for the filing of Essays. Decisions will be published in the
November number of the Overland Monthly.

Humboldt County represents the largest number of contestants from
any county in the state. Alameda County is second and San Fran-
cisco is last, so far, on the list. The essays are not as numerous as
was expected. School children desirous of entering the contest may
do so by applying to "Essay Editor," care of the Overland Monthly,
Room 66, 320 Sansome St., San Francisco, Cal.


[blocks in formation]

To help its members to build homes, also to make loans on improved property,
the members giving first liens on real estate as security. To help its stockholders
to earn from 8 to 12 per cent per annum on their stock, and to allow them to open
deposit accounts bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum.

HOME OFFICE: S. W. Cor. California and Battery Sts., San Francisco, Cal.
Wm. Corbin, Sect'y and Gen. Man.
Hon. Washington Dodge, Pres't.

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