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Tonnage and construction for 1894 compared with 1893, with statistical sum-

maries, by geographical distribution, power and material, and trade..

Progress during the past decade

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Shipments before collectors of customs.

Shipments before U. S. consuls...

1. Shipments before U. S. commissioners..

Table of number of crews and men shipped on steam and sail vessels
in foreign and domestic trade, by ports..

2. Nationality of seamen...

Foreign element in British merchant marine.

Foreign element in German merchant marine.

Table of nativity of seamen shipped, by ports.

3. Available seamen, classed by nationality, in American ports.

4. Discharges of seamen, expenses of commissioners..

Table showing discharges of crews in foreign and coasting trade,
total shipments and discharges, total expenses of shipping com-
missioners, and per capita cost of services by ports

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Collections for 1893-'94 by flag, steam, or sail, and 6-cent or 3-cent rates
Collections for 1893-'94 by ports...

F. State taxes on shipping...

Laws of the States arranged in order of customs districts from Maine
down the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, up the Pacific and through
the Great Lakes, with occasional observations by collectors of
customs and local assessment boards on operations of the laws.
G. Port charges in American ports by State law or local ordinance, including
pilotage, quarantine, wharfage, towage, harbor-masters' fees,
etc., arranged by States as above..

H. Foreign taxation of shipping....

Synoptical table of taxes on shipping as property, port charges, object
of tax, and flag discriminations under laws of Great Britain, Ger-
many, France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Denmark,
China, Japan, Dominion of Canada...

I. American shipping entered during the last fiscal year at 45 principal sea-
ports of the world

K. Ocean mail compensation, subsidies, admiralty subventions, and foreign

merchant marines..

United States: Ocean mail compensation for fiscal year ended June 30,

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