Overland Monthly: Devoted to the Development of the Country

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A. Roman and Company, 1904 - West (U.S.)

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Page 76 - States guarantee, positively and efficaciously, to New Granada, by the present stipulation, the perfect neutrality of the before-mentioned Isthmus, with the view that the free transit from the one to the other sea may not be interrupted or embarrassed in any future time while this treaty exists ; and in consequence, the United States also guarantee, in the same manner, the rights of sovereignty and property which New Granada has and possesses over the said territory.
Page 251 - In the old Tuscan town stands Giotto's tower, The lily of Florence blossoming in stone, — A vision, a delight, and a desire, — The builder's perfect and centennial flower, That in the night of ages bloomed alone, But wanting still the glory of the spire.
Page 92 - ... one another by ties of more or less importance, but all being appendages to or parts of the greater groups, which are themselves dependent on and allied with two mammoth or Rockefeller and Morgan groups. These two mammoth groups jointly . . . constitute the heart of the business and commercial life of the nation...
Page 459 - The hills are dearest which our childish feet Have climbed the earliest ; and the streams most sweet Are ever those at which our young lips drank, Stooped to their waters o'er the grassy bank.
Page 252 - HAD I the power To cast a bell that should from some grand tower, At the first Christmas hour, Out-ring, And fling A jubilant message wide, The forged metals should be thus allied: — 1 From Love Songs.
Page 98 - and let this memorable word, the inspiration surely of the Holy Spirit, be for ever adopted as your cry of battle, to animate the devotion and courage of the champions of Christ. His cross is the symbol of your salvation; wear it, a red, a bloody cross, as an external mark, on your breasts or shoulders, as a pledge of your sacred and irrevocable engagement.
Page 92 - Trust,' although derived as stated, has (now) obtained a wider signification, and embraces every act, agreement, or combination of persons or capital believed to be done, made, or formed with the intent, power or tendency to monopolize business, to restrain or interfere with competitive trade, or to fix, influence, or increase the prices of commodities.
Page 197 - Gabriel, the arch-angel, was to announce to the Virgin Mary that she was to become the mother of the Savior of the world. His name in the original Hebrew means the "Man of God.
Page 91 - You might as well endeavor to stay the formation of the clouds, the falling of the rains, or the flowing of the streams...
Page 53 - Yes, we'll gather at the river, The beautiful, the beautiful river — Gather with the saints at the river That flows by the throne of God.

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