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Is the Metropolitan American Newspaper

The Daily News is consistently independent in politics. Bound by no political alletheir merits, and presents all aspects of an giance it judges men and measures upon important issue, so that the informed reader arrives at his own conclusions based on im

partial presentation of all the facts in the


Did you ever stop to think of it?

Whether considered from the point of view of what it costs to produce it, or its value to the buyer, there is nothing else sold that is so well worth its price as a good American newspaper. No other article, sold at a nominal price, represents so many, so varied and so important a combination of elements of value-gathered fresh from all quarters of the world every twenty-four hours-as the daily newspaper.

And there isn't a better money's worth in the world than The Chicago Daily Newsthe largest week-day American newspaper. The Chicago newspapers are proverbially the best newspapers published in America. The Daily News stands at the head of the Chicago newspapers. It has a very much larger circulation in the city of Chicago than any other newspaper. The Postoffice Review says: "Nearly everybody in, around or about Chicago who reads the English language reads The Daily News." The strong features which have given The Daily News such a preponderating circulation in Chicago commend it to popular favor wherever it can be placed on sale throughout the northwest within the following twenty-four hours.

No American newspaper surpasses The Chicago Daily News as a news-paper. It is a member of The Associated Press. It prints all the news-American and foreign. At home it has well equipped news bureaus at Washington and New York. Abroad it has its own offices at London, Paris, Berlin and Pekin, manned by its own staff representatives, who transmit an unequaled special cable service for exclusive publication in The Daily News. No other American newspaper maintains foreign offices of this character. Special correspondents represent the paper at all other important news centers in Europe and the far east.

The Daily News' exceptional foreign news service-established and maintained during the past twenty years-gave the paper unequaled advantages in reporting the great European war, and this service will be still further augmented to cover the tremendously important period following the war.

The market reports and the financial department of The Daily News rank with the


The well rounded sporting features of The Daily News cannot fail to interest everybody who feels the attraction of athletics, or who believes in getting wholesome recreation either in doors or out.

The reports of all sorts of sports are written by capable and discriminating experts, who know how to present the news entertainingly and to comment upon sporting events with knowledge and sound judg


The Daily News is a clean newspaper. Therefore it is a favorite in the home. Its magazine features are of high quality and of wide range in character.

The Daily News is an entertaining news paper. Its bright stories and sketches, its high class fiction, its poems, cartoons, comic pictures and its many joyous features peculiarly commend it to young and old alike.

The Daily News reflects throughout the hopeful optimism of the American character. It believes the world is growing better every day, and it is written from that point of view. It believes in giving voice and space to the happy things in life, in their due proportion, as well as to the more seri. ous. It reflects the American sense of humor. There are a good many smiles and laughs in The Daily News.

N. B.-It should be noted that The Daily News is an evening paper, and that evening papers have a great advantage over morning papers in presenting European news because of the difference in time. The day begins six hours earlier in England and France, and seven hours in Germany, than in Chicago, enabling The Daily News to print the new of foreign events on the day they occur many hours ahead of the morning papers.

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