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Bir. Chivers was between 70 and so sea to this city; an undertaking which years of age.-29. InWellclose-square, must in the end have been attended (apt.Wright, of the 2d Royal Regt.of with very important benefits. Indeed, Tower Hamlets Militia.-30. In Park- by his lamented death, the city has lost street, Grosvenor-square, aged 88, H. a bencfactor, and, as a public chaSutherland, esq. one of the pages of racter, one of its brightest ornaments. the presence to her. Iajesty.-In Love. The last testimony of gratitude and lane, Mr. Alex. Crawford, many years confidence which he experienced froin of the London Assurance Office.-In his fellow-citizens was, by being una. Queen-street, Edyware-road, Mr. W. nimously elected a representative in Taplin, veterinary surgeon, author of parliament for their ancient city; an the Gentleman's Stable Directory, and honourthus handsomely and deservedvarious other publications.--Feb. 4. ly conferred upon him, he felt like a Mr. Benj.Jeit, the eldest chorus singer man; and, when elected, addressed of Corent-Garden Theatre.--In Up- them in the most pathetic language, per-Grafton-street, Fitzroy-square, G, with his usual energy. His popularity Wright, esq. many years a Major in at this moment appeared to overwhelm the East-India Company's service.- him with gratitude: and his choice was In Portland place, James Law, esq. the general theme of admiration: but, aged 60, formerly a Major in this ser- alas! the weh of life was nearly spun, vice of the East-India Company.-At and their hopes destroyed; for scarcely Edmonton, Mrs. Bigy, wife of Mr. had he witnessed this new scene, than Bigg, solicitor. The death of this lady he ceased to live.--Feb. 5. At his was occasioned by an accident, from house near the Edgware-road, after a which so lamentable a result was not short illness, General Paoli. After to be apprehended. About a fortnight having employed the early and best since, in adjusting the skewer used in part of his life at the head of his countrussing a pheasant, she perforated her trymen, in rescuing Corsica from thie thumb, and the bird being in a slight tyranny of the Genoesc Government, degree tainted, an inflammation en- and defending its liberties against sued, which terminated in her death. Gallic invasion, overpowered at last Athis residence in Old-Palace-yard, by the superior force of the French aged 66, James-Simmons, esq. senior arms, he retired, with a few followers, alderman and representative for the to this country, where he has, with the city of Canterbury. In a long and short interruption of a few years, reactive life, he distinguished himself as mained ever since. [Further particu, a firm and persevering friend to his lars of the General in a future Number.] native city, devoting a great part of -- Feb. 8. At her house in Hind-street, bis attention to its improvement and Manchester-square, aged 80, the Rt. prosperity. In the respective branches Hon. Baroness Dufferin and Claneof business in which he has been en- boye, of the county of Down, Ireland. gaged, he displayed a very superior She has left issue five sons and four ability and sound judgment; and, by daughters, all married, and by them indefatigable attention and industry, fifteen grand-children. She was the amassed air extensive fortune, which mother of the gallant and brave Capt. enabled him at all times to exercise Henry Blackwood, the confidential his liberality and public spirit for the friend of the illustrious Lord Nelson, benefit of Canterbury. Among the She is succeeded in her fortune and numberless instances that have oc- title by her eldest son, the Hon. Sir curred we stall mention the following, James Blackwood, now Lord Dufferin which are alone sufficient to prove his and Claneboye.-At his house in the regard. In the year 1790, he culti- Haymarket, aged 37, John Reid, esą, vated, at an expense of more than a General of his Majesty's Forces, and thousand pounds, that beautiful pro- Colonel of the 88th Regt. of Foot. menade the Dungeon Field, solely for His promotions in the army were, public accommodation; and, as an- Colonel, 29th Aug. 1777 ; Maj.-Gene. other instance of his active spirit, he ral, 19th Oct. 1781 ; Lieut.-General, proposed, patronised, and has hitherto 19th Oct. 1793; and General, Jan. 1, supported, the expense of plans, &c. 1798.-Feb. 8. Suddenly, at his house for cutting a navigable caual from the in Albion-buildings, Bartholomew.

He was


close, Mr. Wm. Davis. He was born Alexander Hare, an inhabitant of the at Gresford, in the county of Denbigh, parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, for Sept. 16, 1771, at which place he prac- nearly fifty years. To innocence and tised some years as a land-surveyor, active philanthropy, the essential chaHaving arrived in London, he was racteristics of a good man, he united soon afterwards admitted a member the liberality of sentiment, and equaof the mathematical and philosophical nimity of conduct, which can alone society in Spitalfields. He was author constitute the true philosopher. The of a * Complete Treatise on Land- native integrity, the guileless simSurveying;" a useful practical work, plicity, and the unostentatious benewhich met with general approbation, volence of his character, will long live it having already passed through three in the affectionate remembrance of editions. He also published a volume his family and friends. With a very on “The Use of the Globes." and a uncommon share of general and sciKey to Bonnycastle's Algebra, Men- entific information, he possessed a suration, and Arithmetic.

mild and unaffected manner of des editor of the Gentleman's Mathemati- livering his sentiments, which im. cal Companion, which commenced pressed conviction on the minds of in 1798, and was published annually those who enjoyed his conversation, to the present year. He published without offending their feelings by new editions of Maclaurin's and Simp- any arrogant appearance of son's Fluxions, Fenning's Algebra, periority. Such amiable qualities and his British Youth's Instructor. with the most undeviating temHe was also the editor of a new edition perence, could not but tend to the of Sir Isaac Newton's “ Mathematical preservation of his mental and corPrinciples of Natural Philosophy," to poreal faculties; be consequently enwhich was added Sir Isaac's “ System joyed them unimpaired to the last of the World;" and a short Comment hour of his life. His death is thought on, and Defence of, the Principia, by to have been occasioned by the rupthe celebrated Wm. Emerson. His ture of some of the larger blood-vessels maathematical pursuits having brought in the breast, and was unattended by him acquainted with scarce and valu- any previous symptoms which could able scientific publications, he made be considered alarming. He was born it a rule to collect as many of those as at Kirkpatrick, Irongray, in the vi. he could find, and he had procured cinity of Dumfries, Scotland. one of the best mathematical libraries of any person in London. His death will be a great loss to every person of

America. similar pursuits, as well as to an ex- The Grand Jury summoned in Kentensive circle of friends, to whom his tucky, to inquire into the conduct of simplicity of manners and general Colonel Burr, who had been repregood nature had particularly attached sented as carrying forward treasonable him. His death took place in the practices against the American Goprime of life, and without any previous vernment, returned the bill ignoramus. indisposition to make it expected. As [Ifant of room again obliges us a member of the society of Freemasons, defer the President's Speech.] he was attended to his grave by a great

Germany. umber of persons of that order.- The Elector of Saxony has assumed Feb. 9. At Chelsea, Sam. Wyatt, esq. the regal dignity, with the title of

-Mr. W. Williams, of Earl-street, Frederic Augustus, by the grace of Blackfriars, many years of the Fines God, King of Saxony, and Forfeiture Office, Custom-house,


brilliant ceremony took place London.–At Laytonstone, aged 75, at Stutgard, on the 6th of January, Charles Lincoln, Esq. late Deputy of when the oath of allegiance was adthe Ward of Aldgate, and many years ministered to all the princes and counts a Member of the Corporation of Lon- whose sovereignties were, by virtue of don, and a Governor of Christ's and the treaty concluded at Paris, transSt. Thomas's Hospitals.-- Feb. 13. ferred to the King of Wirtemburg. Suddenly, at his house in Greville- Among these were the Princes of Hostreet, Hatton-garden, ayed 74, Nr. henloe Langenburgh, Bartinystein,



Schillingsfurst, Neustein, Ingelfingen, has lately returned from a voyage Kirchburg, Prince of Walburg, &c. round the world, taken for the sole

The recruiting service goes on brisk- purpose of conveying the benefits of ly, the King of Wirtemburg being de- vaccination to all the transmarine termined to make a considerable aug. possessions of the crown of Spain, and mentation to his army.

other countries in their vicinity. This Holland.

expedition set out from Corunna, in The King of Holland has ordered a November 1803, carrying out twenty. legion of foot, borse, and artillery to two children who never had the smallbe raised, composed of inhabitants of pox, as the means of preserving, in the department of Zealand, who are duc efficacy, the vaccine matter, by not to be employed on any other ser- successively transmitting it from one vice than the defence of that depart- to another during the voyage. It ment.

stopped at the Canaries, at Porto The neutral vessels which were un- Rico, and at the Caraccas; in that der embargo in the ports of Holland, province, it was divided into two in consequence of Bonaparte's decree, branches, one destined for South have been allowed to depart, on the America, the other for the Havanna several captains giving bond not to and Yucatan. The latter, by a subland their cargoes in any British port. division, spread vaccination through Indies, (West).

New Spain; and, uniting again at The inhabitants of the island of Vera Cruz, proceeded with twenty-six Curaçoa having expressed a wish to fresh children across the Pacific place themselves under his Majesty's Ocean, to the Philippine Isles, where protection, Admiral Dacres sent a pro- this salutary disease was propagated per force to take possessionofthe island through all the islands subject to in his Majesty's name. The situation Spain, and among the natives of the of this island is of great importance ; it Visayan Archipelago. It thence commands the islands to leeward of it, reached Macao and Canton, where viz. Porto-Rico, Cuba, St. Domingo, it was successful in bringing the and Jamaica. This small spot is in matter in an active state, in which every respect a complete military situ- the English practitioners had hitherto ation. It contains the best, safest, and failed. Dr. Balmis proceeded for Eu: strongest harbour in the West Indies, rope in a Portuguese vessel, and which will hold upwards of 200 ships touched at St. Helena, where he preof any burthen; and the entrance may vailed upon the English settlers to be defended with a trifling force. The adopt vaccination, which they had island contains a population of about before neglected, though communi8000 whites, and 10,000 blacks and ated to them by Dr. Jenner. The people of colour.The climate is healthy branch of the expedition sent to South and not subject to hurricanes. America, though it underwent shipRussia.

wreck, was successful in saving the The emperor has ordered that “all children, and the matter, in active Frenchmen, Italians, Genoese, Hol- state, and spread vaccination widely landers, and inhabitants of those parts in New Granada, from whence, in of the left Bank of the Rhine which March 1805, it proceeded to Peru. have submitted to the sway of the The King of Spain has conferred on usurper of the government of France the Prince of Peace the same powers shall leave the country.” An excep- and riglıts which, under the titles of tion is made in favour of such men as generalissimo, captain and governor. have resided fitteen years in Russia, general of the seas, or admiral-general, and maintained an irreproachable cha- were enjoyed by Don Juan of Austria, racter, on taking an oath that, during the son of Don Carlos I. the second the war, they will hold no communi- Don Juan of Austria, the son of Den cation or correspondence with France, Philip IV. and the Infant Don Philip, or any of the countries alluded to uncle and father-in-law to his present above. Heavy penalties are annexed Majesty, with the additional title, also to any breach of this order,

enjoyed by Don Philip, of protector Spain.

of the maritime commerce of his subDr. Francis Xavier Balmis, surgeon jects throughout all his dominions. satraordinary to the king of Spain, His Majesty, after technically describing the extent of the authority thus port with the Spanish vessel I captured on conferred on the favourite, proceeds in the 2.3d, on entering the Straits eleven of the following terins:-“ In all these the enemy's privateers stood out lo recon. respects you are empowered to come noitre us so near, that I gavechace to them, municate whatever orders you may

on which they dispersed. We were coming

up with two very fast, when the largest deem proper for my royal service, stood to the westward,' with the intention which, being signed with your


of cutting off our prize. Having allowed or by the secretary of the admiralty, her to get a sufficient distance off shore, to must be punctually obeyed, and ex- prevent her regaining it, 1 hauled up, and ceuted by all persons without excep- after a chace of two hours, captured her, tion, to which they shall be addressed. close to Cape Trafalgar. Her name is the I further declare, that as well in order Nostra Senora del Carmena alias La Caridad, to maintain the brilliant lustre of the mounting iwo 12-pounders, two 4-pound. exalted dignity of generalissimo of my ers, and two large swivels, having on board armies and admiral-general of iny ma- thirty-five men out of her complement of ritime forces in all my dominions, as fifty. I have peculiar satisfaction in anon account of your extraordinary largest of that class which infest these

nouncing this capture, being one of the merits and services, and your most Straits. I afterwards captured a small felucca, singular personal qualities, you are of the Spanish packet from Tangier to Tariffa, right, and by my command, in writ- having a mail on board. ing and speaking, to be styled .Most I have the honour to be, &c. Serene Higliness, and to possess all

G. G. WALDEGRAVE, the prerogatives, honours, immuni. Copy of an Inclosure to Sir Home ties, and franchises, belonging to that

Popham. elevated tiile. Finally, I command

Diadern, Monte Vide, N.N.E. 5 leagues, all my councils, chanceries, audiences,

July 30. and the other tribunals of my king- SIRI beg to inform you, that a strange doms, and all other persons whatso- sail having been discovered in the N. W. ever in my dominions, to obey and quarter, about noon this day, l immediately execute your orders in every thing weighed and chaced her, until the Diadent that relates to my service and to the was in four fathoms water, when I hove to, execution of your office, paying the and detached the boats, who soon came up same respect to you as to myself in with her and captured her. She proved to person, and assisting you with their be a Spanish man of war brig, called the advice and aid, whenever you require had only two mounted, with twenty-four

Arrogante, pierced for twelve guns, but the same; and that as often as you men on board. I have, &c. shall judge it necessary, you shall re

(Signed) WILLIAN KING. ceive from the ministers and officers of marine, such information as you Home Popham.

Copy of another Inclosure to Sir may require, in order to ascertain the

Leda, off Monte Video, Sept 9, 1806. state of the whole, and therenpon to SIR-In obedience to your signal to slip, take such measures as you may deem at 10 A M. we made sail in chace of a proper."

brigantine standing towards the river St. Lucia; at two P.M. Point del Espinello

bearing N. about four miles, and conceiv. Dispatches were received at the ing ourselves near the rock La Panela, Admiralty and War-Offices, on the tacked ship, with an intention of making á 27th of January, from Sir Flome Pop- short board to prevent the enemy from ham and Liet. Col. Backhouse, giving gaining the river: shortly after the chace, an account of the capture of Maldo- not being able to weather the rocks of nado, and the island of Goretti, in Video; tacked, and made all sail towards

the point, she bore up, and ran for Monte the river Plate, on the 30th of her, and at half past three drove her on October, 1806. Maldonado is an ex, shore, close under the Pointa de las Yagues, cellent harbour, and the island of wben she hoisted Spanish colours; anchored Goretti is very strong.

in four fathoms within gun-shot, hoisted out Jan. 31, 1807.-Copy of an In- the large cutter, pinnace, and launch, and elosure to Lord Collingwood. sent them inanned and armed, to endeavour His Majesty's slonp Minorca, Gibraltar Bay, to bring offor destroy the enemy; Lieutenant

December 29, 1806. Parker and Mr. O'Grady, Mate, in the large Mr LORD_I have the honour to ac. cutter; Mr. Lascelles, Mate in the pinnace; quaint you, that on my passage to this and Lieutenant Stewart, and Mr. Stere,


Midshipman, in the launch with a carro- necessary, and cover the boats, which were nade to cover the boats.--During the time dispatched under the direction of Lieute. they were pulling to the vessel, we fired nant Pearse, assisted by Mr. Lash, the from the ship, to prevent, if possible, the master, and Mr Moffatt, master's mate; enemy from collecting. At six P. M. the through whose animated exertions the cutter and pinnace returned; Lieutenant privateer was got off without sustaining Parker reports his having boarded the ene- the smallest damage, During the permy; she was pierced for 14 guns, had foimance of this service, the enemy colnone on board, and deserted by the crew. lected on the sarıd-hiils, and kept up a From 'he heavy sea and state of the vessel, brisk fire of muske!ry wi hout effect. The found it impossible to get her off, or destroy lugger is Le Brave c Dunkirk, carrying 16 her by fir; he therefore cut the cable, and guns, and is reputed one of the fastest left her to drift further in amongst the sailing vessels of her d scription; she had breakers. The wind veered more to the captured the Leander, a collier brig of $outhward after the boats left the ship; the Shields, and an English galliot, laden with Jaunch unavoidably sunk and was lost, rum on government account; the masters and in the act of taking out her crew, above and crews of which were found on board of 200 men, who had before concealed them. her. The Leander was retaken by ui that selves behind the sand-hills, commenced a afternoon, as well as the Guardian, of fire of musketry on the other boat, and Bridlington, which had been captured by unfortunately wounded Lieutenant Stewart Le Revanche privateer, off Flamburough and three men, who were with much dif- Head, along wih four others, all from the ficulty brought off.

Baltic. I have the honour to be, &c. Lieutenant Parker and those wiih him,


P. STODDART. appear to have acted with great zeal, and Transmitted by Admiral Russell. had the weather been more favourable, His Majesty's hired (utter Pincess Augusta. I make no doubt they would hav: done

Yarmouth Kraris, Jan 31, 1807. themselves great credit, and had to con- MY LORD-I have the honour to inform tend with a visible instead of an invisible your Lord hip, that on the 21h inst. force.

Lowestoffe bearing west by north 45 miles, I cannot conclude this vi hout men. at half past eleven P. M. I fell in with a tioning that it is the second wound received French cutter privareer, and chaced her this war by Lieutenant S:ewart, in the ser to the S.S. E until haif past two A. M. on ýice of his country; and I trust their the 28th, when having got alongside of Lordships will consider bim entitled to her, and firing scine guns and musketry their protection, his last wound having oc into her, she lowered her sails, and hailed casioned the loss of his left arn, much that she had sruck. above the elbow joint, but I am happy 10 She is called the Jena, commanded by say he is now in a fair way of recovery Captain Francis Capelle, with 30 men, Inclosed I have the honour to transmit a moun'ing four guns, and has on board list of the names of the wounded.

a great number of small arms; had sailed I am, &c.

from Flushing twelve days ago, and made (Signed) Rob. HONTMÁN. two captures; one of which, a laige PrusList of Wounded -Lieutenant William sian ship, wish a valuable cargo of timber, Stewart; William Cumber, John White, bound to London, I recaptured on the Seamen; and

Abdula, ditto darige- same morning. rously.

I have the honour to be, &c. Feb. 3. Transmitted by Lord Ke (Signed) TRACEY, Lieut, and Com. His Majesty's sloop Cruirer, at Sea, Jan. 28. Feb. 10. Transmitted by Lord Keith,

MY LORD I have the honour 10 in- His Majesty's Sloop Kite, Downs, Feb. 7. form your Lordship, that on the 26th in.. , Sir-beg leave to inform you that last stant, at two A. M. as we were stretching night, about half past eleven, the North from the island of Walcheren towards the Foreland light bearing w. by S, distant Galloper Shoal, and only four leagues from about four leagues, I fell in with and capthe latter, a lugger was scen passing our tured, after a chace of one hour and a half, weather beam on the opposite tack; being a French lugger privateer, Le Chasseur, both under easy sail, no alteration was commanded by J. F. Fourmentier, pierced marle until out of sight, when the wind for 16 guns, iwo only mounted, the remainveering to the west, enabled us to fetch der being in the hold. She is a very fast sail. into her wake; after a long chase, we ing vessel, only three months old, sailed forced her on shore three miles to the from Calais yesterday morning, in com. .westward of Blankenberg, at which time pany with another privateer of the same her captain and a considerable part of her description; had not made any capture crew marte their escape. I anchored about since she last sailed; her complement of milf gun-shot off, to scour the beach, if men was 52, but had only 42 on board

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