Annual Reports of the War Department, Volume 14

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1904

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An act amending act No 5 entitled An act for the establish
An act reducing the 31 municipalities of the province of Tayabas
An act making additional appropriations for sundry expenses
An act appropriating 90000 in money of the United States
An act amending act No 780 so as to authorize the board
An act appropriating the sum of 510 in money of the United
An act amending section 15 of act No 702 and section 1 of
An act reducing the 12 municipalities of the province of Bataán
An act amending act No 290 entitled An act providing an inex
An act appropriating the sum of 500000 in money of
An act making appropriations for sundry expenses of
An act reducing the 20 municipalities of the province of Antique
An act to authorize the issue of 3000000 of certificates
An act to amend section 11 of act No 619 entitled An act
An act providing for a loan of 5000 pesos Philippines currency
An act amending act No 916 entitled An act reorganizing
An act extending the time for the payment of the land tax in
An act appropriating the sum of 126800 in money of
An act giving to courts of first instance jurisdiction over
currency for sundry expenses of the exposition battalion
An act authorizing the provincial board of the province of Mis
An act to provide for a second revision of the assessments upon
An act appropriating an additional sum of 200000 in money
An act authorizing the assignment sale and transfer to
An act providing for the establishment of local civil governments
An act authorizing the provincial board of Tayabas to revise
An act amending acts Nos 518 and 781 so as more fully to define
An act providing for the payment of per diems in lieu of
An act so amending act No 590 as to provide that the expenses
An act regulating appointment to the position of secretary
an act regulating the registration branding conveyance
An act to regulate the use of the public forests and forest
An act amending the customs administrative act No 355 so
WAR 1904VOL 14 M
An act providing for the revision of valuation for the purpose

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Page 229 - July first, nineteen hundred and two, entitled, "An Act temporarily to provide for the administration of the affairs of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes...
Page 240 - ... it shall be assumed that the applicant is entitled to a patent; upon the payment to the proper officer of five dollars per acre, and that no adverse claim exists; and thereafter no objection from third parties to the issuance of a patent shall be heard, except it be shown that the applicant has failed to comply with the terms of this chapter.
Page 342 - Mortgage or pledge, of lands, estate, or property, real or personal, heritable, or movable, whatsoever, where the same shall be made as a security for the payment of any definite and certain sum of money, lent at the time or previously due and owing or forborne to be paid, being payable...
Page 312 - Every collector shall, from time to time, cause his deputies to proceed through every part of his district and inquire after and concerning- all persons therein who are liable to pay any internal revenue tax, and all persons owning; or having- the care and management of any objects liable to pay any tax, and to make a list of such persons and enumerate said objects.
Page 240 - ... together with a notice of such application for a patent, in a conspicuous place on the land embraced in such plat previous to the filing of the application for a patent...
Page 239 - ... entry by the same person or association of persons, and no association of persons any member of which shall have taken the benefit of such sections, either as an individual or as a member of any other association, shall enter or hold any other lands under the provisions thereof; and no member of any association which shall have taken the benefit of such sections shall enter or hold any other lands under their provisions...
Page 240 - Provided, That where the claimant for a patent is not a resident of or within the land district wherein the vein, lode, ledge, or deposit sought to be patented is located, the application for patent and the affidavits required to be made in this section by the claimant for such patent may be made by his, her, or its authorized agent, where said agent is conversant with the facts sought to be established by said affidavits: And provided, That this section shall apply to all applications now pending...
Page 179 - One thousand and thirty is hereby amended by striking out the last sentence and inserting in lieu thereof the following: "The per diems of the executive secretary and of the disbursing officer shall be fixed by the civil governor.
Page 322 - Treasury as internal-revenue collections, by the officer receiving or collecting the same, without any abatement or deduction on account of salary, compensation, fees, costs, charges, expenses, or claims of any description. A certificate of such payment...
Page 78 - ... exempt from the payment of all taxes or duties of the United States, as well as from taxation in any form by or under State, municipal, or local authority...

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