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our ports during the war, and he believes that he has done so, though a few may have been employed of which he finds no record.

He has also endeavored to give the names of the commanders of each vessel, but probably has not succeeded in every instance, as the Captains were sometimes changed during cruises, or were killed in action, and succeeded by others, and in many instances promoted to other vessels.

Many prizes were destroyed at sea, and many a gallant" brush" with an enemy of superior force occurred, of which no official record was made ; but which, had it been in the national service, would have entitled those who conducted it to promotion and fame.

The author has also endeavored, in his introduction, to show the justice of the war on our part, and to prove that it was waged purely in obedience to the great law of nations, as well as nature-self-defence.

England had virtually warred on our commerce for six or eight years, without our being able to obtain redress. Negotiation and remonstrance were finally exhausted, and we were compelled to resort to war as the last alternative of civilized nations.

The reader will pardon the assurance that whatever other deficiencies may be found in this volume, there has been no lack of a sincere intention to adhere to the strictest truth in its statements, and rather to incur the charge of scanty than exaggerated description of the exploits of our private armed service.

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