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invectives against France: he was the and sixty pieces of cannon, served by the declared author of that frantic manifesto, riding artillery. These troops, which which he has denied for these fourteen have undergone so much fatigue, had years, although he could not deny that he the same appearance as when they were at had given it the sanction of his signature. Paris.

Seventeenth Bulletin.-Potsdam, Oct. 25. The corps of Marshal Lannes arrived here on the 24th.

Marshal Davoust's corps entered Berlin on the 25th.

The corps of the Marshal Prince of Ponte Corvo is at Brandenburgh.

Marshal Augereau's corps will enter Berlin to-morrow, the 26th.

The Emperor arrived at Potsdam yesterday. In the afternoon he went to inspect the new palace of Sans Souci, and the country in the environs of Potsdam. He

staid some time in the Chamber of Frederick the Great, the hangings and furniture of which are the same now as at the time

of his decease.

Prince Ferdinand, the brother of the Great Frederic, remains at Berlin. There are 500 pieces of cannon in the arsenal of Berlin, several hundred weight of powder, and a great quantity of arms.

General Hulin is nominated Governor of


General Bertrand, the Emperor's aid-decamp, has been sent to Spandau. That fortress defends itself; he has invested it with the dragoons of Dupont's division.

The Grand Duke of Berg is gone to Spandau to follow a Prussian column, which is marching from that place to


The Marshals Lefebvre and Bessieres ar

rived at Potsdam on the 24th. The foot

guards marched fourteen hours in a day. The Emperor remained the whole of the 25th at Potsdam.

Marshal Ney's corps blockades Magdeburg.

Marshal Soult's corps passed the Elbe a day's journey from Magdeburg, and followed the enemy to Stettin.

The weather continues very encouraging; the present is the finest harvest ever


The result of the celebrated oath, taken

upon the tomb of the Great Frederic, on the 4th of November, 1805, was the battle of Austerlitz, and the evacuation of Germany by the Russian army, by forced marches.

Eighteenth Bulletin -Potsdam, Oct. 26. The Emperor has reviewed the Imperial foot-guards, consisting of ten battalions,

The General of Division, Victor, received a musket-shot in the battle of Jena, and was obliged to keep his bed some days. The general of brigade, Gardannes, aid-decamp to the Emperor, had a horse killed, and is slightly wounded.

The Emperor has been to view the tomb of Frederic the Great. The remains of this great man are inclosed in a wooden coffin covered with copper. It is placed in a vault without any ornaments, any trophies of victory, without any distinction to recal the memory of his great and heroic


The Emperor has presented to the Hotel of the Invalids at Paris, the sword of the Great Frederic, the riband of his order, the Black Eagle, and also the colours which he took in the seven years' war.

Prussian court, was only six hours distance Lord Morpeth, the English envoy to the from the field of battle on the 14th.


Berlin, and four from Potsdam, strong by The citadel of Spandau, three miles from its situation, in the midst of water, having a garrison of 1200 men, and a great quan tity of ammunition and provisions, surrounded in the night of the 24th. General Bertrand, the Emperor's aid-decamp, had previously reconnoitred the it, and the garrison began to be alarmed, place The cannon was ready to open upon lation to be signed by the commandant. when Marsha! Lannes proposed the capitu

have been found at Berlin; we are emLarge magazines of tents, clothing, &c. ployed in taking inventories.

A letter from Helmstadt, lately intercepted, contains some interesting particu


The Prince of Hatzfeld; Busching, the Superintendant of the Police; the Presi sellor; M. M. Ruck, Siegren, Hermensdent Kerchiefen; Formey, a Privy Coundorf, Counsellors, sent as Deputies by the City of Berlin, have this morning delivered the keys of the place to his Majesty M. Groote, Counsellor of Finance, and the at Potsdam. They were accompanied by

Barons Vichnitz and Eckarlstein.

The head-quarters are at Charlottenburg.

[Here follows the capitulation of the fortress of Spandau, consisting of sik short articles, of no material importance.]



whom so many of the letters of the

JANUARY 23. Eighty-three stu- poet Cowper are addressed.


dents of the University were admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Died.] Jan. 91. At Portsmouth, Arts, and seven as Compounders. J. Swaffield, jun. Esq. chief clerk of Two graces passed the Senate; one the Navy Pay-office at that dockfor assigning a place in the senate- yard.-At Alverstoke, near Gosport, house for the intended statue of Mr. aged 74, the Rev. J. M. Bingham, Pitt, and the other for removing the rector of Birchanger, and of Runwell, statue of glory from the senate-house in Essex, and many years an acting to the law-schools. magistrate of the county of SouthThe subject for the Norrisian prize ampton.-At Southampton, aged 67, for the next year is, The Fulness of Arthur Hammond, Esq. a justice of the Time when Christ came into the the peace for the town and county, world. and late one of the surveyors-general Died.] Mr. Wm. Cooper, formerly of the customs in London.-At Brama bookseller on the Market-hill, Cam- dean, aged 80, Mrs. Shakspeare, rebridge. The Rev. William Elliston, lict of John Shakspeare, Esq. late D. D. aged 75, Master of Sidney Sus- alderman of London. sex college, Cambridge, to which he was appointed in the year 1760.


A more violent gale of wind blew at Exeter on the 22d of January than has been felt for a number of years, and occasioned considerable damage to many buildings in that city and neighbourhood.


Died.] At Hereford, Mrs. Kuill, wife of Thomas Knill, Esq. mayor of that town. She was sitting alone by the fire, when her clothes unfortunately caught fire, and were instantly in a blaze; by which she was so dreadfully burnt before her situation could be Nearly the whole discovered, that she expired on the front of the theatre, with the piazza, following morning. She was nearly and the pillars on which it was erect- 90 years of age. ed, was levelled 'with the ground. In the streets many persons were wounded by slates, &c. blown from housetops, and one of the band of the Montgomery militia was killed by the fall of a stack of chimnies.


Died.] At Poole, aged 58, John Bird, Esq. an alderman, and one of the oldest members of the corpora


Died.] At Paul's Walden, aged 35, the Hon. George Bowes, second son of the late, and brother of the present Earl of Strathmore.


Died.] at Plymouth, aged 70, Lieu- A few days ago, as some labourers tenant-colonel Hatfield, much lament- were digging clay in the brick-yard ed by his friends and acquaintance. of Mr. Pool, at Bottleford, near He distinguished himself on several Grantham, about nine feet from the Occasions during the late American surface they discovered the head and rar, as commanding officer of the horns of an animal of the bull kind, 3d and 45th grenadiers, and was truly of most extraordinary dimensions. a soldier's real friend. The weight of the horns, with a piece of the frontal bone, is 31 pounds, the span from tip to tip is two feet one inch; and the greatest bulge of the horns three feet two inches; each horn from the skull to the tip measures two feet eight inches, and is at Died.] At Eules Green, aged 89, its base one foot one inch and half in the Rev. J. Carless, vicar of Strat- circumference. One tooth weighs ford, Herefordshire, and of Kerry, two ounces and a half. There is an Montgomeryshire.-At Clifton, Lady imperfect cavity in the clay, in which Hesketh. She was the eldest daugh- the body of the animal was supposed ter of Ashley Cowper, Esq. formerly to have been, and on each side was a clerk of the Parliament, and widow large piece of an oak tree, as black as of Sir Thomas Hesketh, of Rufford ebony. Some part of the horns near hall, Lancashire. This is the lady to the tip is completely petrified. 2 B

tion of that town.



Died.] Jan. 26. The Rev. John Ellison, aged 76, rector of Wold Newton, Lincolnshire, perpetual curate of Shotley, curate of St. Nicholas, Newcastle, which he had held up wards of 50 years, chaplain to the Infirmary, and secretary to the society of the sons of the Clergy.-The Rev. Humphrey Hyde, aged 68, vicar of Bourn, and also of Dowsby, Lincolnshire. At Stamford, aged 68, Mr. Lilly, sub-librarian to the Subscription-room in that town. He was born at Market Raisin, and early in life embarked for America. In an excursion up the country, he and his companions were seized by a party of un- and the window out of the room subdued negoes, and those who were above. Mr. Fox was so severely innot massacred were detained as slaves. jured, that he remained speechless In this situation he was held for a for two days. It is very remarkable, long period, being repeatedly trans- that a short time since she had nearly ferred from one savage chieftain to effected the death of her father, by another, at the price of a few skins of administering poison to him. She is wild beasts. Having endured innu- now in strict confinement, and will merable hardships, he at length ef- shortly be sent to a mad-house. fected his escape; and after spending some time as a schoolmaster in America, he returned in indgence to his native country, and was indebted for a moderate subsistence to the situation he was put into by the Public Library.

lowing. He was chosen one of the aldermen on the 20th of July, 1785, the year in which the king visited Oxford, when his Majesty was pleased to confer the honour of knighthood on him.-At Bampton, Mr. Fox, sen. His death was occasioned by a daughter who lived with him, and who has at different periods discovered symp, toms of derangement, who placed a quantity of gunpowder under the chair in which her father was sitting, and by means of a train which reached to the outer door, set fire to it; the explosion from which was so powerful as to force a hole through the ceiling,


Married.] At Clavedon, H. Hallam, Esq. commissioner of stamps, son of the Rev. Dr. Hallam, canon of Windsor, to Miss Elton, eldest daughter of Sir Abraham Elton, Bart.

Died.] Jan. 25th, at Bath, Mrs. Smith, mother of Mrs. Fitzherbert.


Married.] At Wolterton, the Hon. and Rev. Wm. Wodehouse, youngest son of Lord Wodehouse, to Miss Hussey, eldest daughter of Thomas Hussey, Esq. of Galtrim, Ireland, and grand-daughter of Lord Orford.


Among other modes of assistance afforded by the Repository at Lancaster, the plan of selling blankets at reduced prices to the poor has been adopted. Twenty pieces have been already ordered, which are to be paid for by those who purchase them in small weekly sums. This method has been found in other places to supply the poor with an essential comfort,


Died.] Jan. 29th, at Shepperton, Fletcher Read, Esq. aged 40. He was well known in the sporting world,

without taking from their earnings particularly among the gymnastic more than they can conveniently af- professors. He had spent the evenford at one time, and to be more be- ing before his death in a jovial manneficial than where the relief has been ner, and at a late hour went to bed, entirely gratuitous. after having drank freely. In the morning he was found dead by his servant, having, as is supposed, died through suffocation. Mr. Read has been one of the chief patrons of boxing for the last three years, and in him the professors of that art have lost their best friend. Mr. Read was a native of Dundee, in Scotland, near to which place he had succeeded to


Died.] At Oxford, aged 68, Sir

John Treacher, Knight. He was estates by the death of his mother, the elected one of the eight assistants of intelligence of which event he reOxford on the 8th of April, 1784, and ceived only two days previously to his mayor on the 20th of September fol- death.


Died.] Jan. 16th, at the Deanery, Lichfield, the Rev. Baptist Proby, dean of Lichfield, rector of Dod dington, in the isle of Ely, and of Thornhaugh, Northamptonshire.

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Tralee (Ireland) Samuel Boddington, Esq.
vice Right Hoo. Maurice Fitzgerald.
Heytesbury Charles Moore, Esq. and Mi-
chael Symes, Esq. vice Right Hon. Chas.
Abbot, and Sir Wm. A Court, Bart.
Dundalk Josias Dupre Porcher, Esq vice
John Metge, Esq.

Minehead John Fownes Luttrel, Esq. vice
Sir John Lett bridge.

St Michael-Hon Sir Arthur Wellesley,
K.Brice Sir Christopher Hawkins, Bart.
and Henry C. Montgomery, Esq. vice
F. W. French, Esq.

Arundel-Lord Lecale, vice Francis John
Wilder, Esq.

Sussea-lon. C. W. Wyndham, rice Gen.
Lennox, now Duke of Richmond.
Canterbury S. E Sawbridge, Esq. rice
James Simons, Esq. dec.
Dungarvan-Lord Hamilton, vice Hon.
George Knox.

Coleraine Walter Jones, Esq. vice Sir Geo.
Fitzgerald Hill, Bart.

Plympton-Hon. Wm. Assheton Harbord,
vice Sir Stephen Lushington, Bart. dec.

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BANKRUPTCIES AND DIVIDENDS, JANUARY 20, 1807, to February 18, 1807, inclusive. [Extracted from the London Gazette ]-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parenthesis. TKINSON T. Brown's-quay, Wap- J. Newmarket, grocer, (Hall, Salter's-hall), ping, wharfinger, (Jackson, Fen- Dowland W. Devizes, draper, (Nethersole church-buildings). Armage M. Altham and Co. Essex-strect, Strand). Dutton J. Mills, near Blackburn, miller, (Urred, Levenshulme, Manchester, calico-manuLiverpool.) facturer, (John Higton, Manchester). Dobson J. Ratcliffe-highway, linen-draper, (Syddall, Aldersgate-street).


Eddington J. and Grosvenor, J. Montague-street, builders, (Allen, New Bridgestreet). Eamer J. Preston, Lancashire, cotton spinner, (Barrett, Holborn court, Gray's Inn) Everall M. P. Worcester, plumber, (Rosser & Co. Bartlett-buildings).

Brown J. Liverpool, draper, (Royle, Chester) Brake D. Nether Compton, Dorsetshire, flax-dealer, (Score, Sherborne). Battens J. Bitton, Gloucestershire, maltster, (Davis, Bristol). Bagshaw, A. North Walsham, Norfolk, shopkeep. (Foster, Son, and Co. Norwich). Banks R. Bamberbridge, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer, (Aspden and Co. Preston).) Brodbeit T. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, muslin-manufacturer, (Cross, Bolton). Bairstow E. Manchester, factor, (Johnson and Co. Manchester). Braint R. G. Minories, butcher, (Cattell, Phi pot-lane). Brown W. F. Birk's-mill, near Sedburgh, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner, (Holland, Manchester). Burghall, J. Great Surrey street, Blackfriars-road, cheesemonger, (Beaurain and Co. Union st. Bishopsgate). Banks E. Bamber-bridge, Lancashire, cotton-manufact. (Aspden and Co. Preston). Blunt G. and Mount J. Little Carter-lane, Doctor's Commons, grocers, (Sudlow, Monument-yard). Butler N. I. and Butler B. Painswick, Gloucestershire, clothiers, (Vizard, Gray's-Inn-square). Battens J. Bitton, Gloucestershire, analtster, (Jenkins and Co. New Inn). Batt M. St. Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, malister, (Jenkins and Co. New Inn). Barnard J. L. Shorter's-Court, Throgmorton-street, stock broker, (Mayo and Co. Cloak-lane).

Fox H. Kingston-upon-Hull, Clockmaker, (Williams, Red Lion square). Fowler R. Mortimer-street, upholder, (Taylor, Mortimer-street). Feather H. Manchester, tea-dealer, (Parker and Co. Essex-street, Strand). Fowles, R. Nag's Head-Court, Gracechurch-street, merchant, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Frankis, J. parish of Churchdown, Gloucestershire, dealer, (Vizard, jun. Gray's lun, London). Fletcher S. Great Kussell-street, Bloomsbury, chinaman, (Dove, Lincoln's Inn Fields).

Chamberlain N. lect-street, druggist, (Loggen andCo Basinghall-street). Coombe W. Jate of Qucen-street, Cheapside, warehouseman, (Hall, Coleman street). Clark T. Chatham, Kent, corn-dealer, (Parnther and Son, London-st.). Chinnery F. Cranbourn-passage, linen-draper (Walker, Old Jewry). Cook J. Gloucester, wine-merchant, (Meredith and Co. Lincoln's Inn).

Dennison J. Queen-street, Oxford-street, butcher, (Wild, Warwick-square). Dove

Garner T. Greenwich, victualler, (Fillingham, Union-street, Whitechapel). Galloway J. Brook-street, Holborn, engineer, tool and lath-maker (Patten, Crossstreet, Hatton-Garden) Greensill E. Stourport, Worcestershire, coal merchant, (Bigg, Hatton Garden). Green, T Kingston-uponHull, dealer, (Egerton, Gray's Inn). Gaymer J. Mistley, Essex, coin-merchant, (Am-. brose, Mistley). Grove W. Poultry, haberdasher, (Loxly, Cheapside).

Hingston W. Princes-street, Rotherhithe, mariner, (Palmer and Co. Copthallcourt, Throgmorton-street). Handley W. Beverley, Yorkshire, currier, (Campbell, Beverley). Hall J. Stafford, mercer, (Price and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Hayes A. Lancaster, spirit-merchant, (Blakelock, Temple). Hensley, S. Liverpool, merchant, (Windle, John-street, Bedford-row). Hammond R. Nyton, Kingston-upon-Hull,

druggist, (J. Egerton, Gray's Inn.) Hes- Richardson W. New Cross, Surrey, lop R. Chiswell-street, painter and glazier, baker, (Kayll, Crown-street, Newington). (Syddall, Aldersgate-street). Harding T. Robinson T. and Robinson M. Kirby Steand Crean L. Godfrey-court, Milk st dra- phen, Westmoreland, liquor-merchants, pers, (Syddall, Aldersgate-street). Hurry (Rigge, Carey-street). Richardson W. J. Nag's Head Court, Gracechurch-street, Wrotham, Kent, innkeeper, (Poole, Sermerchant, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry), jeant's Inn). Reynolds G. Back lane, Hamilton J Newgate-street, linen draper. Shadwell, cow-keeper, (Hoard, Hooper(Atkinson, Castle-street, Falcon-square). square, Goodman's Fields). Roffey G. and Swinton R. Great St. Helens, merchants, (Foulkes, Southampton-street, Covent Garden).

Johnson D. Brown street, Hanover square, smith, (Freame, Great Queenstreet, Lincoln's Inn Fields). James J. Stafford, grocer, (Tarrant and Co. Chancery lane).

Scott G. Thames-st. grocer (Godmond, Bride court, New Bridge-street). Spencer Kershaw J. Shaw Chapel, parish of J. Taplow Mill, Bucks, miller, (Pearce and Prestwich cum Oldham, Lancashire, cot- Co. Paternoster row). Squire H. Exeter, ton manufacturer, (Chippendale, Temple) ironmonger, (Sandford, Exeter). Self W. Lawson T. Lancaster, grocer, (Blakelock, Bath, me cer, (James, Gray's Inn Square). Temple.) Lovell J. Birmingham, pin- Shakeshaft J. jun. Widegate-street, Bimanufacturer, (Egerton, Gray's Inn, Hol- shopsgate, dealer, (Wilson, Temple). born). Lister L. Sheerness, shoe-maker, Saunders A. Duke-street, St. George's (Silvester, Field Court, Gray's Ion). Leach Fields, horse-dealer, (Keys, Somerset T Grace's Alley, Wellclose Square, haber- street, Aldgate). Steel J. Stockport, dasher, (Devon & Co Gray's Inn Square) check-manufacturer (Hannam, East RetLugg W. J. Worcester, baker, (Stephen- ford). Senior J. Broad-court, Drury-lane, son and Co. Gray's Inn.)

Meredith E. Blackmoor-street, Drurylane, linen draper, (Harman, Wine-officecourt). Morley, R. Öld-street Road, moneyscrivener, (Caleraft, Lyon's Inn). Morton W. Lancaster, corn dealer (Hurd, Temple). Morris J. Union-street, Bond street, boot-maker, (Metcalfe, Basinghall-street). Mair J. Fenchurch-buildings, insurancebroker, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Morton C. Croydon, horse-deal. (Benton, Unions'reet, Southwark). Mountfort, B. Walsall, miller, (Kinderley and Co. Symond's lun). Medford, M. New City Chambers, broker, (Cuppage, Jermyn-street). Monk W. Parbold, Lancashire, limeburner, (Windle, John street, Bedford-row).

Niblett J. Rodborough, Gloucestershire, clothier, (Constable, Symond's Inn). Newbury E. Old Broad-street, builder, (Smith and Tilson, St Paul's Churchyard).

Ogilvy W. the younger, Mylne G. and Chalmers J. Jeffrey-square, merchants, · (Crowder and Co. Frederick's-place). Osler W. Birmingham, baker, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry).


Powell W. Brecon, liquor merchant, (Smith and Co. Great St. Helens). Purkiss S. Acton green, Middlesex, carpenter, (Bower, Clifford's Inn). Page J. Need ham Market, Suffolk, grocer, (Kindery and Co Symond's Inn) Prichard J. S. Vigmore street, grocer, (Allen, New Bridge street). Price E. otherwise Spence A. Leeris, merchant. (Banye, ChanceryJane). Parkinson G. London, warehouseman, (Meddowcroft and Co. Gray's inn). Pope W. Wesbury-u, on-Severo, Glonces tershire, dealer in pigs, (Edmunds and Son, Lincoln's Inn). Prior J. Princesstreet, Spitalñelds, drysaiter, (Parnell, Church-street, Spitalfields).

money-scrivener, (Baddeley, Searle street, Lincoln's Inn Fields). Stone 1. and Constance P. Great Yarmouth, shipwrights, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Stephens J. Reading, Berks, grocer, (Vines, Reading).

Thornley W. Adlington, Cheshire, carrier, (Sherwin, Great James street, Bedford-row). Tyrrell J. Maidstone, ironmonger, (Bolton and Co. Lawrence Pount ney. hill, Cannon-street). Travis J. and Travis R. Prestwich, Lancashire, bleachers, (Milne and Parry, Old Jewry). Tomlinson K. Leck, Staffordshire, linen draper, (Berry and Co. Walbrook). Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, coal-merchant, (Sykes and Co. New Inn). Todd J. Berwick upon Tweed, ship-builder, (Allen and Co. Furnival's Inn). Tabrum R. and Barron J. Walbrook, Manchester warehousemen, (Atkinson, Castle-street, Falcon square).

Tuplin T.

Unsworth J. Manchester, perfumer, (Bonsfield, Bouveric-street).

Wi cocks T. Orchard-street, Westminster, baker, (Vincent and Co. Bedfordstreet). Wood T. Herefor, statuary, (Woodhouse, Hereford). Whitaker G. St. Columb, Cornwall, linen-draper, (Sandford, Exeter.) Wilkinson J. R. Threeoak-lane, Horsleydown, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Ward J. Banbury, Oxfordshire, dver, (Pearson and Co. Temple). Whithead J Church-street, Blacktiars Road, hat-manufacturer, (Meymott, Charlotte-street). Whiteley J. Plymouth, cham', (Whiteford, Plymouth). champs W. W. Morgan B. S and M Taggart P. Suffolk-lane, merchants, (Pearce and Co. Paternoster-row). Woof J Ry der's-court, Soho, glover, (Nelson, Maddox street). Wilkins T. jun. St. Albans, horse-dealer, (Tatham, Craven-street,



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