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1453 schr.--

Warrior fwrecked 1454 Iship William

Charles Stewart Bath 1455 brig

Harrison Transomed 1456 schr


do. 1457 ship Mary

6 Little George Marblehead 1458 tender schr. Brent* 2 14) Boatst. Charleston 1459 brig


Deracoke 1460 sloop Enterprize

made a cartel 1461 brig Brunswick


burat 1462 sehr. Britannia

do. 1463 brig Race Horse

do. 1464 schr. Mary

Surprise 1465 schr. Good Intent

do, 1466 schr. Nancy


do. 1467 schr. Hazard


do. 1468 Ischr. Sea Flower


do. 1469 schr. Lucy Ann


made a carter 1470 brig Forth

do. burot 1471 ship Star

do. Baltimore 1472--1473 two vessels

Roger burnt 1474 ship

Ranger do. 1475 brig Athill 3 Lawrence

France 1476 sebr. George

David Porter made a cartel 1477 brig Willian


Beaufort 1478 brig

Champlain Portsmouth 1979 brig Susanna

Sine qua non

do. 1480 brig Flying Fish

David Porter New Bedford 1481 ship Corona

81 Chasseur Wilmington 1482 pack Lady Pelhamx1040 Kemp 1483 brig Sarah

Warrior sunk 1484 brig Ly Troubridge 8

Ino burnt 1485 ship Mary & Susan

Chasseur Savannah 1486 sch'r Arrow

America Salem 1487 sloop St. Lawrencex14 85 Chasseur inade a cartei 1488 ship Adventure

do. Charleston 1489 scbr. Robert

America destroyed 1490 sloop Jubilee


do. 1491 sch's Hope


Salem 1492 ship Emulation

Syren Gracioso 1493 schr.

Macdonough burnt 1494 schr. Ceres

Reindeer do, 1495 schr. William

do. 1496 sloop Unity


made a cartel 1497 brig Daphne


do. fransomed 1498 for. Crown Prince



Portsmouth Sedgwick 1499 transport Juno*

do. made a carte! 1500 brig Ocean

burnt 1501 brig Langton

do. ransomed 1502 lbrig Adeona

America Salem 1503 Isch'r Sultan

Morgiana Wilmington 1504 brig Sarah

Warrior burnt 1505 brig Legal Tender

David Porter Machias 1506 briga

Prin.Neufchattel suok



1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1521 1522 1523

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1531 1532 1538 1534 1535 1536

1507 Iship Antigua

Fox Portsmouth 1508 ship Limerick Morgiana New York 1509 |brig Helen

do. 1510 brig Plutus

Young Wasp given up 1511 ship Mary Ann


do 1512 brig Lord Duncan

Morgiana burnt 1513 brig Cossac



made a cartel 1514 sch'r Resolution


Beaufort 1515 sloop

do. given up ship Otway


do. ransomed
18] 42 do.

brig Alexander

Leo wrecked brig Eagle

Lawrence do brig Susannah

F. Constitutiont New York brig Lord Nelson

do. burnt ship Arabella

Rambler Macoa fbrig Madeira

do. given up 1524 ship Anne

4 25 Zebec Ultor New Yorkschr. Perseverance

burnt 1526 brig John


do. 1527 brig Maria-Arabella


do. 1528 sloop Twins

do. Eundo. sloop L'Esperance 1530 sloop Constitution

do. brig Mohawk

do. Baltimore ship

Avon fransomed ship

Jacob Jones do frigate Cyanex 134 17 rig Constitution New-York brig Baltic

Grand Turk fwrecked sloop Busy

America burnt 1537

Iscb'r Black Joke 1538 sloop Enterprize

do. pade a cartel 1539 pack. ship Elizabeth 8 31


do. 1540 schr. Patriot

Rev.Cut Jeffer' Norfolk 1541 pilot Boat

Custom House Eastport 1542 sch'r Ontario

N Y Militia St. Vincents 1543 ship William

brig Vixent New York 1544 ship Hero

Teazer Machias 1545-1546 two sch'rs

Buskin Salem 1547 brig

Paul Jones Norfolk 1548 brig Resolution

Nancy Portland 1549 brig Ranger 110 20 Matilda

Philadelphia 1550 Isch'r Peggy

Wiley Reynard Portland 1551 Iship Continentia

Charleston 1552 ship King George

Essext Boston 1553

sch'r Two Brothers United we stand Newport 1554 ship Commerce

Decatur Portland 1555 ship Diana


do. brig Concord


New York ship

Industry Marblehead 1558 ship Ned

Revenge Salem sloop Brothers

Saucy Jack

Charleston sch'r Sally

Gen Washington do.


1559 1560


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1561 fbrig John

(1018) Benj. Franklin (Charleston 1562 schr. Rohin

Revenge JPortland 1563 sloop Caroline

Retaliation New York 1564 brig Ann

Growler Salem 1565 ship Mentor

Jack's Favorite

New Orleans 1566 brig Antrim

do do. 1567 brig Emma

Holkar Newport 1568 sch'r Betsey

18.Am. Prisoners Campeachy 1569 Tsh. Ralph Nickerson

America Salem 15.0 sloop

Ontario Sackett's Harb. 1571 sloop Earl Camden

Yankee France 1572 brig Elizabeth 2 8 do.

do 3573 brig Watson


do 1574 brig Mariner


do 1575 \schr.

Saucy Jack given up 1576 ship Grotius

Frolic Salem 1577 brig Jane Gordon

10 20 do.burnt 1578 \schr. Hunter

do. made a cartel 1579 schr. Susan

do. do 1580 schr. Vigilant

ransomed 1581 Ibrig Maria

Frig. Presidentt France 1582 sch'r Falcon


do. do. 1583 brig Jane

Cordelia burnt 1584 sloop Little Phoenix


do. 1585 sloop Fame


do. 1586 sloop Chance


do. 1-587 seh's Deep Nine

do. made a cartel 1588 sloop Watt


do. 1589 slo Charming Eliza

sunk 1590 Isloop Jamaica


do. 1591 sch'r Phoenix

do. made a cartei 1592 brig Marquis

Yankee New-Bedford 1593 brig Concord

Rattlesnake Norway 1594 schr

Frigate Essext sunk 1595 Tender

Virginia militia Norfolk 1596 ship Barclay

F Essext Peru 1597 ship Ashum I! T. B. Yankee France 1598 brig Trident

Scourge burnt 1599 brig Haddock


dó. 1600 sch'r Columbia

Portsmouth Newburyport 1601 orig Fire Fly

Sabine Wilmington 1602 brig Mary

Argo burnt 1603 1-chr. Eliza

Portsmouth Machias 1604 brig Argo

Surprise Portland 1605 brig

Grampus do. 1606 ftrans Lord Keith


Newport 1607 sch'r Elizabeth

Globe |burnt 1608 ship Pelham


do. 7609 brig Penguint 122 182 Hornett sunk 7610 Iship Union

Peacockt burnt 7611 abip Venus

do. made a cartel 7612 Khin Brio

do. burnt 2613 Jbrig Nautilus* 14 130 do. given up




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price 25 cents The Christians Directory, by Willison,-price 12 1-2cents. Life of Bonaparte, from his birth to his arrival on board the Bellerophon,-price 37 1-2 cents.

Large and small Bibles, Testaments, Psalm Books, Hymn Books, American Orators, Murray's Grammar, English Readers, Introduction to the Reader, Dictionaries, Account Books, Memorandum Books and Chap Books, Primers, toy books, &c. &c, by the Thousand, Gross Dozer' or single.

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Bells' Anatomy--2 vols. price $11 Smith's Wealth of Nations, 2 vols. $ 5 Jamieson's Sacred History,-2 vols. in

one, price $ 3. Collyer's Lectures,-price 2 Dollars 50 cts Vincents Catechism,-price One Dollar Sellons' Holy Scriptures 75 cents. Faber on the Prophecies—Three Dollars, Fullers Essays,-price One Dollar Solitude Sweel ned,-price One Dollar. Henry. on Prayer,-price 62 1-2 cents. Life of Col. Gardinier,-price One Dollar. New-England Fathers,--One Dollar 25cts. Trial of Virtue,-price 75 cents. Rows' Exercises,-price 75 cents. History of the Pirates,-price $1, 25 cts.

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